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  1. Tokito > Tanjiro? Shinobu > Nezuko? Even Iguro and Sanemi > Nezuko? Doesn't make sense..

  2. I think # of Google searches (millions) is more legit than the Shonen Jump poll (~100k)

  3. It's fine. Your intention was not to scam the system. The real sin is using apple.....lol jk.

  4. I manage office 365 for a large university. In short, yes we can. However, you have a ton of protection with ferpa, and students are rarely ever the subject of investigation. If you do have concerns I can help, but yeah just assume anything being uploaded to your University service can be tracked, retained, and viewed.

  5. What if I just write stuff on my own computer with the internet connection turned off and save the files on my own computer without uploading them to the school drive? Can they still see the files and what I wrote?

  6. Some people who love pop music playing loud pop music all night for example with no regard for neighbors. Especially if they seem to think they're cool for doing that.

  7. At UofT? My guy, you should sue, that'll fund the rest of your tuition and then some. You live in one of the most litigious countries in the world, this is an untapped gold mine.

  8. Huh? Speed up the rates what do you mean?, now that Iโ€™m remembering the ds version ff4 genuinely has the worst encounter rate in the series imo lolโ€ฆ

  9. I think the frame rates, I could speed them up to 200% or 300% or higher.

  10. hey thanks sooo much! can u share if this is EXACT csc104 and csc108? (also which one is which)? or are the coursera ones just supplementary to the actual courses?

  11. I'm not sure. I just listened to CSC108 lecture recordings and did the Coursera courses and thought it was more than enough preparation for CSC148. CSC148 also does some prep session in the beginning but I took a shower in the middle because I found it easy TBH. I looked through the slides later though. They were all like repeated material.

  12. where did u find the lecture recordings? like could u link the csc108 website u meant? is it this?

  13. I also don't seem to be able to find the link anymore, maybe it's not there anymore.

  14. Honestly, I got an 100k scholarship from UTM, and it really attracts me. However, I afraid that the outcome might be much different compared with UTSG. My family can afford the full cost at the main campus, but I still want to save the most money as possible.

  15. I think St. George is generally known as the hardest to get into and more prestigious TBH.

  16. I think the idiot doctor was jealous of me because I was beautiful, genius, and pure, so she intentionally wrote slanderous things about me, claiming that I said things I never even said, and twisting everything I said in order to defame me as much as she possibly could.

  17. Did you get any side effects after your second, or were you okay?

  18. The soreness in the thigh went away after about 2-3 days but 5 days after the second shot, my left cheek was twitching for hours which worried me a bit. But only lasted several hours rather than 2 weeks of side effects like when I got the first shot. And no dizziness/nystagmus/ear popping unlike the first shot.

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