Chapter 178 [English]

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  1. the greatest ploy to not get eaten

  2. I mean, a little crunch on the outside is nice but you definitely want the inside all fluffy and, sure, squishy haha

  3. I want my bug meal medium rare

  4. What the shit are the other replies to this? Repost bots responding to repost bots

  5. Welcome to the age of bots

  6. I'm the man who grabs the sun, riding to Valhalla!

  7. Isn’t that what their making right now? It could just be a delaying strategy to get us hyped for 1dnd then drop the bomb at the height if it’s anticipation.

  8. But SRD 5.1 is under CC-BY-4.0, so VTTs are not restricted for 5e

  9. 5e sure. But its still jot official that 1 dnd is a 5.5e or a 6e. If they are degenerate as most of us beleive 6e would exist under a whole new ogl.

  10. True, we don't know what the future holds, so have to stay ever vigilant. But for now we can celebrate our victory.

  11. Isn't Ghostery not recommended anymore because of some reason? Ghostery doing the tracking themselves or ads or something?


  13. But not millennials?? What is their power...

  14. it's like generation skipping genes

  15. Spoilers, I was waiting to finish Vietnam

  16. It would be cool to see the bugs getting festive, but it might mess with some people when they are expecting things to look a certain way. Distinct profiles and all that helps us identify threats easier.

  17. I identify them based on their sounds

  18. Na it would make way less sense in the webcomic where Tatsumaki actually looks like an ugly little kid.

  19. its the inside that counts

  20. To be fair Herman-Miller Embody is a famous high-end office chair.

  21. sounds fake, not gonna lie

  22. You and me, baby, ain't nothing but mammals

  23. I have also read the manga, next episode gonna be lit

  24. Damn, I should catch up on it, probably need to read the whole thing again

  25. Unfortunately Turkey is way to important as bridgehead to the near east and pretty much having the control over who enters and leaves the black sea. So not gonna happen.

  26. Chatgpt says it doesn’t know much about events after 2021, and deep rock is a relatively new game so I would expect it to get information wrong

  27. Karl wasnt a driller before 2021 either

  28. LOL "moderate" is relatively speaking. 2TB should more than enough for the average user.

  29. Should be enough if it's not a media server or NAS, which is what the average user is looking to build at first.

  30. Well, it usually removes the chapters but keeps the entry for the series itself which is handy so you know what to look for elsewhere

  31. Mangadex description -> MangaUpdates -> Latest Release -> Group Info -> Website/Discord

  32. But we are mass murderers of Glyphids

  33. That is great to know and makes sense why I only spent 30 minutes fucking with it.

  34. Check the demo first, it's separate from the main game

  35. I'd ask what it's about, but if it's comparable to the Stanley Parable, then there isn't much you can say without spoiling everything.

  36. It's not a comedy and I felt dirty by the end

  37. Everyone get in here! Oh wait, wrong game

  38. Aesthetics of DRG are amazing, but it just peters out to me.

  39. Understandable, DRG is all about enjoying the core gameplay loop: shooting down hordes of bugs despite all odds

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