1. On PC I had modders in 20/20 Sessions. stopped playing, it's literally impossible to play for even 30m without being fucked over by a modder in some way

  2. So what? are you gonna complain about security updates as well? 22h2 barely changed anything

  3. It really isn't like that anymore though. Snowpiercer for example

  4. If you have a pagefile on an HDD you're already lost

  5. What do you expect? These issues are plaguing the game for literal years, and there is nothing you can do. Just don't play public sessions or use a protection mod menu that helps solve most of those exploits like collectable spam and kicking

  6. So forcing preferences decided by the overlords was one of the reasons of rolling 22H2 without consent to W11 computers

  7. Can we get the lights to slowly ease on like this on approach, or when you press the brakes (edit: to start the car, not as a brake light when driving), like German cars do?

  8. I found out that you can apparently change your personalized ad preferences on

  9. For real. Barring fh4's handful of drift exploits, the fact that you can still set new pbs years after the game launched is miles better than the state fh5 is in.

  10. At this point, we can't even be sure the game actually exists.

  11. It's a worldwide issue. Discord, league of legends, Minecraft, everything

  12. Railgun shots don't one hit in the first place

  13. Yeah you can emulate SNES, N64, Gamecube (natively), and tons more. My Wii from 2008 is loaded with roms and they all play great! Best part is using gamecube controllers

  14. Make sure to not run any other games at the same time / try to disable hardware acceleration everywhere else

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