1. Been listening to this for years, it's glorious! Thanks for sharing, I'm sure many people here will enjoy it.

  2. Haha thanks! A little tip is that it's extra lovely while tripping :) Check out some of the others too. The clubs one is interesting but sort of slow in the beginning.

  3. You might find the book 'The Cosmic Serpent' by Jeremy Narby interesting. The book hypothesizes that plants communicate with us through DNA and show pictorial representations in shamanic cultures that depicts snakes that grossly resemble DNA and chromosomes.

  4. Alright, guess I'm listening to A Moment of Stillness today!

  5. In the end you said you'll never question DMT again. I'm curious what you mean by that?

  6. After the first three times trying to take it, I didn’t feel anything, so I was starting to think I either got bad product, or it just wasn’t as intense as people said, but on the fourth time it hit me like a train. I let my guard down, expecting it not to work again, and it showed me how wrong I was.

  7. It's kind of a strange feature of DMT that breakthroughs are uncommon. You smoke it a couple of times and somehow fail to breakthrough for no obvious reason. This has been consistent not just for me but everyone I've seen try it. No one I know whose tried it has broken through on the first try and some fail multiple times trying and feels like a waste of a lot of product. But glad you finally got to witness the other side 👌.

  8. I would be suspicious if a therapist redescribes my metaphysical assertions as coping tools. Is this person philosophically trained? Does he or she understand the truism behind claims such as having 'Sunyata' revealed to oneself or the truism that live behind the concept we call 'ego death'? Are they aware of the various existential entanglements that serious people find themselves caught in?

  9. Keiji Nishitani is a Japanese philosopher that explore concepts of Buddhism and particularly it's relation to resolving the issues of nihilism. His book Religion and Nothingness is definitely worthwhile.

  10. Good idea. I ran through this entry several times. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to look through the bibliography.

  11. Jennifer Windt is the biggest expert on dreams in philosophy I know. I recommend her book "Dreaming: A conceptual framework for philosophy of mind and empirical research"

  12. Rosetta (Departe, Homesick) Cult of Luna (Cygnus, Dead city dead man) Suffocate for fuck sake (Bluelights and sunshine, Stina)

  13. I see you are a man of culture as well. I discovered Suffocate for Fuck Sake back in 2010 when a underground blog talked about ridiculously long album names, and oh boi what a journey.

  14. A man of culture indeed :) Easily provided some of the most jaw dropping experiences in the genre for me. Their chords are so heavy it makes me feel like they've attached strings to tanks.

  15. For sure, toxins are out there just to divert people from ingesting them. I grew my own MG gravely blues like 10 years ago just because of that, but never took them and now they’re old haha. I’d go HBWR if I did it. The mandala visual is crazy. The first time I did Lucy I took 4 tabs and saw the mandala structure everywhere I looked and at that same time I thought “Wow everything makes sense now”, like everything is a vibration and this is what the vibration looks like through my brain. That was back when I was a hardcore aetheist and evolution theory guy and before I came to the conclusion that God is real. We’re obviously made by intelligent design.

  16. LSA has a bad reputation and all of its aversion surrounds the nausea. Morning glory seeds were central to some spiritual traditions and Ayahuasca too causes debilitating nausea. I welcomed the nausea and imagined myself going through what shamans have for ages, it was interesting to capture that essence watching my trip follow a similar trajectory. Hope you try the wonderful substance and good luck mind sailor!

  17. Thank you for your comment. This post is not really well thought and I appreciate your combatting this bad idea.

  18. As a loud proponent of the belief that bad trips do not exist, I absolutely agree with this.

  19. The Godself, Eternity, Entity Encounters, Predeterminism, Self design

  20. Stop being hyperbolic, no one is getting "hooked on this drug". Cannabis use may be habit forming, but it is certainly not 'addictive' as there are no significant physical withdrawals upon cessation.

  21. Agreed. The last thing you want to hear from a drug community is a thwarting criticism of cannabis. Considering the fact we are just easing out of a collective description of demonizing cannabis, the only thing a criticism of cannabis from a pervious user does is give credence to the previous demonizing views that we are just finally getting away from.

  22. Sorry for not being clear, let’s try Descartes demon example instead. If this demon could deceive us by warping our logic and the external world then how could you even entertain this possibility, if it is true then it’s a contradiction, your logic is faulty you couldn’t reach the conclusion that the demon is real

  23. Descarte's skepticism does not lead to the kind of conclusions you seem to think they make. The form of skepticism leads to uncertainty of the context of one's world. Me sitting by the fireplace is compatible with me dreaming sitting by the fireplace and since the qualitative identity is the same, we have no way of telling whether our immediate experience is a dream or not. The conclusion leads to an uncertainty of context and leads to skepticism of knowledge claims of the external world and not all knowledge claims. He also maintains this in his meditations in coming to first principles like 'I think therefore I am', which is a knowledge claim. The same is true for logically possible or nomological possibilities like brain in the vat and simulation type arguments.

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