1. Really like the amalgamation of Jealous Gods and Ghostlight

  2. Spotify isn't available in my country. Is there any place where I can get the podcast episode in video format?

  3. Looks like just windows 11. My company won't let us upgrade to 11.

  4. Do you know that windows 10 has in-built clipboard manager that you can access by "Win+V" combination?

  5. Ditto's too feature-rich and convoluted and I just see no need for such a clipboard application. Ditto can store the copied stuff better than W10 clipboard but why "store" text on a clipboard instead of a note-taker? Also there's a greater chance of your texts getting compromised with a third party clipboard than there is with the one built in to the OS. imo w10 clipboard is as much of a clipboard anyone should ever need.

  6. Try Niagara Launcher. It's very quick for scrolling up and down the list of installed apps. It's somewhat limited otherwise depending on your taste and expectations, especially compared to kitchen sinks like Nova.

  7. The problem with fully fledged third party launchers is that android gesture navigation doesn't work with them.

  8. What is Android gesture navigation? I have a few gestures set up in Nova that have servesv my goals. An I missing something?

  9. Perhaps get a life and not antagonize Muslims on the net. It sad how pathetic most of you guys are smh

  10. You know what's truly sad and pathetic, Padrino? Getting triggered and offended when someone states the documented characteristics of a historical figure, especially because one's religious belief system is so far up one's ass that they refuse to consider the different beliefs and rights of people outside their peaceful little cult.

  11. How do you get the terminal to show the hw config with the OS logo in ascii art? I've seen the same thing on many Linux related content before but dont know how to do it

  12. How did I forget about Alter Bridge? Time to loop One Day Remains for the rest of the day!

  13. Aside from Fritter, Frost, Aerowitter, and AeroInsta, I also found these:

  14. Are AeroTwitter and AeroInsta legit apps? The website seems...too official. Are they FOSS?

  15. It's especially hilarious because this happened after they lost to Yanited, forgot to mention that in the post.

  16. This is probably my most favourite acoustic cover of a POTF song. Sounds way better than the live performance one OP linked in the original post.

  17. I think we should celebrate a niqabi being open-minded enough to have fun celebrating a holiday that many in her community would consider haram.

  18. I'll celebrate when people like this finally realize their hypocrisy and throw their ridiculously nonsensical, harmful beliefs into the trash. You do you, though.

  19. People like this? You don’t even know her. How can you pass judgement so recklessly?

  20. I don't have to know someone personally to point out their hypocritic, asinine behavior.

  21. People should be parents if they want. Eugenics is disgusting. We should be talking about the principles of antinatalism and challenging each other, not be donguses on the internet. That’s what the first antinatalism sub is for.

  22. Obsidian with an encrypted solution. Works for me. Can't risk the data with Joplin.

  23. Obisidian doesn't have native encryption. Are you talking about Obsidian Sync (which is a paid feature) or a community plugin (which isn't a 100% safe)? And unlike Joplin, Obsidian Sync doesn't encrypt local files afaik.

  24. I'm moving away from joplin. My second try over the years. Forgot how painful it was. Besides the communities in Obsidian, Logseq and Notesnook seem much more embracing and helpful.

  25. Too bad none of the the programs you've mentioned are encrypted AND free. I still have to latch on to Joplin for privacy concerns despite how bad it is. It's unreal they haven't fixed this issue yet.

  26. Xiaomi devices has this feature called 'Multiple Audio Sources'. It allow to play multiple audio from different apps simultaneously. I don't know about other phones.

  27. I think all music streaming apps should have an option to ignore other apps output and continue playing theirs

  28. I think it should be an android feature instead so we don't have to rely on individual apps to have the feature.

  29. Helluva boss. Available on YouTube for free. Highly recommend

  30. 1.1k comments? Let me know if any of them make a sound argument against Antinatalism.

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