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  1. Because they don't give a damn.. Ive been trying to get my character back since december when Rockstar decided it was a good idea to delete it without my permission.

  2. Old pieces of shit, was outdated in the 80s need a fuck ton of repair better to just sent more leopard 2s or t72s.

  3. Which are also going that direction. But more tanks are always welcome.

  4. Actually sounded EXACTLY the same as bill clinton school shooter guy.

  5. What in the flying fuck? Is that guy a robot or something?

  6. Subbing to small creators is fine.(prime preferably) Directly donating is better.

  7. Nah, just something's way off about that dude

  8. As a bit of background, I'd read the 'key' Tolkien works long before the films came out, and didn't enjoy the latter at all, even on the understanding they were an 'adaptation' (I suppose the 1981 BBC radio series is my favourite attempt to portray one of the books).

  9. That's a new one I haven't heard before. Liked RoP but not the films. RoP writers having thought more about the "Lore" than PJ?

  10. PJ’s movies are based on an actual book, with full characters, motivations, plot and dialogue already established in a completed form. Even with that, he had to make drastic changes to a lot of the lore and characters, to fit into what a modern action movie needs. He did INSANELY well imo, but the end result has some pretty unrecognizable characters when compared to the books. Faramir, Denethor, Aragorn, Elrond, treebeard, and lots of Saruman’s plot, are all nothing like their book counterparts. Not to mention tons of changes to large scale events like the paths of the dead, Frodo and sam falling out, the witch king beating Gandalf in a fight, the speech to Pippin about the afterlife just make no sense when compared to the themes of the books. I’m not bitter about it - it’s Peter Jackson’s version which is damn good on screen, but it sure ain’t Tolkien.

  11. "Rings of power has nothing but scraps of “lore” to piece together and attempt to make a coherent drama out of scattered tales and unfinished histories. "

  12. Did the ball hit his chest? I'm not seeing any reports around on how he saved the shot before collapsing.

  13. Wondering the same, also wouldn't be the first time an undiagnosed aortic aneurysm tears open after blunt force impact.

  14. Is this unusual? Or Business as usual?

  15. Happened a lot through the years, now there's just more tension.

  16. Taking a small cut may be inevitable, but they take 50% plus a 4% transaction fee.

  17. Yes, pretty much everytime you are asking a person to work, the person is expected to get paid, so that he could buy food, cloth and have a place to live.

  18. most likely slaves didn't build the pyramids. They were just normal people who got paid.

  19. Jesus Christ... One this big hasn't been seen in that region for almost a thousand years.

  20. Probably going to Poland, where they will then be trained.

  21. I wonder how much intel did Xi Jinping get from all the fat Turkish guy dancing videos

  22. There’s the flaw in your logic : Putin perceives NATO as weak because it relies on the Americans, and it’s multi-national nature.

  23. NATO without the US is still 1.5m boots on the ground with western tech.

  24. Hated the writing, loved the visuals and OST. It isn't surprising at all that those aspects of the show do get nominations.

  25. Yeah and Dutch just playing willful blindness. Like hey our dear Chinese partners why do you need 100k chips used in ruzzian rockets? Oooh, you are building smart washing machines and toilet bowls with them? Nice. Keep going.

  26. You have to see it like this: Dutch chip gets made, gets sold to a country, That country sells it to another country, that country sells it to Russia.

  27. Bro, serious business isn't done this way. There is a shit called KYC. You do not just blindly sell chips to someone. You do KYC, check where the chip would be used. Trust me, first of the rockets with this chip found attacking the US base will be the last ones the management of that Dutch company will produce in their lifetime.

  28. Yeah, it's oversimplified. What specific chips we talking? Doub't they aren't found in any other appliance. Which means it's not hard getting em.

  29. European nations afaik mostly banned cluster munitions. And probably don't support it getting sent and used in Ukraine.

  30. You would be surprised at the condition heirloom katanas can have.

  31. It’s a goddam shame this is being done piecemeal, but once fighter jets are on the table the Russian Federation is on the clock.

  32. If they do end up with western fighters, remember that they are only allowed to use them in a defensive way. As in, pushing Russia out, sure. But not attacking Russia.

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