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  1. To be fair he's the villain of what is essentially the main subgame for Super Star, and only showing up then doesn't necessarily preclude him from being a significant Kirby enemy. Most Kirby enemies only make one appearance after all.

  2. Smash Ultimate: *Creates fiery veins to hurt people* *Eyeballs turn black and fall out of his head and follow you around.* *Eyes turn giant and fly-like as they fire lasers at you*

  3. «Omnia venenum sunt: nec sine veneno quicquam existit. Dosis sola facit, ut venenum non fit.» - Paracelsus

  4. Paracelsus :3 one of the fathers of modern medicine. Great quote!

  5. It’s like fucking with batman when he’s had prep time

  6. Its like messing with Kevin Mccallister who has had prep time

  7. Fancy block particles is what does the breaking animation. I'm not sure if that does the fire particles too.

  8. It also creates little cubes of smoke, I think it applies to lava as well. The mod also causes particles from destroyed blocks to look 3D and cube like I am fairly certain.

  9. OK, will DM a link to a cursed furry game...

  10. I would like both the link to Sam and the furry game! ^w^

  11. Thanks lol, I thought it was an in-universe product or something

  12. I cant wait for the part where we find out the main protag is actually the clone of Vader and after 4 games hes just been in a diabetic coma.

  13. Thats not even mentioning the ARG that they probably have in the works where we learn all of this happens in the real world.

  14. I cant wait for the part where Kojima makes billions off this and buys Konami.

  15. Can hardly wait to learn his plan all along was to take over their pachinko machine racket and produce a Metal Gear Survive pachinko machine.

  16. O_O You mean the vault meant to simulate an enviroment where there was only one man and 1000 women? Okay, that doesn't mean you are gonna get laid though OwO It just means that the guy is bi, or that is how I chose to interpret things~

  17. I am up for it although I tend to play ferals I am okay with some anthro pokemon, I am into watersports and even scat if you are into that. I am very submissive though

  18. But... But without the ladder, where is the thrill? What a fear in my heart... But your so supreme~! give my life~ Not for honor, but for you~ (snake eater)

  19. Is it bad form/internet etiquette to post this back onto Dank Memes after I get enough karma?

  20. That’s what Ishmael wants Ahab to believe, but Ocelot refers to Ishmael as “the real Big Boss”, and “the true one.” Ahab is a phantom, a disposable shadow of Big Boss.

  21. And Ahab is fine with that, since he is Big Boss in the ways that matter, and knows its his part to play.

  22. I think the butter is supposedly still edible, I would need to double check to be sure though.

  23. They have had like 10 years to work on it so it absolutely should be... I would also accept Elsweyr.

  24. I feel kinda creeped out... I was looking for a Mario and Luigi RPG game on my PC the other day and now reddit is recommending me stuff...

  25. No, it is just a game mechanic. One of my favourite mods is being able to blast those nests with Igni.

  26. Ah gotcha, yeah I figured that it would be the case but was wondering if there was a real reason for it, like maybe the nests go deeper underground than is visible to the player and you need to collapse the small cave or something.

  27. No, you would be reading way too much into what is really just a practical game mechanic.

  28. Probably haha >u<; I like to think about stuff like that though, its fun to do sometimes :) thinking of reasons for why something is the way it is. Add your own headcanon and stuff.

  29. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/PeacefulDeliciousHammerheadbird-size_restricted.gif

  30. I want to see Harry's censored rant.

  31. This kinda blew up more than I am used to lol

  32. I'm going to guess it's something to do with him being pumped slam full of mana, which is usually depicted glowing blue when magic circuits manifest isn't it?

  33. He might have the best Magic circuits ever lol, I can believe it. If he chose to become a mage he would be super powerful probably.

  34. Yeah I saw that too, if I remember correctly from what I hear about the books though they were doing something with child robots. I just woke up though so my heads a bit fuzzy.

  35. Oh ALSO Vanny effects the character, not just that but she GLITCHES their vision! That is probably the biggest evidence of all, the fact that when you are around her, your vision gets weird, blurry and glitchy.

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