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  1. Hi guys. Any updates? I’ve got the same issue

  2. It just went away. Went to dentist and he scanned it, touched it, examined it and said it is nothing literally. I also have extreme health anxiety FYI.

  3. Your urineculture is clean. Do streches as the Mod said and try to break the tension-pain-anxiety cycle.

  4. I would understand that if it happened once and it was a surprise and it was really funny and shocking. But... three times? It's YOUR fault that your dog got eaten by dat reptile boi

  5. I have Crohn's i was diagnosed waaaay before CPPS. It sucks, I genuinely want to die somedays 😞

  6. Hang in there brother, it is not deadly, it just asks for a cleaner life style!

  7. Do you think it is related to prostatitis in any way or form?

  8. I think you should use moxi for at least 3 months. Short term anbx makes the bacteria even stronger and resistant.

  9. I love beer. But whenever I drink it I know that the morning after I will be fighting loose stools, back pain when shitting, depression, mood swings and even tighter lower abdomen while peeing. Welcome to pelvic pain my brother.

  10. Honestly? That's one great commission anywhere on this world.

  11. typing this in the own sub of a game is basically internet-suicide, but horizon is really not such a massive masterpiece. most of the game is a very standard ubisoft experience.

  12. I agree to every letter you wrote. I honestly think HZD was ways better than FW. I am also now thinking if it was an actual masterpiece, maybe things would be different.

  13. ER compared to HZD or HFW is like comparing a comic book to a good novel. There might be a bunch of fans of the comic book but that doesn’t mean it’s better than a novel, you know, with a plot, storyline, characters who interact and grow or fail, etc.

  14. Really? I think Elden Ring is one of the best games of all times honestly.

  15. Because it helps you release trapped grief inside. I would argue that unaddressed grief could be one of the triggers of our disorder.

  16. Probao travu ove godine. U početku sve ok, opusti te baš. Kao kad malo popiješ pa ti ono lijepo ali nisi pijan, svjestan si svega. Nakon sat vremena došla mi muka malo, ja ležim na krevetu, kontam da otvorim prozor malo provjetrim, kad me zabaci u stranu odjednom, kru te jebo nisam uspio ustat sa kreveta. Onako valjam se po krevetu ali sam svjestan svega. Tako me držalo do 4 ujutru. Ispušio topa oko 00:30. Oko 4 ujutru došao sebi, oprao zube i na spavanje :D

  17. Možda je i bolje što nema. U Sarajevu je na svakom koraku i napravilo je lijene debile od mnogo ljudi. Naravno, nije štetna ili ovisna toliko, ali ulijeni čovjeka i ubije mu sav prosperitet.

  18. fino izgleda, nisam jos cuo za to mjesto ali morat cu otici

  19. Bez novčanika sa 500 KM keša u njemu ne ulazi u Luku :D

  20. Đole, ne jedi govna. U Banja Luci više nemate ni originalni recept banjalučkih ćevapa, Dedin ćevap. Jedini banjalučki ćevap koji valja i koji je po originalnoj dedinoj recepturi se sad pravi i prodaje u Sarajevu u banjalučkoj ćevabdžinici sarajevo, na Otoci.

  21. Jbt bolji u Živinicama ćevapi nego u Sarajevu...

  22. Brate meni familija 300 godina u Sarajevu i ja čuo za Živinice prvi put prošle godine.

  23. Lol, svašta je realno da se desi u tvom organizmu.

  24. Honestly, no. If you want proper fjords, you need to visit the west coast. The counties Rogaland, Møre og Romsdal or Vestland.

  25. How much time will you have available?

  26. I have 3 days in Norway! Do you think I can see Oslo for a day and go through the nature in two? Really hoping so.

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