People who are pro-gun, why?

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XQC claims OTK weaponized a crying Emiru fo sympathy?

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  1. Flight got cancelled last minute, im looking for a rideshare from the bay area. Willing to pay money

  2. You don’t need to place the trip off rip. If you die right away then it’s wasted, if you clear space super fast then you’ll wish you still had it, and if you decide to rotate early it’s also useless. The enemy isn’t going to be on your flank in the first 10-15 seconds, you have a little time. Push with the team, then throw trip down after 10 or so seconds behind. Maybe it ends up having the same effect 90% of the time, but that 10% where you can put a more useful trip, or you die without wasting the money will help overall

  3. Imo chamber should lurk and place trip deep in enemy territory/his own flank. Chamber fighting with team is a lowkey toss.

  4. I'm selling a car camping pass. Located in the Bay I won't be down there until Friday so you'd have to pick it up today.

  5. Still looking for one ticket will pay 300 wont pay deposit u dirty scammers

  6. This is such an ignorant fucking take.

  7. Obviously the government has the means to wreck us. The point is they wont because then who would they govern.

  8. No, hes umbreon which makes perfect sense if you compare….body parts

  9. The craziest part is foster who says the ball was knocked out of browns hand couldn’t possibly have seen it it was directly out of his line of sight.

  10. Exactly most people who are complaining about content in lsf are not giving feedback in good faith.

  11. To be fair, he is not engaging with the criticism in good faith either. He called everyone unhinged and denied denied denied. Now he’s going nuclear and saying solo only. It’s hard enough to convey things through text surely this isn’t the healthiest way to navigate the situation.

  12. You honestly think that tj maxx sends their employees to donation dumpster dive for used drawers with holes in them to package up for resell?

  13. No, companies send their stock that doesn’t pass QC to them (I think)

  14. Cmon now we all know that schnoze ain’t vestigial

  15. Emiru knew. That’s why she moved to escape a creepy stalker to move in with a sexual assaulter and stalker.

  16. If she didn’t know, then that means she got lied to which means she was weaponized.

  17. I could be wrong but she didn’t make this statement before then did she? Either she went into this blind ( X👈), maliciously lied, or was lied to. 2/3 options are willful weaponizations. And I’m being charitable because the first option wouldn’t be an option for someone who claims to care about their friends so much.

  18. I wholeheartedly endorse this, but request my flair additionally reflects my cock volume (301.64 cm3) and mass (400g), which I feel are more useful metrics. Also, users should have to disclose circumcision status (uncut BTW). When you're taking advice from somebody that could impact your health, I think it is important to know their credentials and grasp where they're coming from intellectually, emotionally, and phallically.

  19. While I can get behind (no homo) this idea, volume and mass should require a more stringent measurement process. The currently accepted protocol is the cock displacement in which the cock in is placed in an enclosed mold (mouth) and space (anus) is measured subsequently. Obviously this would necessitate a committee of scientists (me) to facilitate. (2.3 in radius)

  20. my mom asked me to take her to the gym. i (20m, 7 inches rounded up from 4.37523) will start taking my mom (46f (47f in 2 days)), who is attractive for her age, to the gym with me, will this get me the hoes? will the bitches want me for this?

  21. Hi (nice cock btw). Please list your mother’s bust size so I can properly assess how many bitches(hoes) you will get.

  22. Holy monkey bar nips! 🤠According to the most recent evo psych theories and baboon case studies, females of the human race with inferior erect nipple sizes will display aggressive pursuit behavior. Please update us and protect moms.

  23. andrew tate wakes up andrew late in his andrew estate, but he feels andrew great for his andrew debate. he gives himself an andrew rate of andrew eight and gets breakfast on an andrew plate. he gets ready for his andrew date and walks andrew straight out of his andrew gate while contemplating his andrew fate. he crosses the andrew interstate after a short andrew wait, he meets his andrew date, andrew kate. they say that they already andrew ate. they walk around and sit on an andrew crate, and talk about their andrew trait(s). he tries but any relavent thoughts he cannot andrew create, no matter how hard he tries to andrew relate. they stay very andrew late, but the conversation is taking an andrew great andrew weight. andrew tate has fallen for andrew kate's andrew bait, and begins to andrew deflate, his eyes andrew dilate, as his blood vessels are filled with andrew sedate. he is in dire andrew straits as she takes him back to her appartment where she andrew desecrate(s) him and they andrew procreate. the next morning, andrew tate is talking to an andrew mate, andrew nate, who understands why he is andrew irate. he gets a strict andrew berate and an andrew berate and a life andrew update: andrew nate is moving out of andrew state, all the way to andrew kuwait. they spend their last day at the rink, and as andrew tate is flying around, he feels a sense of andrew elate before falling, changing his andrew gait.

  24. Not every map has its little special thing: split

  25. split is the only map with water. it makes splashy noise

  26. W rizz bro can’t go wrong with some original poetry 🤠

  27. They had a guy who coached and played at the same time! Pretty sure he was alright.

  28. That just proves lebrons longevity 😤 been playing since the 60s

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