1. As much as we all like to hate all things Microsoft, Edge is a pretty decent browser.

  2. Looking at his channel as a whole... It makes me uncomfortable knowing I'm on the same planet as him.

  3. Thanks for the tips! As far as I know it is the %AppData% equivalent, since .steam is a hidden folder as well, though I tried .temp and .cache as well.

  4. Appdata location for games running under Proton are in a folder called compatdata in your steam library. Look for a folder with the same ID as the game (in DG's case it should be 312530), then it should be pretty familiar if you're used to Windows.

  5. The lighter, the better. Endeavour is probably the best performing distro of the ones that are easy to install since it's just Arch with a gui installer.

  6. Did it actually nuke the entire data partition? Or just the bootloader? Was it automatically after an update? So many questions

  7. Still better than those that silently just remove invalid characters so the actual password and what you saved in password manager are different

  8. I refuse to believe that such an incompetent system exists. For the sake of my faith in humanity.

  9. any word on the Desktop SteamOS Release or did Valve time step in once more?

  10. I'm assuming you're using VirtIO? Use SCSI instead and it should be much faster. (requires drivers)

  11. IIRC, the FO was a woman, and he was complaining about a female student and blaming her for his resignation, so I would say she probably didn’t feel too safe correcting him.

  12. They sent out an email urging employees to use it as "it's the leading product in password security".

  13. For a rare occasionI think OP is wrong here. They never claimed to be Scottish. And wearing a kilt is totally fine. It's quite spread out even if most men don't dare wear em

  14. M8 how is this „shitamericanssay“ the guy seems fine

  15. Duckduckgo sends your information to Microsoft anyway.

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