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  1. Happy to see it worked out so well, great work!

  2. this is super cool! I'm curious about the process that went into putting this together

  3. I assume it's made using AI tools, judging from the flaws if you zoom in

  4. https://www.balticwonder.com/blogs/news/amber-polishing-process

  5. I think it looks pretty as is, you could polish one side and leave the other raw.

  6. What makes you think it is citrine?

  7. Welcome to the world of mineral selling.. smh

  8. Pyrite is a very common mineral and not worth much because of that. It is pretty to look at though.

  9. One of those destinct pyrite shapes can also be seen in this piece, if you zoom in on the top right you can see a clear hexagonal pyrite crystal.

  10. https://www.mindat.org/mesg-440800.html

  11. Pyrite is a silvery colored mineral, but it quickly oxidises turning it from silver to gold and from gold to brown and from brown to dust.

  12. Dude just admit that it was wrong to block someone out of pettiness and people will leave you alone lmao

  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/RimWorld/comments/10g3s65/comment/j52adbc/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  14. Lab grown copper sulphate pentahydrate. Not chalcanthite, that name is only for the natural stuff.

  15. Copper sulphate is toxic to humans, I would wash my hands after handeling it. Very pretty to look at though!

  16. Either chalcopyrite, bornite, or a combination of the 2.

  17. Either cheating or exploiting, if you see him again, try getting a clip of him doing that and include the playerlist in the same clip. Send the clip to the modmail bot on the discord, and he should be banned shortly

  18. As a hacker myself, I can confidently say this is hacking.

  19. Ah thanks for the confirmation. Hey wait a minute!

  20. Wow, you went digging through some old posts :p

  21. https://www.unddit.com/r/RimWorld/comments/ygpnzj/good_job_ve_teams_steal_my_code_into_your/

  22. What's the second screenshot? How can you see the deleted comment?

  23. This might be my personal philosophy but, when collecting in an area i don’t take more than i need. Find a few pieces i like and leave the rest for others to find.

  24. ill keep that in mind next time, it was my first time actually going out to find things so i was very excited and took whatever we found

  25. No worry’s. I’m glad you enjoyed your first hunt. The uk has some amazing fossil spots, especially for ammonites, so best of luck on your future endeavors!

  26. Mutation/Mutated Gene - Pawns with this gene will be able to regrow limbs/organs. While this sounds amazing, this mutation in genes can also lead to many birth defects (say club foot for example) and also generic illnesses down the line (weaker immune system, possible cardiovascular issues, etc.). And also, to prevent endless harvesting of organs the antibodies of mutated individuals differ from the average pawn, therefore transplant rejection is extremely probable.

  27. https://www.reddit.com/r/MURICA/comments/6n1px4/children_and_firearm_safety/

  28. While at the ammolite mines in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, we got to tour the open pit mine where they do their primary digging for fine ammolite fossils with a crew and heavy equipment. Here is where they find varying quality fossilized ammolite shells within the layers of earth. The deeper they go the more compressed they get. From what I understood, the lowest point in the mine was the layer with the most cracks due to the compression, yet the highest point in the mine mainly pulls reds and are not as desirable as the middle layer of ammolite specimens. While we were there, they found and dug up a “dragon skin” ammonite and extracted it from the earth. It was very exciting to see! The photo of the large finished ammolite is from the middle layer that they had found and prepped prior to our visit. That piece had very little damage and is a prime specimen from this source!

  29. Looking forward to the video! Out of curiosity was this a private visit or is this mine open to the public?

  30. Pyrite should stick to a magnet, gold won't. If the piece is big enough for a streak test, pyrite is dark brown or black and gold is yellow.

  31. If the iron content is high enough it will. It will not attract other metals, but it will stick to magnets.

  32. I have not encountered any pyrite that is magnetic enough to be noticable let alone having it stick to a magnet. Might be that it works in some cases but i would say it is not a guarantee that is indeed gold.

  33. I have been doing a series of cleaning videos to make pieces like this pop and shine! It’s an iron stained quartz and an hour or two soak in some iron out will clean it right up! If you want more info send me a message and I’m super happy to help you get it cleaned. Great find.

  34. For the non-american redditors who don't have access to Iron out:

  35. really? because I bought it in Minerals Store but I forget the name of it so that's why I am asking here.

  36. Im on the fence between it looking like really clear quartz or it being glass. You can easily tell the difference between them though if you try to scratch it with something made out of iron. If the ‘stone’ get scratched it’s most likely glass

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