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  1. <> is also code, just not how C does it. for example F# uses <> (and = to compare equality)

  2. Firefox, because I've already been using it for years and it's the only one that's not based on Chromium (except for Safari, which is not an option as I'm not rocking macOS)

  3. the fact that i... would fall for this trap. hahaha. still cis tho

  4. i've heard people complaining about back pain so small boobs seem just more convenient in general i think.

  5. same. most recently i experienced this with a hoodie though, so i got the oversized version because oversized hoodie :3

  6. wait what is "AD account"? i get that it's supposed to mean nsfw alt but what specifically is "AD" for? "After Dark"?

  7. I didn’t know that was possible but that’s kinda dumb

  8. not really that dumb, ratelimiting is pretty standard to prevent bots from spamming (to an incredible extent) and such, and it doesn't affect most humans

  9. My favorite memory management story: some team couldn't find a way to fix a memory leak... in a missile guidance system. So they just decided to load the missile up with more RAM than the leak could fill before, quote, "the most extreme form of garbage collection."

  10. Nope, that's not quite what happened. A garbage collector, ultimately, is just a way to simulate infinite memory. but for a missile, the program execution is short enough that no such "simulation" is necessary, and it's just extra runtime overhead. A missile doesn't use that much memory in such a short time, so you can achieve the same perceivable effect of "infinite memory" by literally getting enough memory to support the entire lifetime of the program and intentionally leaking memory (and then doubling that number, for good measure)

  11. i liked how Niko is just like ambiguous in OneShot and i chose to interpret them as a catboy but this comment has convinced me in a single moment that my interpretation was WRONG. Niko is enby. thanks for enlightening me with this knowledge of nonbinary arson. very cool! y'all have fun!

  12. You can use a service like Signulous (Google it). Pay 20$ for a year and it gives you the ability to install third party apps. This way you can install apps like YouTube Vanced.

  13. You cannot install Vanced on iOS, though there are alternatives. But what the fuck? No, don't pay for that. You can get the same service for free. AltStore is one such way, which self-signs apps with your apple ID. You should absolutely not pay for sideloading, that's a fucking scam.

  14. Yea there are plenty of IOS solutions. Ceretube or uYou are good examples. Anyway, using free services are a bad idea because those profiles keep getting banned by Apple. Using a paid service mostly solves this. I've been using Appdb and Signlous for a 2 years without any issues because of it. IMO 20$ is well worth it. Just for YT alone if you're a heavy user.

  15. AltStore uses your own Apple ID and signs apps entirely locally. Apple cannot revoke your certificates for this, since it uses the same mechanism as Xcode to install apps for development testing. $20 (per year??) is not worth it when there is an equally good solution available for free.

  16. in general, yes, anything can be a verb with just some affixes. "I'm got cunted so hard". but what does it mean? who knows

  17. You see what happened in Iran right now? Women in particular are standing up to their oppressor in numbers, that’s feminism. Not like what’s in the Western countries, you folks are living comfortable lives and you’re still wanting more.

  18. Is it wrong to still want more when it could still be better though? You say that as if we personally have any influence over the events in Iran. As if just accepting "this is how things are for me and there's no point in wanting improvement" is gonna somehow improve the situation over there? Feminism, or like, justice, is subjective. You realize there can be people standing up to horrible things for a certain cause, and people standing up to less horrible things while still contributing to the same cause right?

  19. is Niko forklift certified? or even roomba certified for that matter?

  20. You mean like furry inflation? (Dont google that)

  21. No, you should google that. Trust me.

  22. I trusted you...... Why? Just why?

  23. OOO I'm a ghost I'm in your head that's why you trust me. you should also give me your password.

  24. Rust did not destroy me. it made me stronger, actually. it was a great experience in doing systems programming but with high level safety, and as a result it was much more approachable to also understand how unsafe code works and learn about the inner workings.

  25. what. this is definitely a W i also became femboy.

  26. Is it that outrageous to miss a few good shows?

  27. 🤷 not really. i watched Stranger Things 'cause my mom wanted to watch it with me, and same thing with Squid Game. only recently have i been watching Breaking Bad 'cause a friend wanted to watch it with me. and yeah, they're all good, but they're so broadly enjoyable that personally i would never think to watch any of them on my own, but they're since they're so broadly enjoyable they're decent to watch with someone. and like, if someone else hasn't watched it either? so what? maybe they just don't have anyone who's wanted to watch the shows with them. maybe they don't have friends. and because of that broad appeal without targeting them, they didn't think to watch it on their own. but the only thing that is kinda outrageous is judging someone for not having watched them? or thinking you're better for not having watched them? like "ooh i haven't felt a want to watch this show and nobody wanted to watch it with me either, so I'm purposefully avoiding it now for some reason" just doesn't make sense. and same with "wow you haven't watched that show? you live under a rock, get a life" is just not okay with me, because personally i prefer more slightly niche things, which albeit isn't like "rare gems" but just like, YouTube videos which can entertain me for way longer than even a good show can.

  28. Love this so much (it's Dad but that's all good hehe)

  29. Unrelated to the damage to your laptop, but don't use multiple similarly-purposed blockers at once.

  30. The guy who got ran over in the picture looks fine, so it doesn't matter

  31. that's just because I couldn't be bothered to draw blood, and for the entity it's supposed to represent i found it doesn't make much sense anyways

  32. huh. i never thought of these having any connection, but my dad works with CAD and he does construction work. my mom is not a coder. but i am. so i guess in my case, this is a generational trait?

  33. ah, a meme where I'm firmly in the group of "don't know" because i don't even recognize the song in question, you gotta love to see it when the video starts with a content warning for suicide...

  34. eh, doesn't exist on iOS tho. however, there are other solutions. for the YouTube app specifically, i use YT Reborn by Lillie on my phone, but it's got a kinda weird release/deprecation history so I'm hesitant to recommend it, instead I'd recommend

  35. If you wanna look into it more, it's called automatic semicolon insertion (ASI) and its why things like

  36. JavaScript's can be annoying, sure, but

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