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  1. how about them «chevrons»

  2. I literally just did this when I took over a repo someone created 7 years ago

  3. So you nuked the whole history in the process?

  4. а могли бы и перепутать - избить журналистку и изнасиловать оператора

  5. Это к чевекашникам

  6. После развала совка, далеко не у всех республик оказалось ЯО.

  7. И у этих не будет. У парочки может. Все остальное отберут.

  8. amdc says:

    Кто? А кто поручится, что местные царьки не решат ёбнуть этими ракетами пока их не отобрали, по тем, кто захочет их отобрать? Почему ещё у северной Кореи не отобрали их ракеты?

  9. I do this all the time when I want to quickly enable/disable chunks of code whilst prototyping or debugging.

  10. amdc says:

    whatever floats your boat but I use cmd+/ for this purpose

  11. On that point, games like this SHOULD have a postgame. Especially a Zelda game. How much would fans love an epilogue where you go around the world and get to see things change for the better and see the NPCs all happy. There could even be some mini-games and of course the remaining shrines and seeds and challenges. It's not like the game didnt already have world changes each time you resolve a divine beast. Missed opportunity is all.

  12. I feel like what you’re asking is basically another game slapped at the end of BotW.

  13. Same map, same assets, new dialog and animations for the most part.

  14. amdc says:

    you'll then need to revamp the whole castle area, remove malice all around the map (including challenges that it brings, possessed guardians and so on) and write new narrative about restoration of hyrule.

  15. Check your friend code again, chances are your friend fudged a number or two.

  16. Wonder if Nintendo’s friend codes include a checksum digit

  17. It is considering there are people who'd rather send their joycons to nintendo than spend half an hour and less than $5 and replace sticks themselves

  18. Не понимаю почему мы должны отходить от темы войны.

  19. Сигал еще с 2014 года в открытую топил за "присоединение Крыма".

  20. хз где, в разных местах, но одно на протяжении всех лет оставалось неизменным — мне было абсолютно пофиг на Сигала и его позицию по Крыму. Погода в Боливии была бы куда интереснее

  21. Back when I did the thing it was quite a lengthy process. Not hard, just tedious.

  22. Would it feel like you’re eating ass or like getting your ass ate?

  23. So, what happens if the portals get deactivated while she’s in between them like this

  24. The same thing that happens to companion cubes and any other object: they're pulled to either side.

  25. ну хоть какой-то reality check происходит время от времени, и то хорошо

  26. 4k. Disk space is cheap compared to the CPU to transcode it offline. Also not all 4k/2k is superior to 1080p if mastered or encoded poorly. High bitrate 1080p will be better than meh bitrate 4k even at h.265 encodings.

  27. 2k is 1080p you know

  28. Well, it's a good tool. I've heard of it many times. But it's mostly about runtime, not data stage, where you build prototypes. Also it's for VSCode, my editor of choice is NeoVim :)

  29. А что там в Гонг-Конге, никто не помнит? Удались у них протесты-то?

  30. oh yeah? instead of using an article to indicate grammatical case (ger) or using a preposition (eng) we change the word itself and it's way messier than that

  31. “God works in mysterious ways”

  32. Looks like they're trying to use 3.5" HDD form factor for a single tape storage module. No additional reader/writer required.

  33. But the host system would need to know that it’s not a regular hard drive but a tape drive and you can’t do random access in efficient manner?

  34. It's not intended for random access. I'd assume it will work just like a tape typically would. I'm sure they will have a way to identify it as a tape media of some sort that is communicated to the host computer. Just like it knows if it's an SSD or a hard drive.

  35. in this particular case "half of the house" it's "полдома", not "пол дома"

  36. десять раз спросят пескова про "завтра будет?"

  37. Просто «кы» иногда съезжает на «ки» или что-то между, когда ты не пытаешься выговаривать это слово

  38. В том, что Дождь, например, помогал "нашим мальчикам", как они сами в эфире говорили. Вот и наглядный пример. Помогаешь - мальчик идет убивать, не помогаешь - мальчик спокойно чилит в окопе.

  39. много слов, ноль пруфов, как всегда ☕️

  40. That's .. not a MacBook adapter. It's for an iPad. What part do you want to use?

  41. it's USB-C jack and HDMI port

  42. Какая беда! Украинцы чем-то могут помочь?

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