1. No strikes, they're just borderline useless. Every day, our postie puts mail through the wrong door. He either doesn't care or is illiterate.

  2. I’ve only ever had good experiences with Royal Mail which is why I chose it for delivery, depending on when/if they deliver my parcels I might think differently now!

  3. Spicy mustard, grilled onions, sauerkraut.

  4. Wait. A literal shit sandwich? Amazing to see terms turn into reality - especially when the term is frequently used by military folk.

  5. A literal shit sandwich. They curled one out on a slice of bread, topped it with another slice of bread, then ate it. All carried out in a busy bar, with the wrong audience. He got two weeks in jail for the privilege.

  6. This meme sums up how I’m feeling about this

  7. You and everyone there. We all did some disgusting things, but that was a whole other level.

  8. this is exactly what i expected from reddit

  9. I'm glad you're not disappointed. Now, be a good citizen and give back their property.

  10. I'm loving your confessions about you and your dad. I hope you continue to share more of them. I wish my daughter was a bold as you.

  11. I'm 41 and am trying my best to help my wife navigate the emotional maze of her father being recently diagnosed with an incurable cancer as well as her mother making her feel largely unloved.

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