1. Any luck? Got an aurora r4 motherboard with the same issue :(

  2. No luck at all, sadly. The machine is still awaiting the unlikely day of its usefulness as at least a paperweight.

  3. You really needa mark the post nsfw if you're gonna be showing us a look at what's in your drawers mate

  4. You can't eat chips in bed. That's basically "How to get beaten by your mom" speedrun

  5. Wear a Snuggie. Carefully bundle up Snuggie when done. Set Snuggie aside to be shaken off outside later. Repeat till no longer viable. Wash Snuggie. Repeat entire process.

  6. One thing I can tell you is that if you join a [chef], or, more easily, a [line cook] guild, you can easily max out your avatar's hand's fire resistance stat.

  7. I prefer TF1 though, it looks less cartoony and has more realistic movement

  8. Same but with my teammates letting a whole row of nukes and arcs

  9. If only the stim mains would make a line of nukes disappear as quickly as they do a line of cocaine

  10. Yes... I de-- I mean, my Titan definitely just plays normal cartoon episodes...not anything that would require me cleaning the cough cock cough pit afterward.

  11. Dice up your spaghetti using an opposed knife and spoon. I also do it with my Maruchan Ramen.

  12. This worked perfectly once I enabled hidden folders. I also used Notepad++ to not have any weird unicode shenanigans with it. Thanks a lot!

  13. from what i saw, there's no unicode shenanigan on this xml, even opened on windows notepad to be sure and there was no problem to open and user-read (you can read and understand).

  14. Idk I just know it pastes without any formatting nonsense like font, size, italics, etc. I'd assume that would rather clean up what gets pasted under the hood as well

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