1. Unsocial Network: "Express Yourself - On Your Own Terms"

  2. The hole is perfectly cut for them to go through Juan at a time.

  3. Commonly known as "sea cows," dugongs are cousins of manatees and share a similar appearance but have a dolphin fluke-like tail. Unlike manatees, which inhabit freshwater areas, the dugong is strictly a marine mammal. Here is a young dugong swimming around divers exploring the Great Barrier Reef - it appears to have gotten temporarily separated from its mom and it can be heard chirping.

  4. Manatees inhabit both fresh and saltwater areas, but dugongs only saltwater areas.

  5. Ohhh so “marine” in this case means only saltwater… I thought it just meant “water”

  6. Important to know: she didn't start out looking like this, when she was young she was

  7. But the “g” in “Inge” is a hard “g” and the “e” is pronounced?

  8. Copy the link and paste it in the URL bar of your browser?

  9. Guess who the only people who can do something about it are…

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