I've created a chrome extension and an API for youtube dislike stats

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New Rust book: Rust for Rustaceans by Jon Gjengset

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Rolling storage container requested couple days ago.

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  1. It is also illogical to keep it because it is low.

  2. Unless investing in something equally low that has the potential for a higher 'bounce back', which OP is hopeful for.

  3. An interesting and well written post!

  4. Hi OP. Telescope looks great! I have been looking into buying the parts and building the openastrotracker telescope. Do you know how yours compares in terms of image quality? I'm not worried about complexity really. Thanks

  5. Visual and astrophotography are very different disciplines -- that said I'm not aware of a telescope (Besides the guider) done by the OAT team. AP usually wants a tiny scope and fantastic tracking, whereas visual wants a big scope.

  6. Yeah maybe I'm trying to compare two different things here.

  7. I found this thread while trying to solve the same problem. It's probably too late to help OP but in case anyone else is searching, this is what I found to fix mine: Open your activity monitor, find TouchBarServer, double click, then click Quit on the pop up. From there, I used Force Quit but either option should work.

  8. This fixed the issue for me too. Nice one!

  9. Am I missing the the Matt part of this?

  10. Look at the back of the guys helmet 😁

  11. No. The same can be applied to trophies, sure you can buy one from Ebay, but it only has meaning if you earnt it.

  12. This is really cool! I really related to the VFX in the first half as I always picture a ship on a stormy ocean when listening to this song, with the waves following the intensity of the music.

  13. Sounds like a good trip! I'm really tempted to do the day trip from Malaga to Granada. Read very good things about it.

  14. 6/47, I thought mine was a lot!

  15. Oh :( I think it’s all down to individual differences and how often you wear them. I was just rigid with wearing mine. I didn’t wanna wear them so I thought I’d do it quickly so I didn’t have to have any refinements

  16. Did you talk to your orthodontist about speeding up the process? My teeth aren't as crooked as yours were either, but I have probably another year to go including refinements (5/45 @ 1 change per week).

  17. If you don't have chrome store approval then it should at least be open source, which I don't see any links to. Comes across as shady to me

  18. Good point. I applied for approval, but it takes some time. The code is un-obfuscated so you can look in the sources of the extension if you want to. Didn't wan't to publish code to github just yet - because it's embarrassingly shitty.

  19. Don't ever worry about publishing shitty code. It's probably not as bad as you think. The post just set off some alarm bells for me.

  20. This one seems great, thanks, I can't find any EU sellers though. Bought the BMG clone for now, we'll see how it goes 🤞

  21. You will need to calibrate your esteps as the BMG is more or less 4:1 ratio.

  22. Ahh yes, updating the firmware is a long overdue task at this point, my Z offset keeps drifting further and further from 0 :D

  23. When you get your settings right again, you can go to Settings - > backup - > backup now.

  24. Looks really good! Do you know if you can have the spotify slider change the volume on spotify itself, rather than the OS setting it?

  25. Thanks! The current deej software does not support this unfortunately...

  26. Ah no problem. I'd probably end up using the mixer way more anyway if I had this!

  27. I've seen a few of your YouTube videos Jon and your book was an instant buy for me.

  28. This is really cool. Good luck with the finishing touches :)

  29. Hi guys, audio noob here looking for some help with voice capture.

  30. A dynamic mic (or condenser designed for stage/feedback rejection purposes) would generally be much more directional. Beyond that, moving the mic physically closer to your mouth will ensure the signal is mainly you. A good bet for under $200 would probably be an sm58 and any decent audio interface (presonous, scarlet, behringer, etc). Rode makes a dynamic "podcast" mic in that range that's probably worth checking out.

  31. Thanks so much for the reply! I ended up ordering the Behringer UMC202HD and the Rode Podmic, with a TONOR arm. I actually placed the order yesterday but I am stoked to see your advice backing it up and I'm looking forward to setting it up and seeing how well it works.

  32. I share a flat with one other person, we both have our desktops in the same room, about 2.5m (8ft) away from each other.

  33. Really well deserved. I recently asked a question on the Tokio discord and Alice & Kestrer helped me out pretty much straight away, I fixed my Tokio problem and also learnt more about mutability in Rust. Congrats :)

  34. Hey, thanks for the response!

  35. I tried the socket approach, seems to be going OK 1 way. My daemon starts up and creates a socket file. When I run it again with --info this new process can connect to the socket and send a string, the daemon can print it. Which is really great and I think sockets are the way to go here.

  36. Thankyou very much for posting this! I was looking for something like this today, great timing. I will try printing one tomorrow in PETG :)

  37. It went pretty well, the first couple snapped at the hinge when I tried to fit them together. So I edited the model slightly to make the slots deeper for the "nub" of the hinge to slide in and that has worked great :). I may also reduce the size of the latch nub too, just as it is quite hard to open, I don't want to snap the latch or over-stress the hinge. Otherwise a really cool model mate. The design is great, it's parametric, and the fact you have shared it so we can tweak it is really awesome!

  38. Nothing particularly against man pages and the idea of a self documenting system is an obvious one.

  39. I think you'd be best setting something up in systemd/cron to trigger a script every minute or hour, then have the script talk to awesome and call a function which would update the theme colours. It'd be up to you to decide how best to update redshift, I don't have any experience with it aside from just running it.

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