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  1. yall can exeggerate a lot too.. death costs have decreased massively and bossing now is more accessible than ever. last version of the RoD barely existed and if u heavily relied on it already you’re definitely doing something wrong.

  2. I’ve seen plenty adverts for mattresses where one of the features is the isolating properties. Serena Williams jumping next to a pile of tennis balls in one I believe.

  3. what’s that purple mattress again that everyone claims is the best years ago? seemed like a viral fad too wonder how it’s doing

  4. I hate breaststroke, but I can agree that it just looks...'easy'? or like super boring compared to fly.

  5. 200 breast is easily the most painful stroke. people perceive fly to be harder but a good breaststroke is a lot harder to achieve

  6. You had to have premier club or bought the yak pass or whatever it's called to have earned them.

  7. can still earn them if u get premier. can reclaim old rewards in burthorpe

  8. Nah, there's not enough soap in the world to get this to come back off. Honestly kind of impressed they even managed to pull it on in the first place. But this one's gonna need medical attention.

  9. u can remove it with an elastic band and some soap too.

  10. That probably works normally, but looking at what's going on here it seems pretty unlikely it'll work in this case.

  11. from the palm and up seems possible, but yeah would still be tricky for sure.

  12. PPL is great for hypertrophy but for swimming full body circuits light enough to compliment and not take away from the swim and that will build cumulative fatuige and not all in one session like PPL

  13. since u have a medical problem the best thing u could/should do is an in person trainingsplan with either a physical therapist or a licensed personal trainer.

  14. should be a law that if something isn’t done for business it can’t hold infringement. that way we can just crowdfund builders that give away hands like that for example.

  15. To people saying that the art team aren’t the devs that work on MTX/ yak tracks, who do you think makes all the cosmetics for yak tracks.?

  16. yeah people are crazy. it’s the reason why so many mtx updates have tie ins with area reworks too. the art team does a lot for mtx and basically any company it’s usually the art team that finishes first (hence why they make a lot of concept art that never gets used for example)

  17. its decent advice. but research has shown that owning 3 hens reduces house waste by tons of garbage per year(eating scraps/leftovers). reducing co2 output etc as well(less garbage trucks needed). peoples diets are better due to fresh foods and higher proteïn as well. if u have the opportunity to have some hens. its absolutely worth.

  18. not a zoologist but on a post long ago from another zoologist they basically said they end up just dating eachother most of the time lol. makes u realize why the irwin’s all do the same profession haha

  19. gene modding is essentially done through morphs. personally i’d rather see a larger/better endgame tbh.

  20. Morp is a new thing right? Yeah this started before it was a thing soo...

  21. no. we’ve had slickster morphs for a very long time now and puft morphs etc. it’s just the dlc ones that recently have gotten their morphs added.

  22. The main issue is the permanency of refugee status in a lot of EU countries.

  23. problem is a lot of these people work history or degrees cant be validated or are substandard for eu regulations. sometimes they can find retraining but other times it’s too costly meaning they can’t do their field of work and end up stuck between having to support their family with almost no income.

  24. Someone made a very good argument that Jagex purposely makes these projects fail as a method to launder money financial fuckery. I believe it.

  25. launder would imply ill gotten gains attempted to legitimize into expanses. it’s not laundering if it’s from company profits into the pockets of execs. that’s just theft or fraud

  26. Yes, I know that, I’m saying as in some swimmers like me when I first started butterfly, tend to try to swim up the water too much and because of that, the angle caused me to sink, that’s what I mean by putting your head up too high

  27. practice with a snorkel and fins first.

  28. before: activation, some bodyweight strength stuff generally. keep it simple but effective.

  29. That's not the only reason to want to clone something. Also, humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, so I really doubt that humans contributed nothing to the extinction of this rhino species.

  30. i mean humans werent nearly as widespread, there'd still be alot of territory for megafauna to live at that point. that said theres definitely areas where humans would have made them go extinct.

  31. I teach my kids not to breath on breakouts for every dive 25m, 50m race. Including fly. I would also recommend it for 100m fly. However, for a 200m fly, I would not tell a butterflier to not breathe. I value the oxygen much more than the no breath. Especially in SCM when you’re trying to go 10-12m with 6-7 kicks. All the top fliers do it too for that reason. I’ve tried both, and I was able to come back much quicker than the marginal gain I got for not breathing on the breakout. Hence why I was inspired by a picture of a freestyle sprinter who had his whole head out of water, kind of like this:

  32. well yeah. i coach at our national center with world/europe level athletes where we also do research on technique. i’m not trying to say your method doesn’t work. just saying it’s not the ideal method. you’re always better off slightly shortening the underwater to support a better stroke. and considering u already don’t teach it in the 50/100 you’re better off spending that time teaching a new method for the 200 in more conditioning work for better underwater and aerobic work if oxygen is a problem. a side breath isn’t really the basics.

  33. I highly doubt your national centre would be telling your fliers to shorten their underwater for a marginal gain especially as that’s what 90% of the top swimmers currently do, but then again, I could be wrong. I’m willing to admit that this may or may not be faster. I’m saying that in particular cases, when the swimmer goes long underwater, and then takes a huge breath, that this technique is something that can help them stay low. Is it good to teach? I’ve had success with it, so I will say that’s it’s been good to me. Is it worth trying? Yeah, give it a shot, some may like it, some may hate it. If the swimmer is willing to work on this during practice, and execute this properly, Then this would still be a viable method of staying low in the water.

  34. yeah comes down to individuality at that point. i coach club as well and we have a flyer with a mobility issue so he breathes sideways all the time. the idea is to always teach right. but look at the individual when some things just don’t work for them. some movements that might seem bad but are hardwired into athletes might also just sometimes shouldn’t be touched.

  35. i mean without a video its hard to tell. assuming you're kicking 6 every stroke and the issue is only speed and not kicking too much from the knees etc it might just be a rhythm thing

  36. These people live in a weird fringe of reality. That which is real and not fake is likely fake and easy to fake. That which is actually fake, is likely fake and easy to fake is likely real and they just want you to think it's fake but it's actually real in their head.

  37. ‘these people’. you’re very much misinterpreting my comment among many others. i’ll delete them tho because i for sure do not intent it to say it’s fake or not. but i do still believe in a fair justice system which means innocent till proven guilty.

  38. Your entire response could just be a bot automated message or something out of chatgpt. I'm not saying you faked it but it's soooooo easy to fake it that you basically could have, but I'm not saying you did though there are tons of apps that could have me thinking that you probably did. I don't trust anything written anymore.

  39. very reasonable comment for someone living in reality apparently

  40. winning this war is winning for climate change as well. it would secure peace and allow rebuilding towards a greener better future. it’s definitely green defeating russia that has all benefit with global warming and claiming the fossil fuels in ukraine

  41. start practicing a sub 2 minute pace on 25's. work on underwaters/turns. work on technique.

  42. As a senior swimmer who practices for around 13.25 hours (not including lifting/dryland), 6 days a week are already a lot, especially at his age. Private lessons aren't essential but can help for various reasons. It usually depends on whether or not your son has good technique. Usually (well in my case) private lessons help swimmers further improve their technique. If your son already has good form and technique then private lessons aren't necessary. I knew a few strong people who weren't as fast when their technique was bad. When they started taking private lessons to improve their technique, they became much faster. If your son just needs minor tweaking for his technique then I'd say private lessons aren't necessary.

  43. i actually would recommend against running on additional training, it stiffens the ankles if not done properly and will hinder swimming. he also practices 12 hours a week, don’t need more aerobic work at that age. work on building strength instead and mobility. a weightlifting coach is what the kid needs mainly.

  44. The reason there is A PE class in school is to teach you the importance of physical exercise an hour a day, 5 days per week. Forever

  45. sad thing is in western countries the class is becomign less and less important. we've gone from standards most students would have to meet to basically completely skippable with a written note.

  46. that ones relatively quick with bear synergy and normal tree

  47. You don’t have to do it now, though? There are plenty of other tasks to get to 109 for the outfit.

  48. dont care about the outfit. i care about the time it takes and the fact it just skips so much farming content just farming carrots lol.

  49. Pfft. at least you're not soloing like me

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