1. “Do you think God stays in Heaven because he too is afraid of what he’s created?” (Sky Kids 2)

  2. What a shit meme. I sometimes carry teams as well. Had some of the best game convos cause I accepted their game invites. Mostly these guys are in learning phase.

  3. We have a criminal problem not a gun problem. Police are afraid of criminals not the guns. They encounter people who legally carry all the time. Guns are objects just like cars are objects. That’s like blaming speeding or DUI’s on cars. The problem is we have a government turning criminals loose until they do kill somebody then they say “ Ah ha I told you it was the gun” ( after the fucker was arrested 20 times for multiple violent crimes and still released

  4. I agree with you ,it is the criminal problem and in my comment I meant the criminals in USA have access to fire arms easily

  5. Erm… soooo you‘re saying that taking someone into the hills and putting a bullet in his head is something completely different than shoting suspects right on the spot? This wouldn‘t be a huge deal in the US. Cops kill people on a daily basis in the US.

  6. I do think it is due to suspect having fire arms in USA where as rest of the world civilians have little access to fire arms so there is less confrontation and shooting

  7. Yale is spelled with four letters. Four is the number of directions on a compass. The word compass ends with ass. Liquid ass. The end.

  8. I did we are in pro 3 why did I not get it ? I was active during war infact I was the only one active during war along with one or 2 guys

  9. You have to wait till clan week reset which is Monday 2 am for me

  10. Caterpillar of some sort in defence mode?

  11. The ticket I lost that match it disconnected me but after re launching the game it showed I had won the match .but other problem are still there

  12. INFO: What bad things has the ex done that she believes this is condoning?

  13. Both parties claim emotional abuse. There was a police report against her for throwing an object at him. She currently states that he torments her nonstop but we have not heard this until now and, honestly, find it hard to believe. She truly believes her ex put the kids up to this in order to "get to her". He has never said a bad word about her in our presence. The parenting evaluation also said he did not bad mouth her to children but she did bad mouth him.

  14. What are u talking about? Every1 will get a free 108 next week, price will drop

  15. trying to upgrade a couple of players and buy from the market since packs r shit but as y’all can see, how u save money… cus all mine goes behind skill boosts

  16. Try to stick with a particular skill boost and buy players who have the skill boost you already boosted . This way you can save the coins .

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