Talk Fusion: Always On The Move

When it comes to a company like Talk Fusion, they are always looking for ways to better themselves and grow. They have been around since 2007 and they have accomplished quite a bit in that short amount of time. They have added video chats, video emails, video conferences, and video newsletters. They are always looking to grow as well and they are never satisfied with the progress they have made. While they are proud of the success they have made and they know a lot of hard work has gone into it, they know there is something more they can do to make the product even bigger and better.


That is a big reason why this recent news story, comes as a surprise to no one. They have won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. According to the link, they are known as a media giant, so in order to get an award from them, it just goes to show that Talk Fusion is doing something right. After all, Talk Fusion is all about solutions and communications when it comes to their product. They believe that is the best way to stay ahead of the game and stay current at the same time.


Communication is such an important part of day-to-day living and without it, life would be a lot harder and there would be a lot more misunderstandings. By them increasing the way people communicate thanks to their products, everyone wins. When Bob Reina embarked on Talk Fusion in 2007, he simply wanted to send out a video email. A lot of times with written word or text, the tone can be taken the wrong way or read the wrong way. With video emails, the person’s face, reaction, and everything is out there. Nothing is left to chance.


This is huge when it comes to communication. It makes sure that everyone is on the same page and no one is misunderstanding each other or getting a different vibe from someone that they don’t want out there

EOS; Providing Delicious Protection for your Lips this Winter

Winter is rapidly approaching. Sub-zero temperatures, dry winter air, and harsh winds reek havoc on our skin. Our lips are delicate, and it’s important that we protect them from exposure to the elements.

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balms are a natural solution to dry, chapped lips. The nutrient dense formula contains jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. It’s also free from petroleum and parabens, so it’s no surprise that EOS lip balm is recommended by dermatologists everywhere.

Active Protection Smooth Spheres

Active protection smooth spheres, available in Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit, contain sunscreen to keep lips protected. The flavors are refreshing and energizing. A fantastic way to prevent lips from chaffing.

Visibly Soft Lip Balm

Soothe and nourish sore, raw lips with Evolution of Smooth’s visibly soft lip balm line. Flavors like Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, and Blackberry Nectar make lips visibly smoother. They also taste delicious!

Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

Anyone living a gluten free lifestyle will appreciate EOS lip balms. They smooth on clear, are long-lasting moisturizers, and are 95% organic. Vanilla Bean is a customer favorite and it’s back in time for the holidays. Other distinctive flavors include Honeysuckle Honeydew, Blueberry Acai, Sweet Mint, and Passion Fruit. Medicated Tangerine provides medicinal relief if your lips happen to be extremely dry and chapped.

Shimmer Lip Balm

Shimmer lip balms not only protect your lips with an infusion of natural conditioning oils, but they also add a pop of color and a luminous shine. Available in Sheer Pink and Pearl. Protect your pout while looking your best!

Evolution of Smooth provides protection and relief in a large variety of flavorful designs. Visit the Evolution of Smooth Facebook page and website for more information.

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Bob Reina- Helping Others Live Their Dreams

Since 2007, Talk Fusion has spent endless hours on helping to better a person. They are focused on building better futures, helping an individual in realizing what their dreams are and how to get what they want. They spend many hours trying to give back to different areas around the world. This is exactly the type of commitment that is needed by everyone if we ever hope to make our lives better and not just for ourselves but for others. The founding CEO is Bob Reina.


He has been quoted as saying, “With great success comes an even larger responsibility.” This sole part of the culture of Talk Fusion is what makes it stand out amongst other companies. Everything we do as individuals is what makes us who we are and that should be what drives us to be bigger and better. With the guidance offered by Bob, the ability to overcome things is far closer to being achievable.


It was ultimately the idea that drove this company to start a whole new way to donate to charities. With each employee of the company, a free account is opened and donated to charity at the discretion of the employee. They are given the opportunity to donate their time and money to a charity. The free charity account is just one of the custom monthly plans available to employee’s. This allows the person to be in charge of helping others while bringing out the best in an employee.


It was not simply this whole concept that drove Bob Reina to being who he is today. He spent a good amount of time coming up with a number of ideas that help each other around the world and not just in his own city. He helps to bring dreams to life for others as he lives out his own dreams. It is people like this that should be more involved in making the world a better place.



Chris Burch Is On the Bleeding Edge Of Fashion And Technology

For some people the fashion industry is frivolous. They see delicate designers spending hours debating over using one belt over another. But for Chris Burch, fashion is not just about looks, bit functionality as well.

The serial entrepreneur and principal of Burch Creative Capital sees fashion as a means to deliver useful technology to the masses. In a recent opinion piece, Burch highlights many designers who are on the forefront of fashion and technology.

Take, for example, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, who created a safety device for cyclists. The Airbag for Cyclists fits around the riders neck and pops up to protect the rider’s head from impact. This provides the rider with a better view as there is no need to wear a helmet. This is just one example of where design and technology come together to create something new and better.

According to Burch, there are designers who are using recycled material to create clothing. A company called SergaSerga is using recycled inner tubes from bicycles to create jackets and shirts. Another designer, Emme Whiteside, has created an elegant gown from recycled radiator copper. It is innovative leaps like these that prove that fashion can be a force for change.

Technology can sometimes use an assist from fashion to really take off, Burch argues. Take the recent popularity of Google Glass, the eyewear device created by the search giant.

Wearing glasses has never been fashionable and some people were resistant to adopting Google Glass. Then along came top fashion designer Diane Von Furstenburg. She had her models wear the device during a runway show and all of a sudden Google Glass became a fashion accessory.

Being able to spot these types of trends is what makes Chris Burch a visionary. He can detect things that most people cannot. He has a diverse business portfolio including fashion, technology, and real estate. He has invested in some of the most popular brands in the world, including Cocoon9, Poppin, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres.

White Shark Media: A Continuously Growing Digital Marketing Business

White Shark Media works with small and medium businesses to create unique online marketing strategies. With their positive reputation in creating cost-effective SEO campaigns, they have grown to become one of the fastest developing digital agencies in the country. They pride themselves on their top of the line customer service and personal attention to their clients.


White Shark Media began as a small agency, and has now grown to work with thousands of companies to help expand their businesses. With their specific online marketing strategies, as well as their exclusive marketing tools, White Shark Media is a well sought-out company for online marketing needs.


One service that White Shark Media provides to its clients that others do not is online tracking. They are able to track all of their clients’ marketing efforts in real time and in great detail. They use keyword-level call tracking, exclusive reporting software, Google Analytics, and competitive intelligence to ensure their progress to their clients each month.


White Shark came to life in 2011, and was founded on the principle of delivering an exceptional experience to their clients. Founded by three Danish entrepreneurs, their goal was to conquer the growing market of small and medium-sized business in the US and Latin America by delivering their clients an unprecedented product and service.


The combination of an offshore presence with a base in the United States, this talented group of fully bilingual business partners created a company of success. Their very first client is still a loyal client, following 3 years of continued growth in their company. White Shark Media now employs over 150 people in three different countries.


White Shark Media has now been awarded several honors in their business sector. In 2012, they were invited to the Google headquarters in California, where they were assigned a designated support team to continue to grow and further help their clients. This collaboration resulted in White Shark Media receiving the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership Award in July 2014, which is granted to very few agencies.


Microsoft also recognized White Shark Media with their proven track record and successful marketing campaigns that they do for small businesses. This resulted in an alliance with Microsoft to participate in their exclusive Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.


White Shark Media is clearly committed to the continued success of their clients. Their dedication, experience, transparency, and creativity allow them to continue to achieve their growth in the digital marketing business. They plan on continuing to grow their business with their already successful approach.


Josh Verne And The Importance Of Vision

One thing that Josh Verne has stated is important to success is vision. One has to have a vision in order to have a good chance at succeed in his pursuits. For one thing, if the entrepreneur has no idea about where he is going, then he is going to have a hard time with his business. For one thing, he is going to be very frustrated in his attempts at running a business that is successful. There is a lot that goes into business success that each individual needs to know about. For instance, there is the marketing aspect. Fortunately, the internet has made marketing somewhat easier for people.


Josh Verne himself has had plenty of vision. He has followed his vision and has learned everything that is needed in order for all of his businesses to succeed. He is also someone that knows how to make wise choices when it comes to finances. He has over 20 years of success when it comes to starting, growing and selling business. Josh is one person that people should follow when it comes to example. His experience has brought him a lot of insights and breakthroughs that can only come with being in business.


Josh does believe in creating situations in which everyone is going to win. For one thing, if someone loses out, then not everyone is going to be happy. Josh Verne is someone who wants everyone to benefit. This is one of the reasons that Josh is one of the most successful and influential businessmen.


One thing that Josh would advise people is to not go into business to make money. People have to adopt a service mindset that will encourage people to give them their business. With service oriented businessmen, they will not only gain a lot of money, but they will also be very happy with the type of work they do. They will also gain a lot of respect because customers and other people that deal with them often notice that the businessman gives with little thought of reward. Also, honesty is something that is very important.


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Raj Fernando’s Secret To Hiring Quality Staff

Growing a company from a humble beginning to a profitable venture is not easy. Many businesses never make it out of the incubation stage. Through his innovative strategies, Raj Fernando managed to overcome many challenges that his company, Chopper Trading, faced. Today, the corporation has over 150 employees. The company boasts of a luxurious office having a floor space of over 3,000 square foot.

The company attributes its success to its unique recruitment process, which is the brainchild of Fernando. The process is focused on not only recruiting employees that are highly skilled, but also those who have excellent interpersonal skills and interest to being part of the Chopper Trading family.

Unlike traditional trading firms, Chopper Trading does not advertise vacant positions. Whenever the need to hire new employees arises, the company’s recruitment team visits top schools across the United States. The team is made up of recruiters, traders, executive members, and programmers. Care is always taken to ensure that the recruitment team maintains how they dress, especially when attending job fairs.

When visiting different institutions, the employees of Chopper Trading interview a large group of potential employees. They then narrow down on those candidates that can fit into the social environment of the enterprise. The interviews are long. More than one member of the recruitment team interviews each candidate. Shortlisted candidates are given a tour of company’s offices to help them make a better decision. This information was originally published on SBN Online as explained in the following link

At Chopper Trading, employees enjoy numerous activities as a team. They include watching Bulls, Sox, Cubs, and Blackhawks’ matches together. The company promotes this form of bonding by purchasing season tickets for its employees. In addition, the company has exercising facilities to help employees remain fit and avoid the stress associated with trading. Chopper Trading enjoys a low staff turnover.

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is an executive, entrepreneur, and trading expert. His name is associated with two successful companies, which are Chopper Trading and Scoutahead. He served as the CEO of Chopper Trading before selling the firm to DRW Company. He is the current chief executive officer of Scoutahead. Before founding Chopper Trading in 2001, Fernando worked as a trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This information was originally reported on Markets wiki as provided in this link

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The Impact of Online Reputation Management: What’s In It for Your Brand?

Pursuing Online Reputation Management as described at is the best thing you can do for the strength and recognition of your brand in the expanding online marketplace. Gaining recognition for the quality and value of your brand will ensure repeat business for your website and its unique offerings.

Managing your online reputation is your chance at controlling what people–potential employers, family members, colleagues, staff, clients, and everyone else–can see and learn about you. This information goes beyond what can be photographed or disclosed on social media. This possibility surpasses all basic biographical data or kiss-and-tell secrets.

Understanding that the need to manage your reputation online is necessary once you comprehend the size of the Internet and its reach throughout the world. The Internet impacts business, commerce, politics, education, economics, and all other aspects of life. Its influences on the present modern world and its future are incalculable. Thus, reputation management of brands and individuals is critical to the functioning of online business and economic advancement.

Reputation management extends beyond good public relations campaigns and to information management and dissemination. Being able to control what is promulgated concerning your business potential, actual achievements, and knowledge base will indicate the state of your reputation and how it best fits into the world of online business. This reputation can then enable you to create your own place online. Online Reputation Management is rapidly becoming the basis of superior branding and of identifying eligible talent to assume the reins of human interactions and economic resources in preparation for achieving future excellence.


Gooee LED Bulbs Are Made To Create Good Designs

Gooee LED lights bulbs are sold to customers every day when they are trying to get the right designs going for their businesses or homes. Making a light sign is very easy when the right kind of product is used, and that is why Gooee is the best company for this. they have all the right kinds of lights, and they are ready to give people bulbs that are the right color and the right style. These lights can give everyone a really nice design that will help people be sure they are prepared to make something beautiful.


The beautiful way that people are trying to set up their colors and signs. The signs have all these bulbs put up on the board, and then they are able to get the design to change if they want to. The idea is that people are able to get results that will work for them, and they will start to use the designs for their seasonal advertising. Everyone who wants to be able to set up a colorful design should use the Smart Lighting from Gooee.


There are many people who are going to get a nice design just from some colored bulbs that they want to use. That means that they are going to have something that looks good, changes around and is not hard at all to use. They can be programmed, and they shine brighter than any other kind of bulb. That is why Gooee is the best choice for these bulbs.