1. Hi, RYD creator here. There are several things at play here:

  2. Is there a way to turn off the "protego" hint? (I. E. the one that helps you counter enemy attacks)

  3. On PS5 in network settings change default dns address to: /

  4. If you described where you see them and what you see the post would be a bit more informative.

  5. I still click it. Does the extention still work? Thought it worked only for 2020 due to the API changes google implemented.

  6. What API does it call? I would like to check in Firefox since Firefox usually doesn’t follow Chrome’s API changes.

  7. Browser extension API and youtube API are not the same thing

  8. This is actually the original that has now been implemented into Vanced

  9. In case anyone wants to use return youtube dislike functionality on desktop and doesn't know about it - it's here

  10. It would be nice knowing how many people dislikes the new Lord of the Rings offered by Amazon

  11. One trailer sits at 94k likes 84 dislikes, and another at 22k likes 42k dislikes (they posted same trailer on two channels).

  12. Yes, it's not 100% accurate, but it's pretty close. You wouldn't really notice the difference (because the numbers you see are rounded anyways)

  13. The trailers are getting flooded with spam right now and I wouldn't put much stock in the comment or vote totals.

  14. If something doesn't align with your opinion - it sure is spam

  15. You can still have it with return youtube dislike extension

  16. It's not only chrome, available for all browsers, google for main site with all the links.

  17. It does collect dislike count from its users. However, those users may be a minority.

  18. Over 2.5 million users, and videos with most likes\dislikes get 20 million reactions at most - so quite a good percentage.

  19. The people reacting to each video will be proportionally lesser and skewed towards a certain type of demography. In addition, likes will be from YouTube community will be from the tiny sub-community using the extension (I presume. Could be wrong).

  20. Yes, the more people - the better the results. But it's already close to real numbers (when asking video creators)

  21. Vanced is working with the extension's developer for including it

  22. There's an extension return-youtube-dislike Ive been using. It uses archived like/dislike data and like/dislikes made by users of this extension to show video dislikes.

  23. Kinda hard to shut it down. Worst case scenario - it can get removed from chrome store. But it will be available in FF store, and it can be side-loaded to chrome from github.

  24. I meant shut down the API. In the mean time I understood that they're not using the API anymore, but storing dislikes themselves. Guess it's jut a matter of mass adoption and resources from here on out.

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