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  1. I have an inkling suspicion that everyone who posts about "spotting" these in the wild are the same people planting them there ;)

  2. This one looks a bit faded so probably legit... but most do seem like they were just put there.

  3. Still talking about this vaporware?

  4. Cool; I've followed you and will have a look when the trailer is out.

  5. Oh boy.. Gamestop is less risky. :D

  6. I think you may be right! Happy cake day btw!

  7. He's right. It will only take about 24.54 cycles though until the 50$ will be worth only 5$ ;)

  8. My math shows that after 25 cycles of a 3% decline, the $50 is worth $23.34.

  9. He's down-voted because it looks like he hasn't done ~1 hours of research into banking/AML policy yet is doing something very likely to be targeted by such laws. Instead of realizing the magnitude of the situation and doing some research, he jumps on reddit/phones the bank to incriminate himself further by emphasizing his inability to know the source of his funds as if this helps his case..

  10. I think they are referring to Monero on exchanges or KYC Monero, this will not affect individual wallets, cause enforcing this on non custodial wallets is impossible

  11. There is no KYC Monero, stop with that bullshit term.

  12. If you buy on an exchange they will know you have it, not how you use it or where you use it, but they will have your identity linked to a Monero withdraw, and is worst if you don't withdraw and pay directly from your exchange account, that is why Local Monero exist

  13. Right, so you've KYC'd yourself. The coin itself isn't KYC'd.

  14. Stack Wallet has a more restrictive (albeit still technically open source) license. Monerujo or

  15. Yes it should be famous. Everyone should know about it and use it. That’s the whole point of it.

  16. You might want to consider donating to supporting this proposal then:

  17. I knew there's a reason I'm still solo mining

  18. Maybe this is the start of a new trend and we’ll see a decrease in boating accidents…

  19. there are a few holy cows that are off-limits here as well. YMMV.

  20. So why did you say ASICS mining then? Where did you get that information? You must have looked it up somewhere right? Monero has been ASICS resistant for a number of years now.

  21. Maybe because pretty much every other crypto out there is mined with ASICs? I mean, it's not a bad guess.

  22. Nope not a bad guess at all, but by design to stop a monopoly on mining power cpu mining it is. And since everybody with a computer or laptop etc can mine monero so to speak either to support the network or with enough power mine blocks it makes the network more decentralised.

  23. 😂 at the amount of L’s you taking, dying on this hill.

  24. there's a downvote bot on his account

  25. For people like me who were waiting for Cake Pay to become available in Germany, here are their current offers:

  26. I see that visa and mastercard are available. Why would anyone choose a merchant-specific gift card in this case?

  27. That's a discussion had ad nauseam (here on Reddit, GitHub and IRC), already.

  28. but will you always let people withdraw it? ;)

  29. BREAKING: we just hit 275,003!

  30. Thanks, I think that’s a good solution. Can you post that on Github, please? Assuming you’re not trolling, of course.

  31. ... and thankfully we have you as the Grinch of Christmas, making sure that nothing like that comes to be?

  32. Any idea why Bitcoin doesn't have a registered trademark? Because the USPTO won't grant it?

  33. We can only speculate why Bitcoin doesn’t have a trademark, but what is certain is that it doesn’t.

  34. I trust them as far as I can throw them.

  35. I updated via the auto updater and my coins are almost all gone now. Not sure how this happened as the auto updater always worked in the past. It did not reload my previous account and I had to restore from mnemonic, but the address that restores is not the same as the one I have saved in my address book.

  36. If it starts with an 8 it's a subaddress. The one that starts with a 4 is a standard address. It should contain the subaddress within it.

  37. Yeah, I waited for the daemon and wallet to fully sync. I also tried downgrading to the old client. Is there a way to see what the standard address is linked with a subaddress? None of my other sub addresses show up when I added my standard address.

  38. If you restored the correct account in Monero GUI, subaddresses will auto-populate. You can generate a few subaddresses using the account you created and see if they match your old 8*** address. They should if you restored the correct account.

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