1. You know, this is too fucked up for me to even think about.

  2. Sharp as a fuckin' cue ball OP.

  3. His timing to defuse the row between Paulie & Ralphie at the sit down over alarm code - slipping on some frozen fish - was mafioso timing perfection.

  4. Tony, I had to park the car all the way over there!

  5. Three hidden CSGO blog posts have been detected 2 days ago. Something big is coming next week.

  6. @gabefollower, he's been a reliable source for a very long time

  7. Speedrunners use it all the time

  8. You can enter your email to get notified when it's back in stock. I was notified about one bracelet after a few months.

  9. According to former US senator Bob Kerry, the word for asshole in Latin is “santorum.”

  10. Doc Santoro, whatever happened there.

  11. It's Like An Ad For A Weight Loss Center. Before, And Way Before.

  12. Look at this, Syracuse's losing.

  13. Already have one, any other life-changing advice?

  14. "We have electricity and civilized fans" they said.

  15. Suburban's a small car. He leans on it, he could tip it over.

  16. CoD skins hold no value whatsoever. They cannot be traded or sold. Whatever CoD you are playing will die in a year or two.

  17. Counter strike players when they perpetually hate call of duty for whatever reason

  18. I literally play CoD since 2008 and bought almost all of them ever since, including MW2. I don't hate CoD, I'm just saying what everyone knows is true.

  19. It helps me with landing good nades, as you can see in the clip

  20. Johnny couldn’t contain his rage at the slightest suspicion Ginny was being laughed at. He beat down and pissed on Donny because he was laughing at something else.

  21. He bought him a drink. That was all.

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