Drew Madden’s Contribution to Healthcare

Drew Madden is a recognized individual who has specialized in Healthcare Information Technology. He is passionate, and he has the drive to develop top of the notch teams, to inculcate a one of a kind and an eye-catching way of carrying out operations in the company and also to build a partnership that is trusted by the partners.

Drew Madden served as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011-2016. He joined the company in 2010, and a year later he was nominated as the president of the company. Nordic Consulting Partners is recognized as the biggest epic consulting company in the world. The company went ahead to receive many awards because of the excellent services they offered. In the period between 2012 and 2014 Nordic Consulting Partners ranked number one because they managed to implement epic services.

In one of his remarks, Drew Madden expresses his passion for electronic medical records and how for over a period of 10 years he has been working hand in hand with the best companies in the industry. That was to enable them to put in place measure that mitigates the challenges facing electronic medical records and come up with ways which ensure a smooth operation of the system. Drew Madden made this statement during one of his speeches in 2014.

While he was still serving as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, he was able to raise the number of employees working in the company from 10 when he joined to 725. When he joined the company, there were only three client partners, but he was able to raise the number to 150 client partners. He made a remarkable contribution to the company by raising the annual revenue of the company from a million U.S dollars to a whopping one hundred and thirty million us dollars.

The above contributions illustrate how Drew Madden is not only passionate but also dedicated to his area of operation. All these contributed to positive results in the company. Before Drew worked for Nordic, he was working for a company known as Ingenix, which is a branch of a company known as United Healthcare but currently, it is being referred to as OptumInsight. He served in the area of business development as an Epic Consultant.

Meet Josh Smith, an Entrepreneur and Advocate of Sustainable Food Production

Nature continues to be an excellent source of inspiration for many innovators seeking to develop new solutions aimed at dealing with various problems like water scarcity. Recently, a New York-based international team came up with a prototype aimed at mimicking the manner by which living systems store, distribute and capture water. It received the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation in 2017. This innovation resonates well with Josh Smith’s objective of boosting sustainable food production.

The product, AquaWeb, strives to assist urban food producers to filter, collect, distribute and store atmospheric moisture with an all-in-one water management and sourcing system. It could be deployed to assist individuals in meeting the increasing demand for local, sustainable food production.

Last year, the Biomimicry Accelerator program attracted six international teams. They spent their time creating working prototypes through the assistance of business mentors and biomimicry professionals. The program is aimed at helping teams come up with market-ready and viable solutions.

A Close Focus on Josh Smith

Josh Smith has proven to be a visionary and serial entrepreneur thanks to the creation of several startups. Most of his businesses fall into the sustainable technologies and wellness categories. Josh is best known for being the founder and chief executive officer of Modular Greenhouses located in Reno, Nevada. His passion and vision have played an instrumental role in catalyzing the success of the company. The Reno, Nevada-based company is driven by its global vision of not only ending food poverty but also starting a vibrant era of sustainable and local food production.

Over the years, Josh Smith has exuded a passion for using modern technology in the modern processes and integrating methods that will assist in environmental and energy conservation. He firmly disapproves the feeding of junk food to children, especially during their developmental years. For this reason, the Reno, Nevada-based entrepreneur is committed to changing this systemic issue. Furthermore, he is well-versed with the skills to create a purpose-driven and experienced team of professionals capable of propelling Modular Greenhouses to attain a dominant share of the market by 2020.

Combining Philanthropy With Financial Prowess

Nexbank is a Dallas-based regional bank and has recently brought to light its initiative of taking the mantle to be Dallas Women’s Foundation sponsor during its 32nd Annual Luncheon. The bank offered a token of $100,000 which targets to offer support to the foundation by enhancing the needs to women’s leadership and economic security.

This year’s Annual Luncheon was scheduled to take place in Dallas at the Hilton Anatole Hotel, on Friday, October 20th. Among the distinguished individuals to be on the scene would be Dr. Hope Jahren, a renowned person who was recognized by the Time Magazine as among the Top 100 influential People. He will have the coveted opportunity to offer a keynote speech which will be live streamed to over 10,00 students in 20 schools across North Texas.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation organizes such luncheons each year hosting over 1300 community leaders and business gurus. The foundation is the largest regional women’s fund worldwide. It is, therefore, an esteemed leader in pioneering positive economic and social change for the girl child.

About NexBank

NexBank SSB is a successful financial organization that operates regionally and accounts for up to $6.4 billion assets. The bank has a charter that dates its history back in 1992. Among the bank’s services includes mortgage banking, institutional services, and commercial banking which all work to meet up the demands and needs of their vast client base. Their clients range from financial institutions, institutional clients to even corporations operating nationwide. NexBank SSB is a subsidiary of the larger NexBank Capital, Inc. which offers financial services in the country.

The bank has in place a reliable executive management team which incorporates the efforts of both expertise in the industry and a major focus on providing quality financial services to their clients. NexBank has a record of being a leader in offering their capabilities to both institutional and esteemed individuals. NexBank is led by James Dondero, who was initially a part of Highland Capital Management, as a co-founder and President. He took his leadership experience to his advantage and focused on pushing for the success of NexBank.

Talkspace Helping People Mend Their Relationship in a Constructive Manner through Professional Therapy Sessions Online

Starting a relationship is easy, but maintaining a one is difficult. In a romantic relationship, there has to be trust and understanding for it to last forever, but unfortunately, people break apart these days at the first hint of difficulties. There should be a will to stay together and grow their love further because it is the time of crisis is when their emotions, feelings, and respect for each other tested. However, people cannot be blamed for this ideology that has manifested in our society because their lifestyle is such that after strenuous and hectic professional lives, they simply do not have enough energy left to cope with the issues in problematic relationships.

With a little bit of effort and will from both the persons involved in a relationship, things can get better, and to make things better in a professionally guided manner; relationship counseling is a must these days. Many people avoid relationship counseling even when they know they need it because it can be a costly affair. Also, in a traditional setting for relationship counseling, people are often reluctant to share their issues openly, especially in front of their partners. It is where the conventional therapy setting offered in a virtual environment by Talkspace comes to the rescue. Talkspace has over a thousand professional and licensed therapists who can help people with their mental health issues, PTSD, relationship issues, and more.

Talkspace is fast emerging as one of the most popular and useful mobile application in the mental health world. Talkspace has helped in mending many relationships as it helps in solving the issues of the couples uniquely while not disregarding the values of traditional therapy. Talkspace is much more cost-efficient than conventional therapy and helps the people get the flexibility they need to connect with the therapists and resolve their issues.

How Fabletics is using the Power of the Crowd

Consumers can either make or break a business, and the success of any company squarely lies in its approach to consumers especially the dynamic nature of their spending habits. While traditional forms of marketing such as advertising enticed consumers to spend their hard-earned cash on a product/service some few years ago, modern consumers are unmoved by adverting or any other form of traditional marketing. In fact, Digital Age consumers are skeptical of conventional forms of marketing.


The advent of the internet provided consumers with a new method of gauging products/services. They crowdsource reviews regarding whatever they want to purchase. The nature of reviews on a product/service then determine whether a modern consumer will consider it or not. Experts refer to the new consumer behavior as the “Power of the Crowd.” Modern companies including Fabletics are responding to the consumer behavior with “Review-Centric” marketing strategies.


Fabletics, an activewear company, joined the fashion industry in 2013. The athleisure company was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. However, a look at Fabletics three years down the line reveals that the company has output impressive performance, and it is on its way to dethroning some of the leading brands in the activewear business. And it is not because Kate is a famous actress or the fact Ressler and Goldenberg are experienced business-minded people with in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry owing to their involvement with TechStyle Fashion Group. The success is merely the result of understanding the Information Age consumers and adopting a marketing strategy that resonates well with them: review-centric.


How does Fabletics implement a review-centric marketing approach? It seems that the initial step to successfully using the approach is establishing an unbeatable online presence. Studies reveal that consumers search for products online and the easier they find a company, the better. Fabletics’ online presence through its website, Fabletics.com, and numerous blogs is enviable. A simple search for an athleisure clothing reveals that Fabletics is among the top companies displayed by search engines (e.g., Google).


Closely related to the displayed results is the nature of reviews on the company or the products/services offered by the business. Fabletics’ activewear clothing being superior, stylish, and reasonably priced receive overwhelmingly positive reviews. Kate is one of the clients that review the company’s activewear clothing. Every month, she reviews specific Fabletics’ products, her reviews tend to be trusted by many clients as she is a public figure. Studies reveal that consumers trust reviews as they would trust product/service recommendation from someone they know.


About Kate Hudson


Kate, 38, rose to fame in the start of the century because of her captivating role in the movie “Almost Famous.’’ Since then, she has developed a successful career in Hollywood. Now, she is no longer just an actress but also an entrepreneur.


Ressler and Goldenberg partnered with Kate because her athletic physique is enough testimony that she leads an active lifestyle. Kate is passionate about empowering women to lead active lifestyles, and Fabletics perfectly conform to her goals. Her partners describe her as a hands-on business-minded individual.

Equities First Holdings Australia

Consider working with Equities First Holdings Australia for a new purchase. Real estate deals are made that much easier to complete with a professional team too. They have a vast array of real estate options now open for those interested. Consider the purchase to be an investment in the property itself. That is a worthwhile option and one that buyers need to consider. It could put them in line for a valuable piece of real estate.

Hire an agent that truly understands Equities First Holdings Australia. They may be a team member that has years of experience on their resume. Others are looking to make a great deal with prospective new clients overall. People want to trust their new agent and the agency is well known for that. Everyone on board understands the true value of local real estate deals. That helps buyers stay in line for the best available option.

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The Leadership Qualities of Lori Senecal

There are some people who are better at being leaders than others. There are many speculations as to why this is. One of the common beliefs are that some people are just born to be leaders. However, Lori Senecal’s case is a curious case. For one thing, she describes herself as a shy introvert. This is often one of the types of character traits that are least expected to carry a leadership position, especially in the advertisement industry. However, Lori Senecal has proven many people wrong in this case. She has not only shown that she can be a great leader, but has also shown that she has the ideas needed to expand a company and bring forth great success.


According to GCReport, there are many qualities that are required for effective leadership. Among the qualities that Lori Senecal has is focus, determination, patience, compassion, and vision. As a leader, she knows what she wants and knows her goals. She pushes forward towards those goals and encourages others to get with the program in a way that makes them believe in the vision and want to work for the company. When there is some kind of issue in the performance, Lori tries to work with the employee in order to see what can be done in order to bring everything back on track.


Lori Senecal has gained these leadership qualities when she has coached gymnastics. She has learned how to be patient and encouraging to the students she was coaching so that they will be encouraged to keep trying. She has learned how to find the right balance so that people will feel encouraged to keep at what they are doing. Lori has managed to set up a more efficient culture with her company and is planning on moving towards newer projects that can advance her career. She recently spoke at 3% conference.



Reference: https://ideamensch.com/lori-senecal/


Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is the largest biotech company in Washington State. Since 2014, its sales have increased by almost 50%. The stock price for this publicly traded company has also shot up over the past few years, tripling since 2012. As founder and CEO, Siegall is presiding over a real powerhouse.

Currently, Seattle Genetics is focused on the study of oncology. Cancer is a disease that touches nearly every family in America. This company seeks to help bring recovery to millions, and has more than ten drugs in development.

Adcetris, designed to treat Hodgkin lymphoma, is perhaps the most promising and has been fast-tracked by the FDA. Another is 33A, designed to treat acute myeloid leukemia. AML is a tough cancer, for which there are few treatments. Seattle Genetics is trying to turn this around and give patients with that diagnosis more hope.

Clay Siegall is the engine for much of the company’s success. He has been with Seattle Genetics since the beginning. In 1998, he was one of the co-founders. He has shepherded the company through funding rounds where they raised over $600 million. Siegall was there for the 2001 IPO, too. Today, he remains on board as President and CEO.

Siegall loves the entrepreneurial aspects of his job, and insists that he is not courting a buyout. He started his career at pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb in the early 1990s. He feels that in spite of a changing political climate, Seattle Genetics has a promising future. The company is at just the right size. It’s small enough to remain nimble and innovative, while still being large enough to make a big difference.

In addition to his decades of experience in business, Siegall is a well-trained scientist. He earned his BS at the University of Maryland. He completed a PhD in Genetics at George Washington University.