The Greg Secker Foundation: What He’s Done So Far

Greg Secker is a financial trader, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. His non-for-profit organization, Greg Secker Foundation, seeks to improve the living conditions of the needy globally through education projects, providing life skills and well as leadership skills.

One of the core activities of this foundation is youth empowerment. Since it was founded, in 2010, this foundation has organized various youth leadership summits. Young people between 13 and 17 years congregate for a five-day workshop that tackles a variety of issues affecting this age group from health matters to leadership and entrepreneurship. This platform provides a favorable environment for the young people to look into themselves for the solutions to their problems, and with the assistance of successful, globally acclaimed motivation speakers. One such motivational speaker who attended one of the foundation’s youth leadership summits is Tammy Kling of the Homeless Writers Project.

Another of this foundation’s initiatives is the Flying Traders & Traditions. Secker combines trading from a helicopter with 24-hour trading marathons to raise money for his community development projects. The Flying Trader project follows Secker’s trading sessions from a helicopter and streams it lives to other traders from his website. Other traders join him in the market as they follow the proceedings of his flying trade through his website. After his flying trader initiative received positive attention from traders, he introduced another initiative, the 24-hour trading marathon. Traders, working in shifts, trade forex in 24 hours, and generate income for Secker’s foundation through ticket sales and brokerage commission.

The Build a House, Build a Home initiative is a different undertaking altogether. When Typhoon Yolanda hit The Philippines in 2013, killing over 6,000 people, Greg Secker’s Foundation started a restoration campaign to build 100 homes in one of the municipalities in the Philippines. This philanthropic initiate was born after a close friend of Secker lost a home in Lemery during the typhoon, and Secker decided to set up permanent homes for some of the affected families in that area. All of Secker’s initiatives are documented on his website with videos and a live count of the progress he is making.

A Look at Daniel Mark Harrison, the Cryptocurrency Expert

In a recent post, Monkey announced that they would be changing their domain name from Monkey.Capital to The acquisition fee was at five hundred thousand dollars, however, Daniel Mark Harrison the leader of the company that is based in Singapore said that through this domain name the company would gain much more than what they paid the American company that had been the initial owner since nineteen ninety-four.

Daniel, a current managing partner at Monkey Capital, made a statement to the Blog NamePros after the sale of the domain name, he stated that his firm was quickly rising to the top in the Blockchain Development sector which he attributed to the support of more than a thousand digital assets users. Harrison claimed that through this successful sale Monkey was in a position to continue rising as we as expand in a variety of asset marketplaces. Additionally, he said that the amount of profit that will be gained over just one decade would be so much greater than what he initially bought the domain name at.

Harrison has gained a lot of respect in the Cryptocurrency sector, he has made some remarkable steps in this field. Through the years, Daniel has gained a variety of skills he is an excellent entrepreneur, an amazing author with a few famous books. He was described as a journalist, author, Editor-in-chief, publisher, an inventor in the Factory Banking sector, a serial entrepreneur, an enthusiast of the Bitcoin 2.0 by Isabella Kaminski on a post in the Financial Times. Harrison’s success has come through his hard work and determination, his education has also played a great role in creating the man he is now.

He started his higher education in nineteen ninety-eight to nineteen ninety-nine at the University of Oxford where he received a BA in Theology, in 2005 to 2006 at Bi Norwegian Business School he received a Master’s in Business Administration later in 2008 he attained a Master’s degree in Business Journalism at the University of New York.

Daniel Mark Harrison has nurtured companies since he dedicated his life to being the best in the business and through his work thousands of lives have been changed for the better.

Louis Chenevert: An Aviation Industry Innovator

In today’s competitive business world, it takes a special person to not only stand out from the competition, but to also produce amazing results within their industry. This has been especially true in the aerospace industry, where tough economic times in recent years have made it even more difficult for companies to succeed. However, while many industry leaders faltered along the way, Louis Chenevert brought new and exciting ideas to the industry. As a result, not only has he been able to transform United Technologies Corporation into a company that sets the standard for success, but he himself has garnered awards such as being named Person of the Year by the prestigious trade magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology.

While Louis has worked at various major worldwide companies such as General Motors and Pratt & Whitney, it was his work at United Technologies Corporation that truly set him apart from other business executives. As the company’s CEO and Chairman, Louis headed the company during one of the most tumultuous economic times in world history. However, rather than accepting the possibility of failure, Louis instead introduced new ideas and policies that allowed the interests of customers, shareholders, and others to remain a top priority.

Using the knowledge gained through years of business executive experience as well as through his Bachelor’s degree in Production Management, Louis took on the challenges faced by UTC and was determined to succeed. For starters, he chose to ignore what was then the industry standard of outsourcing production and offshoring wholesale policies. Instead, he continued to invest in the company’s workforce and technology, making the company stronger by helping it lead the way in innovation. Emphasizing military and commercial contracts, UTC was able to avoid mass layoffs of engineers, keeping it well ahead of the competition. And even more impressively, while CEO of UTC, share prices rose an astounding 200 percent, going from $37 to $117.

Demonstrating time and again a unique ability to overcome the most complex challenges in the business world, Louis Chenevert has indeed proven himself to be an executive with amazing business abilities. He is currently an exclusive advisor at Goldman Sachs.

Todd Lubar- prominent real estate investor in the U.S.

Todd Lubar is a real estate investor in the United States. He went to the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC for his primary level education. He then joined the Peddle School in Hightstown, New Jersey. For his tertiary education, he joined Syracuse University for a degree in speech communication. After his university education, Todd started his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked for four years between the years 1995 and 1999. It is during this time that he realized that he was into the real estate career and would spend the rest of life in this business.


In 1999 after leaving Todd Lubar joined the Legacy Financial Group. He was able to gain more and more experience in the lending business. As a broker, he would represent external investors and would also act as a direct mortgage bank. Todd Lubar later in 2002 formed the Legendary Properties LLC. This was a residential development company. He used to deal with selling housing units ranging from single rooms to multi-unit houses of up to 20 rooms. During this period he was able to interact with stakeholders in the field and was able to establish business links with property developers as well as multiple clients. He was also able to establish a working relationship with banking institutions for credit purposes.


Todd’s continued stay in this business led to the creation of Charter Funding in 2003. It was formed as a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. This is a private mortgage firm in the United States. As he gained more experience in mortgage banking, he discovered an opportunity in the market that was untapped. He noted that it was very difficult for the low-income earners to access mortgaging options. He, therefore, earned Legendary Financial LLC. This was an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC which is a lending firm that assists people who have no lending capacity through the traditional means. Read more on



With the experience Todd Lubar has gained in this sector, he is able to analyze the markets and make credible decisions. He knows how to assess the credit risks of every case and act accordingly. Follow Todd Lubar on Twitter.


Architect Robert Ivy; A Force To Reckon

Robert A. Ivy is a self-made architect famously known for being the able CEO of the American Institute of Architects. Robert is an informed leader, and upon assuming his position as the chief executive officer of AIA, he launched two vital investigations into the responsibilities of architects in the community. Robert’s move did not only influence the practicing architects but also those in the making.

When initiating these ideas, Mr. Ivy focused on the bigger picture, which is the future of the architects. As at now, Ivy pursues essential roles that expand awareness and understanding of the position of AIA. Robert Ivy is also a proven communicator and is recognized for having delivered several keynote speeches not only in U.S but also across the world.

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The Position Robert Holds Concerning the Future of Architecture

Robert Ivy attended an AIA meeting in D.C where he had an opportunity to talk about expectations the world should have from the architectural industry. Addressing the topic, Robert A. Ivy as CEO clarified that the architects are expanding their services beyond the usual. They are now heightening their standards, and in the future, they are anticipated to become “creative consultants” in more than just one sector. He based his argument on the fact that the economic downturn significantly dropped off the construction works. Viewing things from Ivy’s lens, the massive rise of cities is a great way for the world to develop low-carbon societies, which is a positive phenomenon. While at it, the futurist highlights that people occupying these urban settings should emphasize leading quality lives. Ivy and the professionals he works with understand they have major roles to play in easing social inequalities.

Key Areas That Architects are Expected to Focus on as They Advance

As it is, nearly all the nations are growing and expected to raise their level of infrastructure. For instance, it is anticipated that in the next five years India will spend over $300 billion in growing their support systems. In their pursuits, the architects should explore a broad range of areas among them being the public health sector. As it is, there is a “palette of needs” to address when laying building plans. Although the designers cannot candidly defend the health benefits of investing in fit designs, the U.S General Services Administration commissioned research to help them get certain results. Finding proof will help these professionals a great deal as they play a part in creation of healthy habitats for the human race.

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Making Plans to Prepare For Your Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is an organization that provides high-level medical screening and testing at a reduced price and in a more convenient manner. It provides acquisition to the same screenings and tests that are normally found in hospitals and medical testing facilities. In many cases it can take forever to see your personal doctor in order to be referred to a hospital or testing facility, so Lifeline Screening provides more opportune scheduling at lower price point to be sure.

Many people are reluctant to see their doctor on a regular basis because they feel fine and they reason themselves out of regular checkups just because they have no symptoms. This can be a big mistake because some of our most serious medical conditions have no noticeable symptoms at all in their early stages.

Liveline Screening performs tests that can give indicators of circulatory, heart, elevated cholesterol, cancer, and other possible medical problems. The tests are fully medically approved and they are performed by medical personnel who must have the same credentials and expertise as required in any hospital or medical facility.

It is easy to set an appointment in a few days with Lifeline screening as they have the ability to get people in fast and accomplish the screenings in a very convenient and efficient manner. Once the appointment is set you will be given instructions on how to prepare for your screenings. For more info about us: click here.

When you arrive you will be given paperwork which will ask for basic information such as your name, address, zip code, phone and the name of your doctor.

If you are having a blood test Screening, for example, you will probably be advised to fast for 6 to 12 hours before your test. Drink water to stay hydrated, but a fast will improve the results of the test. You should wear loose-fitting clothing, women should wear slacks and a loose-fitting top. Men should wear loose-fitting trousers and a sports shirt or similar shirt. You may be asked to lift up your top or shirt for some of the tests, but you will not have to disrobe.

The screenings usually take less than an hour and you will be given a report of the results once you are finished.

Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is one of the global leaders when it comes to investments and alternative credit solutions. Although their operation is headquartered in Dallas, the true focus of investment opportunities extends world wide, and especially in certain regions of the globe. Europe and Asia are targeted areas, as well as Latin America, with healthcare and pensions being their primary investment areas in all regions. But, it appears that Highland Capital Management is now branching out into real estate development as well.

This announcement by Highland Capital Management co-founder and CEO James Dondero could well be great news for many areas, both internationally and locally, as the drive to rebuild Houston will assuredly begin in short order. Businesses that were completely destroyed during Hurricane Harvey will be considering which course to take, and availability of capital will be a primary concern. Highland Capital Management is a well-known and well-respected hedge fund in the state of Texas, largely based on their reputation for being focused on the communities within the state.

While Highland Capital Management can be a fundamental major financial resource for the whole of southern Texas, the initiatives of the company may not be completely about profitability. Their reputation for charitable giving is outstanding in the Dallas area, as the company has recently partnered with the Herbert Simmons Foundation in locating community projects that would make excellent donation platforms that improve the lives of all community residents.

The scale of repairs necessary in the southern region of the state is just now being evaluated and the opportunities for philanthropic work will materialize in the very near future. The need for capital will assuredly transcend the business economy because the breadth of the damage is massive, and the need for great community contributors like Highland Capital Management will be like no other time in state history.

Sawyer Howitt Believes In The Talents And Skills Of Millennial Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt firmly believes anyone with the right skills and knowledge can become a successful entrepreneur. He feels many millennials have skills more advanced than their more experienced peers. Many millennials have started businesses in their twenties while in the past the average entrepreneur had reached 35 before attempting this venture. While the older employees are fighting for relevance discrimination against the millennials is running rampant. Sawyer Howitt has expressed his views on standing up to what he refers to as ageism.

Sawyer Howitt believes many employers overlook an individual’s accomplishments and focus on their career history, experience, and age. To overcome this, he thinks it takes hard work and acknowledging your accomplishments. He believes this is how you prove your value. You must admit what you do not know and access necessary resources in areas that are unfamiliar. This shows adaptability, the ability to learn quickly, and honesty. Sawyer Howitt never gives up even when he has been snubbed. He changes assumptions by showing his value to the industry. He believes age can be an asset, especially in technology. Millennial’s can work late or on weekends because they do not yet have a family. They can take business trips with no notice and become an invaluable asset.

Read more: 5 Things Every Young Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Sawyer Howitt is the perfect example of a very young entrepreneur. While he was in high school he worked at the Meriwether Group as a project manager and he succeeded. He understands business and involves himself in his community. He believes entrepreneurs should not wait but pursue their passions. He feels waiting cause missed opportunities and practical experience is the best way to learn. A business can only operate smoothly when the employees and happy and the morale is high. Distractions must be overcome because they can stop an entrepreneur form achieving their fullest potential according to Sawyer Howitt is driven by data and believes all numbers must be analyzed. He analyzes everything and gets rid of techniques that will not allow him to grow and move forward. He believes in the importance of people skills because they are necessary to overcome ageism and succeed.

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Wolfe Standing Strong After Attempts Made to Buy Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is quickly making a name for herself. When people think of influential women, they think of Wolfe. That’s because she’s become a pioneer for women everywhere. Wolfe is the founder and CEO of a popular app called Bumble. Bumble is the latest in a long line of online dating apps. That’s because online dating has basically become the way of the future. It’s perfect for those who are too busy or too shy to try and meet people face to face. Wolfe has found a way to set Bumble apart from the rest.

Women call all the shots in Bumble. They are the ones who get to decide who they want to match with, who they want to chat with, and who they ultimately want to meet up with . This is different from all of the other apps where either men make the decision or it’s a 50/50 decision.

Bumble works by letting users sign up through Facebook, create a profile, and browse singles nearby. Many women shy away from online dating app creating because they fear for their safety. Wolfe has changed all that with her app. Women can only be contacted by those they feel comfortable with. It seems that Wolfe is gaining a lot of attention for her smart thinking when crafting an app.

According to Forbes, Match Group interested in buying her app with a pretty little price tag attached to it. They allegedly offered her $450 million for the app. Wolfe declined. That’s because Match Group owns the other popular dating apps such as Tinder, Match, and OKCupid. Nothing has been confirmed on the proposed deal yet but one source says that this deal was made to undermine Bumble. If Wolfe agreed it would also mean that she’d be working for the company that she tried to sue a few years back.

It doesn’t look like the deal will be happening though and that’s great for women who are into online dating. They come to Bumble because they like to feel safe and they like to have the ball in their court.

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Mike Baur: The Swiss Startups Mentor of All Time

From a young age, Mike Baur had passion and love for the banking sector. From his childhood growing up in Fribourg, Switzerland Mike hoped one day he would turn his passion for the financial industry into reality and run a great career. It is this drive that when school he undertook studies that complimented his dreams. Mike is a highly educated and hold two Masters. One, an executive MBA from the University of Rochester and another MBA from the University of Bern.

Mike Baur has worked for the some of the largest Swiss banks. He has not only worked as an ordinary employee but he has held some very seniors positions in the banks. Some of these banks are Salifort and the Clariden. After his long career in the banking sector, Mike retired and went ahead to start his own business establishments.

Mike had not only joined the banking sector blindly just for the employment. It is not a career where he wanted to grow old in and retire normally. He had joined the financial sector with a plan. He wanted to gain knowledge and experience on how to run a business profitably. He did not want to, mess up the same way inexperienced people do. He needed that experience not only for his own purpose but to use the knowledge to lead other entrepreneurs who might not have the same financial prudence as he had. When he finally quit the banking sector he was ready to enter the entrepreneurship world with confidence. He had all the tools he needed to build his own company.

After leaving the banking sector, Mike Baur came up with one brilliant idea. To start the Swiss Startup Factory. This is an establishment that would be dedicated to helping upcoming and new entrepreneurs to build their ideas into companies and big businesses. Through Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur had a chance to mentor entrepreneurs on what they needed to successfully build their own companies. Swiss Startup Factory was the first of its kind in Switzerland. No other company or person had thought of such a noble idea that not only help the individuals owning the companies but one that boosts the economy of a country. Startups also add more value to the people since most of them are put up to address the gaps or needs that are in existence among the people. Mike Baur has shown complete devotion and dedication to his work like has never been seen in the history of Switzerland when it comes to matters of encouraging start-ups.