1. Nanoleaf. More affordable than Hue and more color accurate. Plus all of their products have Thread. And you don’t need a hub.

  2. Nanoleaf doesn’t seem to have any plans of making E14 bulbs.

  3. Sure, but the amount of repeaters/extenders (I know that’s not the proper terminology) you’d need for Thread is far less than the bulbs in your house. Honestly, just sticking a HomePod mini / Eve outlet in each room is more than enough I’ve found. You won’t go wrong with Hue!

  4. I think they are just called "routers" with things like HomePods being "border routers".

  5. I’m honestly always amazed at how great far cry 3 looks on steam deck, it seems like it was made for it!

  6. Odd, I don’t hear anything from my 7 Eve Energys.

  7. I will have to check later today and report back. Mine are actually

  8. I mean, to each their own, but it would drive me insane to watch TV with the sound coming from behind me.

  9. Yeah good luck getting that back in without being an engineer or paying for a repair. I do not recommend anyone yank out their original OG power cable unless you want a brick.

  10. If that also meant that they were quiter on their lowest volume I'd actually be happy about that...

  11. sorry guys i have to say... jeannie looks like REA LIL BLACK with a bit of JASMINE GREY

  12. The only thing I could personally come up with would be using an eARC compatible monitor/TV and then using an Apple TV.

  13. Oh yea this guy is not gonna touch a stadium at all I have the unpainted cyber pegasus to use instead

  14. Just as a reminder, your Legend Cyber Pegasus also used to be painted ;D

  15. You know you can restart them by opening the home app, open the settings of the homepod, reset and choose restart, don‘t you?

  16. Except when they are so fucked up that the Reset button doesn't exist :)

  17. Interesting, I thought Apple devices had a built in buffer (ie: 100% displayed charge is something like 90% actual).

  18. The iPhone 6 is very easy to open. Just disconnect or even remove the battery and run it wired :) That's at least what I would do.

  19. Thh, I don’t understand the market in general for the mini. Not a good assistant for very small sound. I have the og HomePods because they bring pretty good sound and I valued that over the assistant.

  20. HomePod in every room would get very expensive quite quickly with the full sized one...

  21. For what? So that they also have to work for the rest of their lives?

  22. Zero-G is a new format created by the WBBA, with Samurai Pegasis being the first, created with Gingka's help Samurai Ifraid was created by Madonna as part of the new system, and was gifted to Zero by Gingka

  23. And the SD card slot is also not designed to perform thousands of swaps. Valve even stated that in a post. just get one big drive lol.

  24. Mate it takes a couple of days to learn, a week or two at most if you're a bit lazy about it (more than that and maybe rethink your approach). You do not need a 3DS game for this.

  25. Just get a stylus for your phone. It will be cheaper and (potentially) have more uses after you are done.

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