I've created a chrome extension and an API for youtube dislike stats

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  1. Can you make a counter that compares views to like count instead? It's better than nothing at this point. I made one but it's very crude so please just work your JS magic :)

  2. It's better off if it's just "0". No use trying to make an estimate, and ratings API is completely inaccessible.

  3. Yes I'm aware of this extension. It uses archived dislike stats and an estimate based on likes-to-views ratio

  4. I was the one who restored all the WK games, and I know for a fact that's just the loader. It's what requests the actual game file. When I was initially hunting for those 4 lost games, I looked through WKShell to see if I could find anything using JPEXS, and there's nothing useful. Trust me.

  5. It's universally understood that The Simpsons up until season 10 is prime Simpsons

  6. Old Simpsons, up to around Season 8 or so? Absolutely fantastic.

  7. Is it really worth it to do this? I mean HD remastering would take so much unnecessary work and effort to recreate the original style.

  8. It's sad that people are downvoting Queen Elizabeth responses. Like what about her makes you want to downvote this?????

  9. Basically every popular music artist. They all have singing talent but don't produce good music. It's all the same with the same beat and same topics discussed.

  10. I don't think it should be banned in school environments, but I probably wouldn't want my kid (if I had one) dying their hair, since it can seriously damage it. Their decision though.

  11. I hate the ones with a Laugh Track after every single line. Couldn't get past the first episode of Two and a Half Men.

  12. I also looking games with people who are still playing, I did RMA on my GPU card to finally I have time to play on X360

  13. Been playing for years. I have an Xbox one s but it’s collecting dust. Games were just much better back then. What has happened to the world of gaming y’know?

  14. All those games are on BlueMaxima's Flashpoint except for Dolphin Dive, Habitat Rescue, and Flower Flyer

  15. Cant seem to find the information so im asking this: i know the xbox 360 wireless controller's usb connection doesnt transfer data just powers the controller to use the wireless connection so can usb c power the controller since most people wont have the proprietary charging cable.

  16. This is just the final nail on the coffin for me. I always knew it wouldn't come out ever, but I still held hope for them continuing the series somehow.

  17. It looks like the creators just mass produce these videos based off of skin tags without moral consideration. The descriptions are obviously copy pasted

  18. No you have to look it up and download the apk, it's not on Google Play nor on App Store.

  19. Markiplier's latest (Inscryption - Part 8) currently has 393 dislikes. This is according to YouTube's own API.

  20. The extension that you're using (Return YouTube Dislike) just returns an estimate of the dislike count (or archived stats). It doesn't tell you how many dislikes the video actually has, which you can get YouTube to actually return real dislike count.

  21. I have four browsers, firefox brave chrome and opera, chrome being my main one. It feels so slow man like I sometimes use firefox for alternate mails and stuff and it's so so much quicker. Is it just because my other browsers aren't being used much or chrome is just that shit?

  22. It's the new design. You can revert it to the previous design using some CSS and put it into Stylus (this may not be the correct CSS, but I know for certain you can revert it using CSS):

  23. Everyone's like "YouTube sucks, we should move to another site" and yet everyone still watches YouTube.

  24. No, your extension won't work once youtube removes dislikes from API - because you're not "using math", you're just taking rating (a 5-star representation of like/dislike ratio), and it will stop working once youtube removes dislikes (and ratings) from API.

  25. YouTube said they're removing dislike counts from API, not necessarily the star ratings.

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