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  1. It can write code, I’ve seen it fail and I’ve seen it succeed. Factual things like accurate code, math equations, history, etc. it’ll sometimes fail. It’s pretty hilarious actually because it can get something wrong, you’ll correct it, but it’ll refuse to listen and insist the inaccurate info is right. It tends to succeed on free-form writing like this apology, though.

  2. To be clear, the best free-form writing it succeeds at are these boilerplate corporate communications where it's basically mad-libsing a template.

  3. You want 3 50% aura here and you need at least determination or grace at the bare minimum to do any non white map content.

  4. main two seem build quality is subpar and "full self driving" should result in a class action lawsuit. Elon insisted on only camera for full self driving which isn't viable with our current camera technology. his logic iirc was 'if people can drive with only eyes, the car should too' but that's making the outrageous assumption that cameras are equal to human eyes

  5. It's also ass-backwards to assume that technology should be limited by human constraints.

  6. Are you under the assumption the only corporations and wealthy people that participate in this bullshit are liberals? That's funny.

  7. Well he's technically right that it would make a lot of Liberal voters upset.

  8. If having a gun on your person is legal justification for the police to kill you then the right to bear arms doesn't exist.

  9. Then the right to bear arms doesn't exist for anyone but white male landowners

  10. It fully embraces the anime meme of endless buff ups while the enemies stand around and look menacingly :)

  11. that bell always bothers me because it's a captive goat feature. She should be a free mountain goat

  12. She's willingly held captive by her devotion to Liyue and Rex Lapis or something IDK I'm not a Genshin writer.

  13. I'm hoping for an explanation later, because it is not easy to set up solar panels and your own private electrical grid. There's also the problem of sewage; I can believe somebody could hook up a water heater and a shower, but dealing with waste water would be nearly impossible in that building.

  14. I wonder what the limits on her teleportation ability is. Could she touch a septic tank and teleport it somewhere?

  15. Selling the key to unlock the convenient food only she sells. Now there's some business hustle ( ¬‿¬)

  16. It's not too difficult to open a can without a can opener. Swords or daggers will do in a pinch.

  17. Probably. Not paying local ordinance fines like parking tickets is pretty common place in any city, especially if you're not a local. Its only "news" (rage bait) because it can be linked to the unpopular convoy.

  18. It would be news if hundreds of film festival goers parked in a city for a few weeks illegally and refused to pay parking fines. Maybe it wouldn't draw as many clicks but I wouldn't go "oh why is this news" if I saw an article on it.

  19. I absolutely do not, and I don’t remember how grass feels

  20. "When was the last time you saw the sun, exile? The true sun."

  21. Yeah but your next 5 star is guaranteed to be Al-Haitham now!

  22. They would literally rather replace people with robots and AI and let their population slowly dwindle than make it easier for people to have kids.

  23. You know how they make their weapons disappear?

  24. It's like I committed myself to full civility and still got banned by these bully mods over the tamest of comments.

  25. It's a he said she said situation without more context. What did you say (with screenshots or links)?

  26. Good, he's got some balls on him. Rest of the world is fucking his son over, glad he can rub it in their faces a bit.

  27. Siding with Russia is sticking it to China? I can see we have a real master of geopolitics here.

  28. This is so silly. Guns are widely available illegally... from people who purchased them legally in the us. Guns aren't smuggled in they are smuggled out. The gun problem in most countries started with a legally purchased gun in the us

  29. Gun nuts don't want to understand that America is the problem. Do people acquire illegal guns in the UK or Australia or Japan?

  30. Well, it's the big book of multiple choice. For everything one verse condemns another condones.

  31. There's no verse condemning abortion and a verse giving instructions on how to induce one.

  32. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordeal_of_the_bitter_water

  33. They carry plague. Do not kiss them, or you will get plague.

  34. Call me a nurgle cultist then because I'm gonna catch every plague and you can't stop me.

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