1. Oh god yes that grip.. tightening on me feeling him tense.. and the sounds he makes.. God it's intoxicating

  2. lucky daddy if i was in the middle of that no birth conrtol would be allowed lol

  3. It seriously is. I'd never have even hoped it would get this far.

  4. You might want to check my more recent profile post!

  5. Honestly they are not great people. They don't care and probably won't give a shit when she leaves. There's a reason she's round mine a lot.

  6. I'm so envious of you! You're living my dream life. Excited to hear more about how things are going and wishing you three all the happiness in the world <3

  7. Congratulations I'm almost 5 months along with dad's. Best feeling in the world

  8. Ooh it really is! We are both so excited! Dad can't wait for me to start to show

  9. your bestie will be next!?

  10. Well she really wants to be! And it would be awesome having our kids together!

  11. It's amazing having someone else irl I don't have to hide it from. She's been my closest friend for years and I hated not being to share it with her

  12. That’s so sexy knowing that your bestie knows that you are fucking your dad

  13. I just didn't expect her to work it out.. I hated having to hide it from her and kept trying to work out how to tell her!

  14. If anything, be honest, let her process it, then hope for the better, then the 3 of you could be happy

  15. Tbh that's the plan. The porn script suggestions I keep getting suggestions for would probably just pit her on the spot and make a panicked response!

  16. Yeah, better to go slow and steady, even better if she brings up the topic again like "hey, are you and your dad in something like that? I won't judge", that's your window of opportunity

  17. She's knows me well! I'm surprised she hasn't mentioned anything. I doubt she has picked up on me and dad, but she must have noticed a change in my mood!

  18. Great reply... I have been catching up on your history and am finding it fascinating and vey hot! You write well, which is always a bonus, in fact I will abandon the hottest story of the writing is bad. Not because I am superior but I find it so hard to stay focused, so good job with the writing!

  19. I'm glad you like it! Honestly it's a bit of a struggle to put into words, always feel like I'm rambling!

  20. By the way, I take it this was not your first time? You have not mentioned and other relationships but I'm sure you would have mentioned it if it was your first.

  21. It was my first time.. I did have it in a post but edited it out as I was getting some rather creepy messages about it

  22. As opposed to a protected creampie?? How would that even constitute a creampie?

  23. I wonder if your pregnant yet or not. How many cresmpies have you had over last 6 weeks πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  24. I've been stupidly horny recently... masturbating so much making a mess if my pussy.. feels to good to stop

  25. I've found the urges get even stronger when you do submit...

  26. My fav tease was to do work outs in the front room in increasingly risky clothes. Then later on pretending to have a cramp that I asked him to rub!

  27. Haha nice. I might try this too πŸ˜‹

  28. For some reason I kept wearing loose shorts... and kept forgetting panties...

  29. That's going to get messy really quickly but feeling it run down your leg is to hot πŸ₯΅πŸ™ˆ Good luck

  30. From personal experience it doesn't take long to run all the way down πŸ˜…

  31. Body slide, use your body during the massage, that way your both oiled too. Then whilst you're massaging his front, climb on top and ride him slowly, let your body take over after that, do what comes nature

  32. Well. If it’s all about daddy. My daughter loves to tease me all day when she really wants to make me feel good. So she will walk around naked at the house, sometimes rub her clit while looking at me and run away with a giggle. Then when it comes to play time, she lets me do whatever I want. She becomes my toy for play time. Have you ever been just a toy for him to use?

  33. Well we only had our first time last weekend.. so got a long list of things to try! But a long tease, give him a massage then give myself to him sounds fun..

  34. Why have you copied my post... I'm guessing it's a bot..

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