1. You know what’s crazy. I just realized I’m the same age as Crosby was his rookie season. Just gives me more appreciation for what he accomplished as a literal child.

  2. i'm still trying to wrap around my head around the fact that Connor Bedard is like 5years younger than me

  3. And he won’t play more than another 2 minutes for the rest of the night.

  4. Did he play a whole 3 minutes that shift? He does great stuff and then Sully seems to not run him out there anymore. It’s weird. He’s been doing it for weeks. Do you watch the games and look at TOI or do you rely on the commentators to explain the game to you? He’s currently second from the bottom in that stat for the game.

  5. They miked up Guentzel just to show a clip where you can’t hear him say anything?

  6. Atleast we'll most likely see Poulin make his debut tonight since Zuck isn't playing

  7. Pittpanthers95 is now in concussion protocol

  8. I have had a rough week. The rangers scored and I got negative. I apologize. Trying to be better. I'll leave the comments to the positive guys now. Take us home.

  9. Friendly Penguin fan here, what are the fans yelling when Campbell makes a save?

  10. I am six hours ahead in Italy, in a hotel room where everyone else is asleep, not able to watch the game, and desperately refreshing this game thread trying to see what’s happening.

  11. This false belief we can go far without sid is cringe

  12. I'm out with family preparing for a funeral. How we looking?

  13. My girlfriends dad is a Rags fan… texted him to ask if he could hear anything over the sound of all the goal horns.

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