1. Maybe we can give her money every day so that she stays silent

  2. D-d-does that mean mommy Raiden Shogun poops...?? Arf arf woof woof arf arf woof woooof

  3. She's a robot/puppet. I wonder if she does, and if her room have the facilities needed.

  4. From what I've seen, it's just a web app (PWA) I doubt it'll match a native app in terms of feels & inking performance.

  5. Affinity suite is a great value, very good alternative to Adobe apps.

  6. I’m somewhat amazed Ganyu is so high, but then again I know a lot of people play on mobile which is less than ideal for bow aiming.

  7. I think it's because she's one of the characters who are hyped up as top tier, so there are more people who pulled for her and thus more disappointed people.

  8. Don't worry much. I thought they won't do a shota at all, but since Mika appeared in the last Mondstadt event I think it's at least confirmed that the idea is approved and we'll get playable shota in the imminent future.

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Mika the same as the teen height characters?

  10. While he's probably taller than Klee, he looks notably shorter than other male characters. Or was my eyes fooled? I'm confused now.

  11. It's one of the pet peeves about TCG for me: You can invite characters from other nations and they will travel all the way to Mondstadt just to play a card game.

  12. I loved Firefox, but Proton UI update is the big deal breaker for me.

  13. I say that it's an amazing cosplay. I really like how his Aether looks.

  14. I have been using OneNote (for Windows 10) for a long time now and it has never been glitchy. Quite the opposite - it's a great note taking apps that works really well.

  15. Best credit card ever! 3 payment networks in one card!

  16. Why do I even Draw anymore? I should just cut my F#%king Hands Off.

  17. If drawing gives you enjoyment, then keep doing it. Do the things you feel good about.

  18. Damn it, I can't believe nhentai doesn't have this jewel in their collection. Thank you for sharing it, my fellow yandere fan!

  19. Note: Sites like nhentai is only scraping doujins off of e-hentai, it's not uploaded to nhentai itself.

  20. If they wants him only as a cow to milk from, is it really yandere? Is it even love?

  21. I love how the public gets an idea of what yandere is from generic adult "ASMR" and a "yandere" game that's not even yandere.

  22. Didn’t they mention that Affinity Publisher was coming to the iPad earlier this year?

  23. If it's only an iPad version for an already existing app, it wouldn't warrant pretending its this big.

  24. I like how Kazuha is gets to have cool picture while others gets the government I.D. photo

  25. I think the OP just edited the belly button onto a picture of Nilou to give us an idea of what she could've looked like.

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