AITA for getting up from my chair in the middle of christmas dinner and shouting "SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MY BODYYYYY" in response to my husband's observation?

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  1. They didn’t forget 3 meals a day; the image only says 6 dates a week, so 6 men a week.

  2. So for people who have some old Python2 program sitting around, what's the easiest way to adapt it to phyon3?

  3. I’d recommend googling “convert python 2 to 3” or something, but this is a good place to start

  4. Pod is still going very strong, recent ep with the white lotus guy (I don't even watch the show) was laugh out loud funny the whole way through.

  5. The episodes featuring guests are the only ones that really excite me anymore. The last Geoff feature was great, too.

  6. Yes, how dare she lose control of her emotions one time after putting up with incredibly passive-aggressive insults for months from the one person who’s literally vowed to have her back in life. /s for those who can’t tell.

  7. Wait, what? I don’t think anyone’s ever made a negative comment about my appearance, size, etc. This isn’t about bias lol, but nice attempt to try to discredit my response. Maybe look into logical fallacies like ad hominem if you’re not familiar.

  8. ok i just watched it, it's so weird they are trying to literally clone jake and amir, i mean riley and geoff had alot in common with jake and amir's humor, but they didn't AI the bitch, (as in copying the weirdness of jake and amir without the essence of why it's funny), like be your own people with your own humor, get this simple tasks first before becoming comedians, am i right people? who's with me?

  9. To be fair though, the sketch was written by Geoff, if you look at the credits, which I had fully anticipated based on the writing style haha. So the part about them trying to copy it isn’t quite there. It’s more like different performers performing an actual Geoff and Reilly sketch rather than ripping them off, which just isn’t gonna work the same because they (seemingly) weren’t as involved in the writing and thus aren’t as connected to the sketch. I found it funny myself, but I agree that it wasn’t as funny as your typical Geoff, Reilly, and co. sketch.

  10. Damn this guy does a killer insecure Jake impression

  11. I like how he’s actually credited as Jake when everyone else is credited as themselves

  12. Does this mean ruby is relegated to “maintenance” and all new work is in rust ?

  13. No; in the article they talk about the different uses of the two languages. They have different strengths and therefore different primary applications.

  14. I need the HG sketches to bring this back when we least expect it

  15. Dude all the AI post are written by AI. Get out of here.

  16. I assume OP is referring to the older “I forced a bot to watch 1000 hours of ” memes, which were fake. But you’re right that the newer ones are real. Maybe OP assumed this was just a new wave of the older meme? I don’t really know which wires got crossed here.

  17. Mine came in this morning too! It’s my first fuzz so I’m still messing around with it, but definitely worth $14 and no shipping. I completely forgot about the secret mode everyone else is mentioning, so I’ll have to try that out when I get home.

  18. Should probably mark this nsfw. The people the car landed on died.

  19. Is there a source for that? You can see a couple of them run into the shot near the very end, but perhaps some of the other people they were with did get struck?

  20. Someone posted the article below; it does sound like one of the women died. Pretty terrible. :(

  21. Yep! As an actor you want to invoke emotions in the viewers and he did a great job of being infuriating!

  22. Plus gave RDA a chance to shine in the ensuing confrontation. I honestly think that was one of my favorite Jack moments.

  23. Yeah. Although the time scale doesn’t work out, because Judaism was thousands of years before Christianity and Christianity was like 600-700 years before Islam.

  24. It may not average out, but Christianity could be considered the median, ie the middle value, and they did say they were meeting in the middle ;)

  25. Joel Haver (somewhat) recently did a video about SNL stealing one of his video ideas for a sketch, and at the tail end of that video he highlighted some smaller creators that he really enjoys. That's how I found out about Wizards with Guns.

  26. I’ve been following Wizards with Guns since earlier this year, but I thought it was so cool that Joel took that opportunity to promote them and other creators. Joel is an amazing creator and a class act through and through. (And so are WWG!)

  27. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.

  28. I made basically the same joke to my friends, but I went with “Those who live with glass sinks shouldn’t stow colognes”

  29. Couldn't that senior have pulled rank again and gotten that man's sale rung up in her name?

  30. I’d imagine (and hope) that the policy was just the senior salespeople got first dibs on clients, not the power to steal a sale, which would be a great way to disillusion new staff. Presumably this story is evidence of that.

  31. rksd says:

    You just know that will break shit somewhere.

  32. Reminds me of the person who broke iCloud by having the last name “True”:

  33. irb(main):010:0> a = [:a, 1, :b, 2, :c, 3]

  34. This isn’t quite what they asked for. They mentioned that there can be duplicate keys, and so the values in the resulting hash should be arrays of values from the original array.

  35. 1/10 cannot be precisely represented in binary:

  36. Waxworms as bait usually come in plastic containers. They do not eat through.

  37. Notice that the headline says plastic bags, not all plastics. I haven’t even read the article yet, but I’m guessing it is in fact limited to plastic bags and such.

  38. Oh my god it’s like that scene from Arrested Development

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