1. It's Day One Game Pass release, so I keep enjoying it since its launch.

  2. Ahhhha, That's tobad. i'm guessing Its just Darksouls combat then, Which is fine, I loved the Souls games, just disappointing to hear I cant immediately experience Wolong in another game.

  3. Yes both the first and second game of Nioh were made by the same team that made Wo-Long - Team Ninja

  4. Yah and its refreshing cause here we see that he was constantly switching sides to different warlords because he is in search of the greater root of evil that is responsible for the constant unrest civil war that is plaguing China and trying to put an end to it himself

  5. Yahh if the said medias can get people interested in real history said media its based on

  6. I grew up on Three Kingdoms lore, and Wo Long has certainly reawakened my enthusiasm for the setting and characters. Mind you, I don't think the story/writing in Wo Long is a very strong take on the material, but I do like the aesthetics and character designs, and it's just a fun badass game that got me excited about Sanguo all over again. Already started binging the 2010 TV series and might actually give the original novel a go even though my Chinese is shit lol.

  7. There is a Dual Halberd that has that as it's unique Martial Art already.

  8. What's the martial arts move even called? --- never seen them ever linked together to make into a whip-like weapon

  9. I think you can try going to a Rest point, select Travel and select the main mission again (you should have only one in the Part 1 section - the other one is for training).

  10. Yeah I love the chinese audio and I was super excited to see they had it as an option. I love historical chinese settings very much and I'm so excited for this game.

  11. Same! --- If I am playing a game with a historical setting, I want to set it to the appropriate native language for immense immersion.

  12. Didnt evolve come back? Also surprised the worst case specimen isnt there....talking about you anthem!

  13. I'm an old fogey and my roommate back in the day (20+ years ago) was a huge anime fan.

  14. Bruh I dunno why I am being downvoted by someone for just making a friendly suggestion and I didn’t insult you for anything just cause anime wasn’t your thing

  15. I dunno why you are being down voted either... I'll give you an upvote bud!

  16. getting to gm as sigma, having my last game be a 55 elim win, crying, buying his gold orbs and then not playing again until ow2 came out.

  17. Wait what? The only historical character I know of that a For Honor character directly aludes to is Pirate and Ching Shih. All the rest as far as I know just vaguely reference an archetype of different culture's fighting styles.

  18. Ghazala was a warrior and a leader of the Kharijites movement with her husband who rebelled against the second caliphate . she is named after Gazelles so she might have been an inspiration .

  19. Personally I definitely prefer that if Overwatch was getting a TV series of the sorts --- they go the similar route that League of Legends did with Arcane.

  20. Hiroyuki Sanada would most definitely be a great Hanzo being able to portray his calm badassary while display his tormented side who is haunted by what he did to Genji and what he had done.

  21. Gonna go for Blackwatch McCree and Oni/Demon Genji assuming those will become available

  22. Came back after an 11-month break last month and it feels like I picked it back up at the perfect time. So many fun heroes rn and I can't remember being this hyped for a hero in a long time. FH is still my fav mp game of all time and I'm stoked it's getting a Y7, just wish Ubi execs saw the potential that the community and dev team sees.

  23. I agree with wishing that execs at Ubi seeing more potential in this game as much as the community and dev teams...

  24. Rather doubtful --- cause the manner in which she runs with the shield while covering herself is different

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