1. Learn things by ear. Once you have the grasp on how ii V and secondary dominants work, stop looking at sheet music and chord charts asap, until you have made a good faith effort to make your own chord chart. Try it on a standard like Autumn leaves. Listen for the length of the form, then try to hear all the iiVs you can.

  2. Thanks for all your guys’ comments, every single one has brought me something valuable. Im getting a lot people coming into this thread so this is my universal thanks to all of you. Hopefully this will help others too.

  3. There is a decent chart of What Is Hip arranged by Mike Tomaro.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration, Ive seen a lot of Mikes arrangements looking for songs, I absolutely adore Isnt She Lovely. Also, thanks for the advice on sheet music, I actually used to be a pretty good sax player so the transition from that to guitar is really goofy.

  5. It’s probably the screws that are loose, so I’ll try that, thank you.

  6. If you tighten the screws then don’t even bother and send it into your closest small repair business or try to find a private repair guy. Those dudes always do the best jobs and it looks like this could need desoldering. Best of luck though.

  7. Deleting a message like that just makes me even more worried, just say "Shii my bad, he's fine"

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  9. From my personal experience as a jazz focused guitarist who liked math rock before playing, I say its best to be open to the genres of songs you learn. In fact, I only started liking metal stuff until I started playing it, and its not that hard to play most of the time either(Jazz is a great style to learn too because it teaches you music theory, math rock is sometimes called emo jazz too 😉). After learning a couple different songs with good technique, Id recommend trying to experiment with a GOAT by Polyphia, it is extremely hard and impossible for beginners but the learning process teaches you good technique, and it also includes some tapping for ya. A lot of guys call this sudden improvement the “Polyphia Effect.” The first designated tapping math rock song Id recommend after learning that is Incandescent by Mountains. Good luck on your journey👍.

  10. Probably some dumbasses doing maintenance, this happened to me before I was gonna take a number 2 💀

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