1. That may be an issue with you bot, I literally never run into that issue and am running quite a few heroes on klaytn

  2. Nah I’m currently not botting but I need to be, I gotta make adjustments but I’m buried in other code I need to write.

  3. Oh my mistake, I thought I had seen you mention one in another comment but I must be confusing you with somebody else. Sorry about that! I’m happy to answer the questions though.

  4. Dizzy, this was extremely helpful! Although we may not always agree on certain issues, I will always be grateful for your contributions and activity within this community. Thank you

  5. sJewel was a great addition. Generating money from in game fees is great. You can passively make income from staking and play with your heroes as you want.

  6. How is sJewel great? It’s just a more complicated and annoying version of the jeweler that previously existed.

  7. The experience on Klaytn as been way way better than Harmony. Harmony was sometimes completely unusable. Hopefully Klaytn improves though. I have a lot more confidence in them than in Harmony

  8. Klayton goes through waves were it’s completely unusable too, you’ll frequently run into the IP rate limit error then you have to hop around RPCs. Klayton also has a huge issue with stuck transactions in Metamask. I find myself needing to reset MM at least once during the period of attempting to queue hero’s.

  9. I think there are several issues here. First off it’s not abundantly clear what you are trying to do? What is an “email signature generator”? How does it work, how does the user interact with it, what does it do?

  10. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I’m an idiot and made a stupid error when putting the code onto a page to test out. I fixed it and it worked like a charm! Thank you for the advice.

  11. Don’t be hard on yourself. Your not an idiot. Everyone makes mistakes, even the best will make simplistic mistakes. Recognize that your still learning, it’s all good brother. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me/us or chatGPT haha

  12. One of the most difficult parts is finding all the obscure tokens/LPs you have on each chain and where/what to swap them to in order to move to a blue chip which can be cashed out by a CEX. It would be really cool to see DFK implement some tools to assist with it (a better way to view all your tokens/DFK items at the trader in the marketplace would go a long way). That tiny scroll box sucks and the tokens are slow to load.

  13. That’s true, but then afterward!

  14. ICP the project that had one of the worst ICOs in crypto history, down to $4 from $400?

  15. Yeah the graphQL API is great, I’ve built my own explorer for navigating the data, building queries, and creating charts (at some point I had considered releasing it publicly if there was any interest).

  16. Is this on the Klaytn network? I’m surprised to hear that you’d have lots of issues. I quest 30 heroes multiple times a day in Crystalvale and I’ve never had a single issue

  17. Most the issues appear to be on the Klayton side with stuck pending transactions (resetting metamask to fix). I’ve run into a couple other stray issues like queuing quests and finding out you have stale hero data (like stamina) when you attempt to submit the quest queue (refreshing fixes this).

  18. I’d also be careful with JADE - it’s essentially just CRYSTAL on another chain, same use cases, yet 3x the price right now, I suspect mostly on hype and contests.

  19. The differences in value can be explained. JADE has a gen0 giveaway going for summons that take place in Serendale 2.0. Serendale offers better APR at this time. Additionally there’s less JADE tokens in circulation compared to Crystal. I suspect the value of JADE will not hold, but that’s just my opinion and not advice.

  20. How do we qualify for the gen0 giveaway?

  21. I believe it’s a raffle where you get entrees based off how many times you’ve summoned in Serendale 2.0 (which requires the JADE token). In total 75 gen0s will be given away for this raffle and I think the contest ends sometime early next year. I’m not sure all the exact details so I apologize if some aspects are wrong.

  22. There’s no confirmed answer to this yet. Right now it’s simply not possible to do that because of klaytns 1-second finality. The dfk team is trying to optimize things even more but there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to make it work.

  23. Yikes that’s unfortunate but I appreciate the honesty. Any chance they will finish optimizing quests from a UI perspective? Promised quality of life features such as hero group presets?

  24. Klayton is crap compared to DFK chain.. Constantly have to wait to LPs to show in the gardens, DFK chain makes it all a lot smoother.. From the first day they mentioned Klayton as the next chain i knew its gonna be bad. Also we have 0 new users from moving there, Klayton is a ghost chain that brings nothing good to Defkingdoms, it's just a subpar option. Not even gonna mention we don't burn jewel there.

  25. Yeah it’s very buggy. I hope it’s just a rushed implementation by DFK that they’ll smooth out but idk. It would suck if it’s just another bad chain like Harmony. I seriously can’t handle another migration, too much shuffling and so many freaking tokens.

  26. Every new realm will have its own benefits. Very nice lp rewards now and chances to win Gen 0s 🏆

  27. I doubt those LP pools will last very long at their current rates. DFK team is notorious for changing up the pools and using it as an excuse to modify the APR rate. It essentially forces you to claim and shift pools or suffer from the reduced APR. By forcing you to claim then it works better in their model because more of your token is locked as opposed to pending unlocked.

  28. What is your sad ass even talking about

  29. Getting investment advice from Reddit is never a wise move.

  30. What’s wrong with advice from Reddit? Is discord or Twitter any better? That’s kinda a weird take

  31. If you truly feel that way than move on. Your presence here provides ZERO value to anybody and the amount of time you’ve spent here while claiming to hate the project is honestly sad.

  32. His summary of events isn’t exactly incorrect. While it’s very negative, all of those things did happen. They are worth talking about.

  33. What they plan to use it on has no relation to the question. Now if they asked how to use a custom font, that's related.

  34. You act like you speak for everyone on this sub. Luckily a helpful user has already answered the questions.

  35. Honestly man I don’t think your the mess here. This entire situation is frustrating and confusing. Things are constantly being changed and shuffled around that I’d reckon not many people actually know what’s really going on. There’s more questions and less answers these days.

  36. What they say is not as important as what they do.

  37. I mean that is standard though. Literally anytime you communicate with any server, your ip is “revealed” to that server.

  38. I’d like to, but with the current setup, the code will die waiting for approval, like the 423 other PR.

  39. Can you just fork it and create a community version of fastapi?

  40. What’s this? Is DFK now making a puzzle game instead haha?

  41. Are you referring to the Google Sheets with all the entrees/winners? Those sheets are laggy because it’s an immense amount of rows and a lot of people accessing it at once. You could try downloading the document and opening it Office or a similar tool that runs locally on your machine, you should get much better performance that way.

  42. My favorite take on Twitter is someone (correctly) pointing out that most site issues and outages are caused when a dev pushes a bad change to production. If there’s no devs around to change shit then maybe the site could be remarkably stable.

  43. This is an incorrect assertion. Luke Stone, the Director of Customer Reliability Engineering at Google, gave a talk on the top 10 most common causes of downtime. Bad deployments ranked towards the very bottom at 8.

  44. The DFK Team was actually in talks and working on a partnership that would’ve enabled this (I think). However this was all taking place prior to Jewel and the crypto market crashing. I haven’t heard anything about it since.

  45. Im gonna do it but i will delete the reference code.

  46. Yeah trash coin…$.0012 where it belongs sorrrrrryyyyy. No value. So when you buy a bitcoin what do you get in exchange? nothing hahahaha

  47. You call Bitcoin a trash coin but then actively shill Shiba in your post history? Hahah get out of here

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