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  1. I'm a bit confused -- is this a custom theme for fedora cockpit or something else?

  2. If you want to mess with the model, a lil website is available at

  3. Unknown, but main contributor's github and discord got hacked.

  4. Definitely an understandable concern! I wouldn’t recommend making dosing decisions based off of this information alone, as with a chain from nightscout to computercraft, something could always go wrong. While there is a safety check in place to make sure information is current incase the connection fails, you never know. This system is moreso to remind you what your blood sugar is and notify you in an easy way if there’s a concern. Realistically, if someone has a dexcom or other cgm in place, they have alarms that will sound from their phone.

  5. Maybe have some sort of randomly updating pixels at the bottom whenever you get new data? It may be a bit flashy (or some sort of binary timestamp) so that way you know it's working

  6. Chocolate. White and every variant of dark chocolate. I genuinely find it just awful yet it seems everyone else I've ever talked to likes chocolate, eats chocolate as a drink, just puts it wherever! Chocolate is just plain awful.

  7. if you're talking about "default", there is none. If you're taking about it being normal just like how it's normal to feel, yes.

  8. I assume this has to do with the way keyed types work, so when you put partial after readonly, it doesn't check whether readonly is there or not (which not saying you're wrong, this should work both ways) but it doesn't seem like a bug but rather a consequence of the type Partial has.

  9. With WebRTC, you can actually easily transmit offers from 2 peers with it, so file sharing or 2 person games are not off limits!

  10. they are, and most of the minigames have been already done by bigger servers with "real communities" supporting them.

  11. yeah, with minigame servers it's hard to get the ball rolling, which is what I think the OP's goal was here -- to get people on enough to start producing that snowball effect

  12. What's the plugin/app for that terminal?

  13. I'm not so sure about this. What's the actual use case and audience? Which age group exactly? What about disabled persons or using it from the couch?

  14. Thinking about it more, instead, something like a Navigation system for GTK which can support multi-directional input with controllers. Of course, I'm not sure how useful it would be for the general userbase though, but that's about it.

  15. Hi! I'm a bit curious, how is it better than Wynncraft? You'll need to do something insane but unprofitable enough that Wynn won't copy it.

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