1. Marvelous kratom, Kratom Distro, and Nova with the bf50 code. All are well worth the cost but what hits for you will always vary.

  2. I had a great experience with krwtom marvelous. The yellow is absolutely amazing.

  3. There's no such thing as really different strains they're all the same plant they're just dried differently

  4. This. It's all about the drying and fermentation process e.g, amount of time drying, exposure to sunlight, o2, ho2, etc.

  5. Herbs are drugs if they are psychoactive. Partial opioid agonist and tons of alkaloids with other effects. Kindling is my guess too but Kratom is likely not helping based on ops description of symptoms and timing of the brain fog being right after dosing

  6. "partial" as in 200x less active on the mu receptors than morphine. That's akin to cocao, coffee and other plants.

  7. Nah he’s using common sense. If it only happens when you do the ONE thing no one else is doing, it’s probably that weird dirt you shovel down your throat. It can both by the way. Maybe following years of Benzos with years of Kratom isn’t actually a “cure” but just more self destruction.

  8. Except.. that's not what OPs original story was, is it? Some days he thought it was kratom, other days he notes he didn't take it and the fog still occurred. I.e. "I still have brain fog even though I didn't take Kratom today."

  9. Kratom can cause a reduction in kidney function because of its effect on our hypothalamus. The hypothesis helps regulate the kidneys, and Kratom interferes with the hypothalamus. If you have CKD, I highly recommend taking astragalus and rhemannia powder, 3x a day. It will help improve your kidney numbers.

  10. Do you have a study showing any of this? I have never seen this and I've read many.

  11. I drink it as a tea on occasion so it’s only a couple of grams. (1 scoop)

  12. Obviously the scary Google result from mayo clinic that cites unsupported findings from an old fda press release, which is parroted ad infinitum by rehab clinics to drum up business.

  13. Yes there needs to be regulation but there's also alot in the protection act that makes zero sense and aimed towards another motive, also the 7hydroxy restriction in the bill quite frankly has become a joke, the science has shown at more than 1 college of pharmacy study that 400mg per kilo of body weight in rats was shown to be completely safe, the 2% threshold in the bill is absurd with absolutely zero scientific backing and an issue for the future development and uses of kratom. The next thing is the 21 years of age or older let's be honest an age restriction needs to be put in place but that age restriction should be 18 years of age or older. There's many issues in the bill which is why Florida also shot it down and will continue to do so until the bill represents true conumer protection over the latter, kratom will remain legal regardless of this Act.

  14. The age should be 25. Little fuckers are irresponsible. Just read these forums.

  15. Great review, thank you. Just curious, what are you top tier vendors?

  16. My kilos come from Kraydo Organics (OG elephant strains are tops), and sometimes wholeearthgifts. For consistent tops, left-coast-kratom for smaller orders, they have fire but its expensive, so I mostly just get extracts from lately.

  17. What do you think of Kraydo Organics? I don't ever see them talked about and there is very few Reddit search results for them. All I know is they've been around for a while.

  18. I can tell you that Jake from Kraydo has been around on Reddit since 2016 or so, before the

  19. Wait until your pebbles drop to write fan fiction on reddit.

  20. Stop projecting. There is a big difference between Push being constantly in support of Kanye no matter what, and publicly posting on IG that you're hanging out with the guy that threatened to drug Ye to oblivion saying "playdates with the kids won't be the same". Believe it or not but there is actually a middle-ground between those two opposites

  21. So? At a saner time Kanye would have been institutionalized long ago for being a danger to himself and others.

  22. Crying to kanye? You'd be someone's fifi in jail terry cloth mufu.

  23. I think you missed the significance 808s had on the world. Sorry if you were sexually assaulted in prison for a long time, or worse, you sexually assaulted people whom you thought were weak, but most of us are in the free world where Kanye helped us accept that it’s not weak to have more than just strength, anger, and insecure comments on Reddit. Sometimes tears are a power source.

  24. his age is showing and that’s alright. maybe he just wants to be like the rest of us you know…normal and not famous or having paparazzi in our faces every second of the day.

  25. Yea the dude that for months was crying about how "the jews" weren't letting him get media attention ended up getting too much media attention and now let's cry about it.

  26. This is the stupidist fucking thing I have ever read. The US gov't is the most corrupt of any first world country not including China. Of fucking course there will occasionally be riots.

  27. Also highest in the world for barely literate spoiled children.

  28. Kanye can't even catch wood for a black chick. Hates his own people.

  29. Anyone who doesn’t believe in any “conspiracies” live very, very sheltered lives. It’s always rich kids that push you to believe whatever bs is on the news.

  30. Yea I get my reality from godassconspiracycoinethfedjewsburnmusk on YouTube. Straight truf g. Books for suckaz.

  31. You can’t go a day without hating on Ye huh?

  32. He doesn't get paid to shill but I'm wondering how much you'd pay to ride that meat FR.

  33. You can tell by his hairline he developed male pattern baldness.

  34. Why do you want to sell crypto for filthy FIAT currency? The fed prints unlimited dollars. It's all fake. I trust the smart decentralized bitcoin devs like Luke dash Jr who have centralized githib commits.

  35. Lol I've been slowly grinding it all down every day, I just wanted to finally try it out! Honestly strong red and green vibes! I didn't even list what strains I used either so I doubt I'll ever be able to replicate this feeling anytime soon lol but it was all mainly stuff you can find on MM and a few vendors on here

  36. “We’ve been brainwashed. Fuck that we’re in our own Holocaust. It ain’t never ended, it all depends. The Jews, least they said ‘never again’”

  37. I see the kanye sub has reached the denialist gas lighting phase of their meat riding.

  38. Its just not something I know or care about because I dont care about USD. If its simple, you tell me what it is.

  39. Right? Everyone knows you price it in fentanyl bags from the deepweb.

  40. Jeez, you'll get one more reply and then I'm done.

  41. Nah he’s right let ppl like that go away. They not doing nothing by coming at kanye. You guys are not stoping any movements. Ppl are still gonna be racist, angry, fascist, anti semite all over the world stop coming to Kanye’s biggest internet platform to talk shit about him like that’s gonna change the world. Y’all some Jewish bots smd.

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