1. PayPal used to be good, then sometime before the pandemic, they pushed for Braintee and restructured quite a lot, quite badly. As a business, you can no longer talk to an account manager. Everything is via tickets, little support when problems arise and they do not take responsabilities for their mistakes. Not to mention their high fees. I can only imagine how many businesses ditched PayPal / Braintree for other payment solutions.

  2. Also there's that thing where they freeze a business's funds for 30 days to research a suspected terms violation that they won't tell you which term was violated, then after 30 days they just keep your money and close the account.

  3. What is the compelling reason to get a 24 GT over the previous gen? Power bump and an iPad screen?

  4. Lol none of that shit is happening, it's all a smash-and-grab of whatever is left of the oil and the environment, they are going to milk it til the last drop and then let someone else deal with the repercussions.

  5. This is true because they know that renewables are not really renewable.

  6. I don't care how powerful it is if it's going to get stuck on an ink pen that fell on the floor and error out while I'm at work leaving my floor dirty.

  7. The chip industry has lost their mind. That costs more than the car I bought in 2021.

  8. I have searched high an low for a Solo replacement and there really isn't one. We were considering replacing the Solo with an Arcimoto and adding the half doors and then getting soft upper doors made by a marine upholstery shop. The issue for us is that the Solo was a winter motorcycle replacement to continue getting cheap downtown motorcycle parking rates. The Arcimoto is just not as good as a winter vehicle since it isn't fully enclosed and doesn't have cabin heat. The arcimoto also doesn't have the visual appeal and there are worries they will go out of business soon, leaving us in another bad spot. I also looked at the Westward Industries options, but they are a little expensive and not freeway capable. We may go with a used Interceptor as a temporary solution and then bank the rest of the Solo refund money for now and hope that the Nimbus One becomes a reality.

  9. I'm in the same boat. Very sad to let my Solo go but I'll also be glad to never have to do business with Electra Mecanica again. I loved my Solo as a vehicle, but the company has been terrible to work with every step of the way. I have several motorcycles and a Chevy Bolt and I always end up driving the Solo. Clearly some good engineering that was failed by terrible management and marketing. I'm going to be out the over $1,000 I paid to ship the Solo plus 4 years of registration fees Oregon makes you pay upfront on new vehicles, title fees, and tax. EMV was smart to make us pay these directly to the DMV/Shipping companies so it wasn't on the bill of sale. Yet another scummy business practice in a long line of lies and BS from them in the sales, service, and ownership process.

  10. Watch any of the youtube videos about the Dale (car) and you'll understand what's going on here.

  11. Then you probably also don't want to know that at times the piles of dead bodies have gotten so high that park rangers have had to cut through them to get to the trash they need to clear from the paths.

  12. Don’t hate me but that yellow is strait fire on the 4v. Going to be the fastest cab in NY with that paint.

  13. Archeologists reported that upon diving to see the road for the first time they were immediately cut off by a Lexus.

  14. Classic russian tactic. "I can bench 250lbs" --- "YEAH WELL I CAN BENCH 260LBS"

  15. Kind of like how they spooked the US into faking a moon landing so they wouldn't have to concede to Russia putting a man on the moon first.

  16. XP is still required to run the control software for older generation sets on power stations. Fortunately, any power company with a shred of sense will have them airgapped.

  17. One thing to keep in context is the number of electrodes and where they're being implanted. Most previous systems were surface level arrays of 100 to 256 electrodes. Those systems essentially couldn't scale and there's been a long-standing question of how to install electrodes both surface level and deeper without damage. I think Neuralinks previous tests were 3,072 electrodes. For reference, the big picture is to have around 1 million electrodes which was what DARPA was talking about with both read and write. This configuration and research is much riskier in general as shown in their previous videos as they need to navigate blood vessels and tissue to implant neural laces.

  18. Wasn't that Duke dataset just (well, "just" is doing some work here) lightsheet imaged cleared tissue immunostaining registered to high-field MRI? The latter part is fine, and 9T imagers for human sized objects are a thing (although expensive as fuck), but the former part is, uh, a problem, given that you need to extract and process the patient's brain first.

  19. I might be a common idiot but I don't think the adverb "just" can be applied here.

  20. I think that a lot of peoples' concerns are based on consumer experience with existing technology from Amazon.

  21. Over a thousand dollars, I am so sorry you have been ripped off. That job takes me less than 5 mins with a $15 mini ratchet set I bought at Oriellys and a $20 actuator. Mine have failed twice now.

  22. I am at 65,000 and haven't had one fail yet! (damn, I think I just cursed myself)

  23. This isn't the first time this has happened and it won't be the first time HP was sued over it.

  24. I have literally never seen a Model Y, but I have seen thousands of 3, X and S.

  25. I don't hate QR codes, I hate that there's no universal standard for reading them.

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