Susan McGalla; Woman Without Limits

Hailing from Ohio, Susan McGalla, popularly known as the previous Head of American Eagle Outfitters has been able to rise to great heights in many aspects. Undoubtedly, when one is to talk about women in business, Susan McGalla cannot miss on that list

Born in a family where she was surrounded by the male counterparts, she was from a tender age exposed to an environment working in the business industry was not where she too had to find her own identity. She attended Mt.Union College where she not only attained a degree but also became of the board members even after completing her studies.

Susan McGalla attained educational background in business studies. This then propelled her to venture into the business sector.At the time this was predominantly a man’s territory, but she delved in without fear. This is mainly because it was no strange thing for to engage with them as she was raised among them. Furthermore, she did not see herself in the light of being inferior to men, but rather of equal standing with them.

Hence as she began working in the business sector, she felt no intimidation whatsoever at the workplace. Susan McGalla kept her head in the game, focusing only on hitting goals on the head. As a result, Susan has managed to create her own agency that deals with consulting known as P3 Executive Consulting. Through this, Susan McGalla has been able to offer numerous services to clients. These services entail offering of financial advice and advertising strategies among others.

More than that, she is also the second in command of Business Strategy and Creative Development for a football team that is based in Pittsburgh.

Finally, on the realization that some women may be finding it difficult to excel in some of the business fields, Susan has done something. She has managed to speak before multiple forums where she has imparted wise insights to this women. She has guided them through giving advice on how to overcome certain hurdles that hinder them from succeeding.

Indeed this is a virtue that not so many influential people have. Susan McGalla is indeed outstanding both at work and even outside work.

ClassDojo Turns Into A Big Classroom Phenomenon

The name “ClassDojo” may not sound glamorous at all, and indeed the app itself which has that name may not be either, but it’s become quite a powerful classroom game changer. Many business experts and activists have said that the education needs so much improvement and little is done for it, but there are a few people at work making solutions that they hope will turn the tide. ClassDojo is one of those solutions and it’s got a fairly basic user interface without all the bells and whistles you might see with trendy apps, but it’s been praised by its users for what it does do.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are the ones who created ClassDojo and it was from talking directly to teachers and administrators that they came up with an idea that could make learning fun for students and empower teachers while doing so. At first it was simply behavior rewarding in which students could earn points for classroom participation and attentiveness, but soon Chaudhary and Don realized that as the app developed into a social media for school platform that increased communication could solve even more issues. Soon teachers were able to talk to parents even more about student activities and today many schools don’t even need to host parent-teacher meetings since the app eliminates much of the need for that.

Along with being a student activity and teacher communication platform, ClassDojo does have a learning aspect to it which includes a growth video series that’s both fun for students to watch but also shows them new ways to address learning challenges. The idea behind these videos is to encourage hard work and have students understand that they can learn any subject no matter how difficult. ClassDojo has received over $30 million in venture capital offerings and has done well with those funds because they don’t spend on advertising. Chaudhary and Don feel that cost is unnecessary because teachers and parents usually spread the word to others about using the app. The app has remained free thus far, though there will be some features like textbooks and learning tools that will be included in optional premium content coming soon.

OneLogin: Improving Legacy Management Protocols

Modernizing technology is an important way that infrastructure can be improvd with significantly beneficial outcomes. Having a more secure way to let personnel interact with an organization always results in higher efficiency and better outcomes. Not only does Onelogin address core consumer needs when it comes to over arching infrastructure, but it also has multiple perspectives and advantages on management technology. Onelogin is a simple and straightforward solution that is used by all kinds of businesses around the world.

There are multiple aspects of economic pressure that have influenced the way that OneLogin operates in the market space of security and management software design. They address some of the most confusing and time consuming aspects of business operation including the integration of core technologies with existing legacy architecture. By integrating new methods with previously established systems, Onelogin can make a great success out of existing legacy materials.

Rising costs of server maintenance in addition to the benefits towards customer service have made OneLogin an attractive solution for many businesses and groups. Not only does Onelogin impact the multidimensional aspects of multi user management platforms, but the organization provides advanced and consistent security solutions. Risks can be minimized fairly easily with the integration of OneLogin for most companies and systems. Having lasting benefits means getting ahead when it comes to integral software for managing personnel.

There are some clear advantages of OneLogin given current market pressures. The company gives businesses the chance to streamline their access portals and group domains to a significant degree. Not only can users manage multiple administrators and personnel through the available systems, but adaptive authentication make it easy to modernize existing methods and databases.

OneLogin is incredibly effective at integrating with existing systems and developing multiple standards of operation in regards to security and web based management. These advantages have made a big difference in production as well as the improvement that OneLogin provides to their clients on ongoing basis. Having effective solutions for management mean that better business results will be ascertained. There will also be improved customer service and productivity throughout the institution overall.