“If you, like Charlie, who I played in this movie, in any way struggle with obesity, or you just feel like you’re in a dark sea. I want you to know that you too, can have the strength to just get to your feet and go to the light. Good things will happen.” - Brendan Fraser, Oscar winner 2023 [OC]

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  1. Nice Sig. Use the light as a grenade

  2. What’s up with the exploding olight drama? This is the second time I’ve seen it mentioned in the last couple days but before then I’d never heard anything.

  3. Awhile ago, an Olight exploded in a guys mouth. Maybe had to do something with bad batteries or something. After that, Olight has been a meme with grenades.

  4. Well that kinda seems to be on him for trying to eat flashlights. Everyone knows if you want your poop to be bright you swallow Christmas lights or glow sticks. What an idiot..

  5. Inserting the factory-lubed barrel into your asshole idk what do you even mean by "what makes it more fun"? It looks great btw.

  6. Yo, they made the M13B from CoD in booty into a real gun. Straight bussin frfr. You got that rizzed up glizzy

  7. The only way to really tell is to sell your gun and buy a Glock and never worry about something like this ever again 🤷‍♂️

  8. Is that Winchester form the white box? Those are a meme when it comes to 9mm ammo

  9. So like Nickelback has done this more than once? Wow. Interesting…

  10. Same. Churches, at least some, have done a lot of good as well. They were a major part of the civil rights movement for instance.

  11. Also the average voter doesn’t really give a fuck about a politicians beliefs. I’m in the south and naturally around a lot of people who vote republican and I don’t think anyone is ticking that box because they think that guy will chase the drag queens out of town.

  12. Don't compare sizes if you aren't ready to be disappointed ;-)

  13. I hate the Olight. Please get something good

  14. Yeeeah your opinion doesn’t carry nearly as much weight as you think it does. It lights up the entire area whether inside or outside. Has a super bright laser that like most lasers is in a nice straight line. Once zeroed it stays there. No need to worry about keeping batteries handy. By something good I assume you’re referring to a streamlight that will do all of the same things this does while costing nearly double? No thanks.

  15. Gender is irrelevant. As is who ended the relationship depending on the circumstances. I ended things with my ex years ago (not in any way because I wanted to and she knew this) and while she quickly jumped into another relationship and began to pretend that what we had never existed I’m still stuck missing her and feeling betrayed all this time later.

  16. the best part is the notification that tells the temperature and uses the icon as display. who designed that is a genius

  17. “Lets say you and I go toe to toe on Bird Law and see who comes out the victor"

  18. Alright now we’re both hungry. We’ll get to our hot plates soon enough.

  19. I wonder if OP has good social skills and looks well-dressed and presentable. I feel like if that's the case, especially with people you see often like at school, work friends, and acquaintances then it would stop being a big deal after two times meeting them; making a joke about it, and then finding out he's 26 and she's 29, stops being an issue.

  20. Right like the way he’s worded a lot of this makes me think he’s not exactly helping himself. Not to mention the way he seems fixated on their ages, and that she’s older, and that she initiated their relationship and that if anything people used to judge her. I could see this being 98% all in his head honestly. I mean surely people at school would be pretty aware that this man isn’t picking up his daughter with his child lover along for the ride.

  21. You mean all of your gravity bong tops? Nah I haven’t seen them. Why do you ask?

  22. If you open it and look on the water table, does it say "12 1/2" anywhere? The faded engraving looks a lot like an Ithaca Flues I had awhile back that was chambered for 12 & 1/2 inch shells.

  23. Not that I’ve seen. As far as I can tell the only markings I’d what I circled (plus one on the other side)

  24. Looking to identify the maker of this side by side double barrel shotgun that belonged to my grandfather. It is actually a 12Ga. Not a 20 like the title says.

  25. I honestly think Tropic Thunder is the best performance Robert Downey Jr has ever given

  26. So just look her in the eyes and say Kirk we goin on a da.. wait a minute Kirk? What the fuck..

  27. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military%E2%80%93entertainment_complex#Movies

  28. Behind Enemy Lines is such a good movie. Haven’t seen that in forever

  29. Didnt they also reject a guy because he was a vegetarian?

  30. Oh my bad so I guess you’re right unconcentual sexual assault is indeed not rape

  31. I don’t recall anyone saying it wasn’t consensual** other than you just sort of adding your own details to justify banging your sister in law. Again, goodnight.

  32. Ya no I’m sorry again totally forgot that with an altered mental status you can still consent 👌

  33. Yeah you actually can. It’s called not being a fucking toddler. I’m done with you for real this time. Ima go have a wine cooler and cheat on my wife with zero repercussions.

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