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  1. And here I'm one of those born in Greece with Turkish roots in a Greek village full of Turkish people and Pomaks xD

  2. Bringing 400 up to 2 and Clear Bass up to 2 made massive difference for me. I was thinking the same as you

  3. Did you just put a sticker on top of your laptop stickers?

  4. I mean it sounds good, but I have an GE76 with i7 12th gen, 3070 Ti, 32GB, 1TB with the 240hz QHD DCIP3 100% for 2200€, the price for your laptop choice sounds pretty good but unnecessary strong i9 for a 3060 is kinda interesting..

  5. I made a post a while ago calling out Joey's shitty clickbait and got downvoted. Guess you gotta be humours if you want to give criticism. Nah, fuck titles like this.

  6. When he makes his own videos without the bois, They are pretty meh, if you're Joey's fan then OK you do you, but when he makes videos with a click bait title and drags it till he comes to the point, I just can't watch his videos anymore..

  7. I'm responsible now for a whole Greenhouse basically, I'm teaching everyone how to do the Job and in general responsible for all the workers, if there's a problem, they reach out to me and I reach out to the Boss depending on the situation, basically I'm the Team Leader kinda

  8. The 4K series will probably be expensive af, I bought myself the GE76

  9. I get chills thinking about the cage chapter in Tokyo ghoul..

  10. I would pick the Asus, I just don't like Acer in general, and the i9 is just an overkill..

  11. Hey guys, I think I found a solution, the bug is already fixed for me!

  12. I still have my S9 right now, not sure if I should buy myself the S22, S22+ or S21 Ultra

  13. 3070 Ti version is better if you're not using an external monitor

  14. And I see Tokyo treat is now more showing off instead of Japan crate when it comes to sponsorships,

  15. I meant it like on YouTube and Streams, People are getting sponsored more from Tokyo Treat instead of Japan Crate which was the top snack box sponsor for streamers and Youtubers, probably not going well now for them since Bokksu and Tokyo treat are in front now

  16. Yeah right. Nowadays, lots of influencers promote Tokyo treat, and we love to see it :3 guess my Instagram explore is full of people having their box rn

  17. Violet Evergarden the scene with the girl and her mother's letters for her birthday until she was old which she wrote before she died..

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