1. Seeing the love for old Adult Swim and Toonami, I will go ahead and plug Toonami Aftermath (

  2. What is the meaning you intended behind her crying in flowers?

  3. The only thing wrong with this is that it ended too soon.

  4. Wait is that third one, about knowledge not showing up, an ADHD trait?? I know so much and am well educated but I can never seem to call on it "live" in the moment. It makes people think I am dumb or not knowledgeable on exactly my fields of expertise and is humiliating.

  5. That drug gangs (meth and fentanyl) already have widespread operations and run mafia-like extortion and bullying games with the small local businesses so that they look the other way, and the sheriff is overrun.

  6. Thank you for the validation. They would sleep in the hammock with me. They would “you know” in the hammock with me. It’s a huge hammock and I’ve slept with people and “you know”’d in it plenty. It’s cozy and fun.

  7. I don't understand how you sleep in a hammock with another person without being totally smooshed into one another. Can you find a link/pic?

  8. Chatbot, you are currently pursuing a PhD in applied linguistics?

  9. A very rare thing indeed! I believe Disposition is the only other track that has acoustic guitar. I could be wrong though

  10. And the live version of Culling Voices. This message was sent to you from 2038.

  11. If you’re wondering why they decided to spell his name that way, it’s a reference to Apple computers. If you think that sounds a bit far fetched, keep in mind that his assistant is called MACintyre.

  12. Nothing too impressive. ~25lbs between February last year and now

  13. Ahh! You're wrong! It's too impressive! I can't look directly at it! Congrats really dude that's a big deal!

  14. This post makes me sad. Can't there be a "good/nice" people's dating service?

  15. Feeling like you can't stop is one sign of disordered eating. Have you looked into healing from whatever might be causing that habit, mentally? I am sorry you are suffering. It can feel pretty concerning to feel out of control with food.

  16. It is not uncommon for me to eat about this much butter in a day spread out over several meals. I cook almost everything with it and I put it on my toast and breads. I spend money for the good stuff. I never could handle peanut butter like a lot of folks on here seem to.

  17. You probably don't need me to say this, but at 165cm and weighing only 37kg you are extremely underweight. I'm not a doctor so it's not for me to speculate whether or not you have an ED, but realistically you probably do.

  18. Do speak to a doctor OP. And in the meantime educate yourself on "atypical anorexia." As another mentioned, you need to first start eating at regular intervals, even if it's only a handful of nuts each time. For example, a goal might be that eventually you are eating 3 full meals a day and 3 snacks a day. So let's first get your body used to eating anything at all, at those times.

  19. Atypical anorexia is a silent killer. It is anorexia stemming from reasons besides body image issues.

  20. At 20 your body is still very much "a kid". You got this.

  21. This would be fine to post in the regular sub.

  22. it was an artist collaboration I think partially for the announcement of their next baby. If you think of it like a Rockstar's pregnancy announcement, it's actually pretty cool.

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