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  1. I think the black box cannot communicate with other planes it just stores the footage of WHY the plane crashed (like what the pilots said what the systems looked like)

  2. Right shit like this takes away from the fight for fair treatment and makes the cause look like whiney kids

  3. I am so antiwork it’s ridiculous. Fuck this company dude this wasn’t even the top of the iceberg of scummy power grabbing shit this place put me through

  4. The fact I thought this WAS the wedding dress means no you shouldn’t. Hand dye it lilac or something

  5. Also y’all need to watch Maniac I’ve watched it twice and still have no clue what it’s about

  6. Well, before you do anything else, you should watch El Camino.

  7. I love this movie too but it really is like “come on bro whyyy he just killed your brother don’t let him have you so easy” but oh well, I guess she just needed comfort because she was hurt… even if it’s his fault she’s hurt…

  8. Yeah ok BUT then Anita catches them and is like PISSED off and Maria somehow convinces her that it doesn’t matter that Tony killed Bernardo the past is the past and their love is all that matters she can’t fight it!

  9. It doesn’t make any sense but at least Ariana Deboses acting is great 😭

  10. Give her the Oscar she’s really running circles around everyone

  11. Yeah basically. And they keep moving in more tennants with large ass dogs that leave giant turds and bark hella loud but there’s no AC/Heating

  12. Just finished the season…. found it predictable and a bit boring but the ending has me interested in another season

  13. Portia should have gone to a American Embassy or literally any other person than Jack I don’t understand how her brain makes these decisions

  14. I was honestly surprised how excited she was to finally get the money from Cameron. What was it, like 1200 euros? As if she isn't going to spend that on one dress

  15. He became an asshole at the last moment because he wanted the money. He is a progressive feminist cuz he’s paying Lucia’s bills and she’s living rent free in Italy… this is feminism

  16. I think is funny, almost all of them are great and are having some nice storylines. Not the best comedy on TV but it's a nice show and they deserve it.

  17. I love the actresses and I would follow the Essex girls through hell. I will keep tuning in but I’m a little disappointed that it’s not better I guess

  18. Season 1 is a masterpiece which I’ve watched 3 times all the way through. This season falls flat for me

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