1. Hamilton is so done with this year already lmao

  2. Anyone have any experience with same day tickets for capitol tours? Just found out they're doing tours again but they're fully booked for a few weeks. If I just show up at 8:30 do I have a good shot at getting a ticket?

  3. When I did one about a year ago we accidentally showed up the day before (or after?) when our tickets were for, and they were able to give us tickets for the next tour after we arrived. No big deal at all, and we didn’t arrive at 8:30.

  4. That's reassuring. I went in 2020 right before covid and haven't been back since and wanted to see it again. thank you!

  5. So I work in the aerospace industry and while the stuff I do isn't super cutting edge or on a super large scale I think it counts. Most of our ML pipelines work like:

  6. Very cool. Thank you for sharing your experience in industry. So, I guess the way of how a pipeline is developed or used is kind of dependent on the business. From what I've heard, some companies manage the pipelines differently.

  7. Yeah that sounds about right. I don't know what the super large companies like Google or Netflix use to do that kind of stuff since i think they have so much data it has to be distributed across a bunch of different computers. I've never tried making a pipeline of my own for a personal project since i have no idea how to set up any kind of database.

  8. Imagine my shock when this still doesn't solve the elusive systemic racism, and even more drastic measures will be called for.

  9. I'm not sure if the guilt ridden white liberals in SF realize the extent to which this would set back race relations in this country if this actually happens,

  10. I love it here, the capital crescent trail, the mall, mount vernon trail, the custis trail, 4 mile run, the W&OD, the C&O canal, rock creek park, hains point, anacostia riverwalk, metropolitan branch trail... ahh man these are all great spots! The weather sucks, maybe I just need to suck it up and make the most of summer.

  11. Last Summer wasn't too bad here. I moved here in 2021 and it was brutal. Made it even harder to get used to running here. Not to mention DC is a lot hillier than where I moved from.

  12. Can't blame someone for wanting a different life than my own. It's just a shame to see something u once cherished fall apart, and nothing can be done

  13. fair enough. the only jobs available to such people are usually awful.

  14. Isn't California tortilla closing/already closed? They could put one in there.

  15. Bout to get shamed by all my friends when I just stay home on Election Day again

  16. Luckily with the increased polarization the concept of a swing state is going away so only like 6 states matter when it comes to presidential election. If you live in a solidly red/blue state you can just say your vote didn't matter anyways.

  17. If i lived here i’d never leave the stoop. Consider me stoop kid

  18. Look at how the pics of the rural poor were chosen to show them in the worst light possible. Compared with pics of the urban population where you would never guess there is a crack epidemic.

  19. Part of the subscription fee is specially curated photos allowing you to feel as smug as possible.

  20. He popped up in an episode of MR. Robot I was watching today as well.

  21. I feel like it has to be a combo of population and density/area. We have a lot of "cities" that don't feel very city to me. I'm from NJ, so Philly and NYC are cities. Boston, Chicago, SF, LA, DC, Seattle. Everything else to me is mid-sized or smaller.

  22. Columbus on paper has more people than DC but if you went to downtown Columbus you'd think the population was like 100k.

  23. Less serious than most examples here, but the level of polish in video games. Games releasing as a buggy mess is the norm now, and even games that have been out for a while seem to retain visual and audio bugs at an alarming rate.

  24. At first I read polish as Polish and thought you were shitting on CDPR.

  25. They're certainly not excluded from this lmao

  26. Wonder if they'll handle their next release differently given the shitshow the cyberpunk release was.

  27. Schrodinger’s Jew. Her Nazi grandfather was secretly a Jew, but he fell out of the guard tower while drunk so technically he died in a Concentration Camp.

  28. That sounds like the schizo version of The Believer starring Ryan Gosling.

  29. Is he one of those people that claimed the only reason he wasn't GM was his teammates?

  30. Yep. I've managed to covertly sneak unionization and increased oversight of police in to my Trumper relatives without using any leftist buzzwords. Was fairly successful.

  31. Just pitch universal healthcare and call it Patriotcare or some other bullshit like that.

  32. These are the same people who write every week that the military needs more money while any money anywhere else is "wasteful". It's pretty clear that they don't feel any shame.

  33. Lol at my high school they brought a pull up bar and put it next to the table and challenged people to see how many they could do.

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