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  1. Is it me or do most of them just look like Maya and Pokimane?

  2. if you google the name of the person making them mentioned above you can find deep fakes of most of the larger female streamers. It looks like that is "his brand" of deep fakes.

  3. I think it's pretty clear actually. If the "public" meaning random LSF degen is aware of it, then its public.

  4. Wouldn't that mean that the rule would be pointless because the moment you make a post that is against the rules it becomes within the rules because every random degen on LSF knows about it now?

  5. I was too lazy to report but this made it an easy copy paste. Clicked the 3 vertical dots below his viewer count and quickly reported in less than 20 seconds.

  6. They removed him from their Starforge creaters page today

  7. Big difference between who you promote outwards and who owns part of a company :) It probably makes sense to remove him from the promotional material though.

  8. This shit is actually very common. Companies normally dont have someone responsable for this. Is just the current devops or team lead.

  9. If you are using the latest version of React it will always render your component twice to uncover any possible side-effects that will be incompatible with the new renderer that might run the component more than once.

  10. I assume Firestore stores all documents as a linked list of documents which means the only way to know what document #500 is, is to walk through all the documents from the first one to the last one, unless you have the key to be able to start in the middle of the chain (like cursors do).

  11. The g modifier makes the regex return multiple matches. Without it, it returns the first match. Using the g modifier makes sense if you are searching for a pattern in a long text, for instance, like typically found in a text editor when you search for a specific text.

  12. Thank you for explaining to me‚ that make sense. The thing is that I wanted the username to be valid between 3 and 20 characters but after 3 characters‚ every other character goes invalid and that is the problem.

  13. If you want the pattern to only match if the entire string matches the pattern, you can add a ^ at the beginning of the pattern and a $ at the end. You already have the $ in place, but you are missing the ^ at the beginning, so the pattern will match as long as the username ends in normal characters.

  14. If I wanted to create this from scratch I would probably use an SVG element generated by a React component. Should allow you to abstract away dealing with individual pixels, but still give you enough access to be able to generate anything from bezier paths to standard primitives and text. Even lets you do styling using CSS.

  15. Putting \r\n\x1A\n in the header so that the header is broken by autocrlf is smart.

  16. If you are using autocrlf on binary files you are asking for corrupt files anyway, so maybe it's good that you can detect it early by your PNGs getting fucked up :P

  17. I tried clicking around a bit, dunno if I saw it all though. Is there more stuff for planning outside of the collaborative planning poker bit?

  18. Any animal experts wanna explain why the fox did that ?

  19. when they pee to mark territory they typically don't pee a lot, it's often just a small squirt to leave a scent, but they do it everywhere (especially near water sources)

  20. The whole point of the hot tub category is so Twitch can avoid running "family frienfly" ads on those streams. When you start doing that shit outside the category their advertiser's get angry and such Twitch gets angry. This is why they allow you to be closer ti sexually explicit in that category compared to just chatting.

  21. Yeah, it's impossible to build muscle with steroids when you have to take several months off work and don't have anything to do to pass the time... /s

  22. It's always hard to talk about these topics because we clearly have no idea about what does and doesn't happen when these streamers turn off their cameras and go on to live their own lives.

  23. While this whole thing feels pretty toxic, she has probably been pretty instrumental in xqc being able to stream as much as he has and build the company that he has. I am under the impression that she took care of most of the financials, insurance, leases, rental agreements and all that kinda stuff so he could stream 12h a day.

  24. Well if you really want to stretch it, if she did in fact take care of his finances to a relevant extent, you could make the argument that, if they were married, morally she is in the right to claim half of his assets. But this is xQc we're talking about, this guy would make millions in a room filled with trash playing Minecraft. You'll never convince me that her contributions to his success were something beyond what a maid or an advisor would provide.

  25. The court is not trying to determine if they were married in the traditional sense. The court is trying to determine if the end of their relationship should be handled through a divorce hearing based on if they both contributed to the increase in assets during the years they were together, or if all their assets can be classified as either belonging to Adept or xQc.

  26. If you are going to use your brexit-independence from the EU to do one thing, it should be to keep plastic forks. I f**king hate the wooden forks that we are stuck with at the moment.

  27. While this post was cool and I read the entire thing, it reminded me a bit about those "I recreated Minecraft in 7 days" posts where the only thing they implemented is a render engine for boxes that uses landscape generation. I would assume there is a lot more stuff going on with "Production Twitter" than just creating core timeline tweet feeds.

  28. Just wanted to let you know that the popup that appears after scrolling a little made me press back and stop reading the article.

  29. Even after you correct the syntax mistakes that others have pointed out already, an important bit to realize is that when you are building something like this, which depends on external resources, all data fetching will happen after the first time your component is rendered.

  30. "Because I am good at solving complex problems in an elegant way. Now, tell me why should I take the job that you have decided to offer me?" :D

  31. If you are OK with the syntax being limited to what SQLite supports I believe they have a version of SQLite that runs in the browser now (so it would actually start up a database that you can access as part of the page loading).

  32. I use it sparingly, and when I do I limit what elements the as prop accepts to only a few.

  33. Yeah. I'd say this is mostly useful as an "escape-hatch" when you are building libraries like Bootstrap or MUI that is going to be used by a lot of different people with all sorts of whacky use cases.

  34. Can you explain your response in terms of what I asked about how much async js I need to learn before learning react? Keep in mind I don't know what the terms are you've used because I don't know react

  35. I think you should jump right into react and figure out async when you face that problem. I recall having spent weeks trying to learn promises from the doc with no real way of applying it, and eventually just forgetting all about it.

  36. Good advice. This is more or less how I have learned everything I know in relation to development over the last 30-odd years :)

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