1. Single mode RAPES high hp troops and e drags spammers, especially if it’s spaced out properly

  2. they dont care about him, they just want him 4 music, he could be suicidal and these mfers aint gonna care lmao, anyway, hopefully them two can talk together n see whats wrong 🤷‍♂️

  3. Without music he’s just another random like you and I. You don’t care about me at all

  4. Wow that fixed it immediately does ipv6 throttle internet speed?

  5. Not exactly sure why, I was having the same issue on windows 10 and disabled ipv6 which fixed it. Did a fresh install of w11 and the issue returned, maybe it’s an Ethernet thing

  6. They call black people “basketball people” on some TikTok’s so I’m glad they’re creative with “bleached Rats” too and be equally racist

  7. Trans people deserve rights and should be able to use the bathroom

  8. D4 is a mainstream game my dude.

  9. /uc what the fuck are these good doctor memes, I’m chronically online and it came out of nowhere.

  10. Have you heard of the the T. My friend just purchased a condo in GP, which comes with two parking spaces. She doesn't drive.

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