Sam Tabar’s Legal and Financial Career over the Years

Sam Tabar is an active holistic social media user who will often sneak in little jokes as such to entertain his friends, family, and followers. His honest and morally upright life is an open book to anyone seeking to know the Full Cycle Energy chief operating officer.

He updates on information ranging from his business involvements, family relationships, travels, and other social matters. According to what he has posted on his official Facebook page, he is a native of Montreal, Quebec and former student at Royal West Academy. Sam joined the University of Oxford in in 1997 to pursue a bachelor in Jurispendence before entering Columbia Law School to study law as a postgraduate student. Read more about Sam here: Sam Tabar: A Great Mind For Investments

He started his career handling hedge funds and investments at Skadden Slater, Arps, Flom & Meagher LLP. He also managed private memorandums, human resource, extra letters and compliance matters at the workplace.

Sam Tabar began working for the SPARX Group in 2004 and earned an appointment as the firm’s co-leader and managing director in the business development field.

His position allowed him to join the Bank of America as the head of capital strategy and director of the Asia-Pacific region. In September 2013, Sam reignited his career in law by making senior associate for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He handled hedge funds, regulatory issues and fund strategizing until his departure in August 2014.

Tabar qualified for his current position at Full Energy Cycle with his extended experience in finance and career in law. During his acceptance ceremony, Sam expressed his excitement for the appointment as the chief operating officer.

He was enthusiastic to start working with the firm’s senior administrators to address high costs of fuels and environmental pollution. Tabar’s new role involves managing the company’s financial status.

Sam is a commentator on the Huffington Post where he talks about trending finance and legal matters. He uses his platform to point investors towards successful projects and educate prospective entrepreneurs.

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Quality workout apparel you can afford at Fabletics

When looking for workout apparel, it seems like you often only have two choices. You can either purchase the stylish, expensive brands, but you won’t be able to afford more than one or two pieces of clothing. You could also go the bargain brand route and get more outfits, but often they fall apart or fade after just a few workouts, making it a waste of your money. Until 2013, there was no middle ground in the workout apparel industry. Then Fabletics was launched with the help of Kate Hudson. Fabletics set out to fill the gap between expensive brands and bargain brands, bringing the best of both of them to the table. Fabletics offers quality, stylish workout gear, similar to the expensive brands, but offers them to you for a price similar to the bargain brands.


Fabletics started selling their outfits with a membership subscription service. Their members pay a monthly fee and they receive a two to three piece outfit delivered to them each month. This business model has proven wildly successful and they have become a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years. Their success online has lead them to open physical stores to serve their customers. This may seem contrary to the way trends in shopping seem to be heading. Many physical retailers are losing business when customers come in to see their goods in person, but then purchase online when they find them at a better price. Fabletics is using their stores to implement a reverse showroom technique. When their customers come in their stores and try items on, the item also goes into their online shopping cart, so they can purchase it at a later time if desired. Their stores work hand in hand with the website to make sales, instead of competing with each other. They also use their stores to get to know the communities that they serve. They get to know the trends and styles that are popular and can tailor their offerings to those preferences. Their stores also help grow their loyal monthly membership. As many as half of those that enter their stores are already members. However, another quarter of those customers then sign-up to be monthly members while they are in the store. This creates more loyal members that come back month after month.


In addition to their low prices and excellent customer service, customers return month after month because of the high-quality clothing they receive. Their clothes are soft, comfortable, and thick, so you won’t have the see through issues that you can experience with some brands. Their clothing does not fade after many washings, so you can look fantastic even after many workouts. Their outfits also hold their shape and compression, so you can get the support you need for each of your workouts. When you get excellent quality for a fantastic price, it makes you feel like a smart shopper and it keeps you coming back month after month. Their clothes are always stylish and offer the latest trends, so you will always look your best.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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How A Small Startup Grew to Outsell Chaptsick?

For years and years, major companies like Blistex and Chaptsick had dominated the lip-balm market. In fact, the brand name Chaptsick had became synonymous with the product itself. Where most people saw a market that was too crowded and somewhat outdated, the founders of EOS saw an excellent opportunity to capitalize on potential profits. EOS cofounders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller saw the laziness and lack of innovation within the lip-balm sector as a chance to bring about a revolution. With backgrounds in start-ups and packaged-good businesses, the founders of EOS had all of the resources they needed to be successful.

The first step for EOS lip balm was to redesign the old look of lip-balm. For too long, the design had remained a boring cylindrical tube. There was no flare or flavor. The Evolution of Smooth wanted to create a product that was exciting to use and appealing to look at. To help fuel their style of design, the team brought in a clay artist to make some designs. They eventually decided to go with an orb shape that was both ergonomic and fun to use. After careful review of the demographics purchasing lip-balm, EOS realized that a majority of the customers were women. Instead of designing a unisex item, the team decided to aim their product at the largest demographic of the lip-balm market.

After establishing a unique design, the EOS lip balm founders looked towards advertising. They understood their demographic to be millennial women and used targeted advertising methods to sell their product. Understanding their audience, the team strategically placed their lip-balm in music videos of famous celebrities such as Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. They also took advantage of social media by teaming up with very popular fashion figures. EOS itself has been able to establish a big following on social media with millions of followers on both Instagram and Facebook.

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Highland Capital Management Among Top Investment Firms

Dallas, Texas based investment firm Highland Capital Management is one of the top financial services companies in the world. The firm has established itself as a leader in managing a number of debt and credit backed financial securities. It specializes in offering collateralized loan obligations which help numerous institutional investors efficiently manage debt. Over the course of its existence, Highland Capital Management has proven to provide a wide range of financial services that help a number of investors more easily manage their capital. Along with its success in providing comprehensive financial services, Highland Capital Management has also expanded to other locales. It has an office in New York City and has established other locations in key world cities such as Sao Paulo Brazil, Seoul South Korea and Singapore. As a result, Highland Capital has been able to establish itself as an international financial services firm.

Before Highland Capital Management emerged as a top financial services firm, it started out as a more modest company specializing in life insurance. Beginning in the year 1990, finance professionals James Dondero and Mark Okada founded the company after working in the industry for a number of years. As a life insurance company, the firm would quickly establish itself as a trustworthy provider of one of the most valuable insurance policies on the market. With its reputation of being a trustworthy life insurance company, the firm would establish a loyal client base. While the firm was very successful as a life insurance company, it looked to broaden its offerings of financial services. During the 1990’s decade, Highland Capital Management would begin to expand on its offering of various financial products and services. This would help the firm become one of the very best in the industry.

In 1996, Highland Capital would begin offering a unique product known as collateralized loan obligations. This allowed the firm to become the first financial services company to offer such a thing other than commercial banks. With this new product, Highland Capital was able to provide a more efficient way to help clients oversee their credit and debt. Along with offering collateralized loan obligations, Highland Capital Management would being offering financial advisory services to assist individuals with their financial planning and retirement. It would offer asset management to help companies more efficiently manage their various sources of capital. The firm would also begin offering wealth management services to help individuals manage their investment portfolios. Today, Highland Capital serves a wide range of clients in need of comprehensive financial services. It provides services to pension fund investors, government entities, individuals and corporations.

Rona Borre The Entrepreneur

Rona Borre is an innovative young entrepreneur

Women and enterprising, this the new world order and the faster we come to terms with it the better. When we check out on this list, the one name that consistently pops out is Madam Rona Borre. An iconic figure in the niche of business, for sure a name has already left a mark.


Rona Borre is an innovative young entrepreneur with a company to show, Instant Alliance formed back at the start of the century, 2001. Borre is also a very visionary leader who commits most of his intellectual strength in establishing a new upcoming business. Rona does this by connecting and exposing the newbies to best opportunity in the industry.


With her vast experience, she sits on various boards, also holding various leadership roles in many prestigious organizations within Chicago. Among them includes Young President Organization, the Economic Club of Chicago and the renowned Chicago Networks.

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Then what about networking, she literary has a web of facilitators. With her success well publicized among the mainstream television networks countrywide, for the instant USA today, CNBS, CNN, Crain’s Chicago and CBS Chicago.  Check her video clips on


It takes commitment, patience, and absolute sense purpose to jiggle around all this. But to this Arizona University graduate with a BS in business, this was another opportunity to explore. These explorations nevertheless, have reaped some fruits for her, with several awards and honors to be manifested. To mention but a few, she was acknowledged as the Enterprising Woman of the Year by the Enterprising Women Magazine.

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Betsy Devos Suffers a Minor Setback

Betsy Devos comes from one of the richest and most generous family in the United States. In the past, her family has been ranked as the 24th most generous family in the US donating a quarter of their wealth to charity donations. They are also notorious when it comes to political contributions, and this put her in the limelight for secretary education with the new administration. Among the things she is known for is supporting educational reforms in the US. Betsy Devos is married to Dick Devos, the son of Amway and Orlando Magic owner Richard Devos. Their family has a wealth of more than $5 billion. Visit their foundation at

On 23rd February 2017, the Trump administration decided to revoke the guidance found in US Public Schools allowing transgender pupils to use toilet facilities associated with their gender identity. This was a guidance that had been formulated in the Obama administration, and many people saw it as a win for those people who champion for transgender rights. As any other controversial issue, some saw this infringing the safety and privacy of other students. The trump administration achieved this by sending letters to affected schools terming the past measures as confusing. This was then followed by praise from conservative activists saying that the new system will be in place to protect students.

This comes at a time when the secretary of education was opposed to these changes. Despite agreeing with the changes publicly, a source close to the government said that she was completely opposed to these changes even arguing with the president about the issue. She, however, had to calm down after realizing that it’s the responsibility of the president to make decisions. She first expressed her dissatisfaction with the issue when she made a complaint to the attorney general Jeff Sessions. She was, however, summoned to the White House to be briefed on the issue.

In this briefing, she reminded the president that they had publicly promised American students protection against such unjust rules. She expressed her concern that this decision was against what she stands for. After agreeing with the president, Betsy Devos requested a letter by the president to assure students that she was acting in their best interests. Another source said that DeVos was in a dilemma about how the new changes will be implemented without harming students.

Betsy Devos concern can be understood as she has dedicated her life to helping reform the education system in the United States. Out of the $12 million that she donated in the year 2015, 26 percent went to the education sector. She concentrates on all schools worldwide as she does not discriminate. Some the institutions that she has supported include Northwood University, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and Ferris State University.

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