Geoff Cone Breaks Down New Zealand Tax Law

International tax law specialist Geoff Cone recently decided to address the growing interest in New Zealand’s reputation as a “tax haven.” To begin, Geoff Cone establishes a few basic premises for what constitutes a tax haven: the country must have virtually no taxes on businesses, the country must have a substantial lack of transparency, and the country must make information difficult to obtain or share with other governments. By these metrics, Geoff Cone believes that New Zealand has not, and likely never will be, a tax haven to foreign interests.

In fact, Geoff Cone points to the 2002 guidelines for the ideal exchange of information on tax matters as further proof of New Zealand’s legitimacy. When the list was first developed, it specifically listed New Zealand as a country that had properly developed a series of domestic tax laws. Furthermore, Geoff Cone goes on to highlight many of the changes to the tax laws and regulations in New Zealand that have occurred over the years, which have only served to make New Zealand’s taxing more rigorous.

This commitment to tax transparency is especially relevant to foreign trusts. Since 2006, trusts have been required by law to keep far more information on the trust’s taxes than they were previously required to. This is primarily due to Michael Cullen’s efforts, but the end result is that foreign trusts are no longer able to treat New Zealand as if it is a haven free from financial responsibilities. As a result, trusts now keep far more rigorous records than ever before.

For his part, Geoff Cone first developed an interest in international tax law while studying at the University of Otago. After graduating with LLB honors, he started his own practice in Auckland, New Zealand. During the early parts of his career, he dabbled in a number of finance-related fields, including commercial litigation, tax work, and trust advisory work. As of today, Geoff Cone’s firm, Cone Marshall Limited, remains the only New Zealand law firm to specialize in international trust and tax planning. In addition, Cone Marshall Limited provides a number of other functions to its clients through various affiliate companies, ensuring that the demands of its clients are always adequately addressed.

Beyond his reputation as an international tax law expert, Geoff Cone is also known for having considerable experience in wealth planning. In addition to a deep understanding of the intricacies of tax law in New Zealand, Geoff Cone also valuable insight into estate planning for such diverse countries as Spain, Italy, and those found in the Latin America region. It is this diversity of knowledge that has made Geoff Cone’s expertise so trusted, both within New Zealand’s legal circles and elsewhere.

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With the internet, it is easy for one’s reputation to get ruined. All it takes is one person to write one bad thing and before you know it, people are scared away from the business or the individual. Likewise, people can lie and say things that aren’t true.
Fortunately, reputation management services exist to help remedy such situations. One service that has been recognized in the month of September 2016 is This company specializes in Removal Services and Online Reputation Management. They help businesses and individuals repair their online reputation. has gotten a lot of recognition this past month. They were recognized by, CNBC, and Forbes. was created in 2010. Their services are detailed and their main focus is to help their clients defend themselves online and help them keep their reputation clean.

In addition to being recognized by media outlets, they also have many company achievements. They earned a True Wealth Innovative Tech Firm of the Year Award; they were recognized as the top Online Reputation Management company, and they were ranked the top Reputation Management Company from Top Reputation Management Companies.

Online Reputation Management may also be referred to as Search Engine Reputation Management. What was once a small business venture is now considered to be a life-saver for many individuals and businesses.

Such services often involve multi-layered approaches. These approaches involve customizing and coming up with strategies to help remove the negative content and suppress it. This sometimes involves search engine optimization and several other types of processes.



A Look At Organo Gold And Its Founder

What Is Organo Gold?

Organo Gold is a distribution company that is based in Canada. Its headquarters is located at 12148 Horseshoe Way in Richmond, British Columbia. The firm must abide by strict quality standards and regulations set forth by the Canadian government. One can reach the company’s distribution center by calling 1-877-674-2661.

Organo Gold has an atypical sales model. It uses direct selling to provide most of its sales. What this means is that associates directly market their goods to potential customers, be they individuals or entire stores. There is a benefit to using this tactic however. Organo Gold has been able to enter many markets where a traditional approach would be costly or ineffective.

Independent associates provide samples of Organo Gold products, sell directly to individuals and can offer special shipping and product discounts to customers. The work of independent associates has allowed Organo Gold to be sold and marketed in over fifty countries around the world. That number is only expected to grow.

The Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

 Organo Gold was created by a man named Bernardo Chua in the year 2008. A native of the Philippines, Bernardo Chua quickly expanded his company’s sales outside his native country. The company has grown rapidly under the leadership of Bernardo Chua and now sells its products in every continent around the world. What began as a local business grew to an international one, thanks to Chua’s vision and determination.

 Bernardo Chua’s company, Organo Gold, has received the Direct Sales Company of the Year award five times. The Street said that Mr. Bernardo Chua himself, has been a recipient of business awards such as the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. Bernardo Chua is now considered to be be one of the top businessmen from the Pacific Rim region of Asia.

Products Sold By Organo Gold

Organo Gold offers several products for sale in the nutrition, beverage, healthcare and supplement category. The company offers premium coffees and teas for sale in both bulk and brewing cup forms. Supplements include ganoderma cucidum, in capsule format. This is a highly prized supplement in Asia that is known for its immune boosting properties. A nutritional shake mix and grape seed oil are some more nutritional items sold by Organo Gold.

Millionaire Sanjay Shah Cares About Autism

One of the world’s most respected businessmen is Sanjay Shah. He is a citizen of Britain and also the CEO of Solo Capital partners. What not many people know is that Sanjay Shah Denmark has an autistic son named Nikhil. At the age of 4, Nikhil was diagnosed by a doctor with the neurodevelopmental disorder. Autism can have long term consequences for the one who has the disorder as well as their family. It is not curable by any means currently known. It can also be devastating if not dealt with properly. It is extremely important that people be aware of autism because every 1 in 100 people suffers from it. Even in the U.K. there are a total of 2.8 million individuals who have been diagnosed with autism so far and many more who do not get diagnosed because they are unaware.

Sanjay Shah and his wife Usha Shah have worked together to spread autism awareness. They have declared April Autism Awareness Month and at that time each year, they hold a music festival called Autism Rocks. If you attend your ticket costs will be donated in their entirety to autism research and you can see pop musical performances. In the past, Flo Rida, Tyga, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, and Prince have graced the stage of autism rocks. Since the beginning of Autism Rocks Sanjay has succeeded in raising more than $1 million for research and awareness but he wishes to continue the good work that he has done thus far.

Most will know Sanjay Shah as the prestigious CEO of Solo Capital and all of its holdings. Sanjay is a fascinating man who began his education as a medical student but then later decided to enter the financial world. Due to his genius, he managed to invest wisely and quickly become a millionaire. He used his funds to purchase the funds known as Old Park Lane Capital, which is a fund that focuses on natural resources around the world. Sanjay has a massive net worth of $280 million and so he hs opted to retire at a young age. This allows him to spend more time with his precious family.

VTA Publications Teach You Life Management Skills

The World Wide Web has increased the capacity for knowledge transfer exponentially. VTA Publications CEO Jim Hunt has provided numerous products that can help you improve both your social, intellectual and business life. When you learn great life management skills you can increase your happiness, build your wealth and expand your horizons.

“Gain Knowledge”

Knowledge is power and can add another dimension to your life. In school, you learn basic communication and mathematical calculation skills, which can be used for your entire life. As you mature, there are other skills that you might want to add: VTA can help.

“What is Distance Learning?”

Distance learning allows you to gain knowledge without physically being on a university campus. Are you a housewife, wanting to learn more about the world? The VTA distance learning concept allows you to increase your knowledge anywhere 24/7/365.

“Bible Passages”

Why is the Bible one of the most popular books in the world? It offers great wisdom that is always valuable. Sir Isaac Newton understood science in terms of the foundation laid down by our Creator.

If you have a problem today, then look in the Bible to see if anyone else had the same problem. You might be surprised to find your answer in black-and-white. VTA offers “Retirement Planning from the Bible.”

“Financial Management”

Another VTA brand is the “Wealth Wave.” You might have been downsized and want to improve your job skills. Learn how to identify bull or bear markets and make money in your spare time. This non-fiction publisher helps you solve real-life problems.

Another intriguing VTA title is “Make Mum a Millionaire in Just 10 Trades.” This can be a fun way to learn stock-trading. Add some valuable supplemental income. Jim Hunt can teach you how to trade stocks using technical charts.

“VTA Publications Seminars”

You can even get recordings of VTA Publications seminars. Improve your life management skills by plugging holes where your knowledge is lacking. If you love knowledge, contact VTA. Jim Hunt & VTA are your guides on your journey to a better life.

Wengie offers up her ideas for everyday issues

Wengie outlines her ten ideas on how to rectify the everyday issues encountered in her video entitled, “Wengie Life Hacks”. She starts the video by solving the issue of lint accumulating on sweaters. Simply use a razor to scrape off the excessive lint and the sweater will look as new as when you purchased it. If one struggles with pulling keys from a key ring, try using a staple remover. Attaching the staple remover to the ring and turning it allows one to pull keys on and off without tearing up your finger nails. Car keys also come in handy when one is trying to remember everything needed prior to departing the house. Put your keys on top of anything that one wants to remember so the stack of belongings is not forgotten. If folding clothes is put off, try placing them on your bed so one has to fold them prior to turning in for the evening.

Trash can get messy, notably when liquids are thrown out. Place newspaper on the bottom of the trash can to prevent a mess. In addition, add a removable utility hook to the side of the can to keep the lining tight to prevent further spills. Many struggle remembering what food items are low in their refrigerator, take a picture of the food items one has prior to departing for the store so one will know what needs to be replenished. Breakfast cereal is a popular item, yet the bottom of the box has many crumbs most want to avoid. Use a colander to sift the cereal so the crumbs can be rid of.

Why Online Reputation Management Has Become So Important To Increase Profits?

Online reputation management is becoming a serious issue as brands compete to portray a better image of their brands. In fact, the trend has started as early as 1999 when Epinions became the first online website to allow anyone to post reviews regarding any product or service. Perhaps, hospitality industry boasts one of the oldest competitions in the service industry as major hotel brands strive to offer a benchmark for reputation management.
In the hospitality industry, the rivalry for reputation management continued on the Internet. As such, the arrival of travel review website Tripadvisor made it even more important for hotel brands to consider reputation management. As Tripadvisor receives nearly 230 reviews per minute, thousands of visitors to the website made it customary to review hotels they were planning to stay at. When Tripadvisor grew to become the most visited travel website on the Internet, managers of individual properties took it as an opportunity to answer reviews posted by users. For hospitality managers, feedback from users of the travel review website was important to understand the strength and weakness of the brand.

From a financial viewpoint, research by Cornell University indicates that a one score increase in point on a 5-score Likert Scale means that the hotel can increase its price by 11.2% and maintain same occupancy and market share. Another research reveals that 60% of travelers visiting the Tripadvisor to check the ratings of the hotel they are likely to stay at hotels where managers respond to the user reviews. Yet, another research by Adobe states that one point increase in review score on Tripadvisor translates into 13% average increase in occupancy levels of the hotel.

Nowadays, there are various tools that can inform managers whenever someone posts a review on the Internet. In addition, a sentiment analysis software can rank reviews according to user perception allowing managers to quickly respond to negative reviews.
Considering that hospitality industry is a benchmark in the service industry, business managers from various business sectors can learn from it to increase their brand image. After all, better online reputation management means more profits in the long-run.


Superior Leadership Across The Globe With IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide Services is a reliable team of over 2,000 employees in over 25+ countries dedicated to services all across the globe. When you need a dedicated team of professionals you can count on IAP. They take the lead in many tough challenges to meet the expectations of their clients. Corporations that partner with IAP Worldwide partner with superior leaders that are their for you in a moments notice. Their dedicated team of brave men and women are trained and experienced in global security. They extend their gratitude to the community for making their organization successful in the effective program management.

IAP was highlighted in a recent PRN News article for a recent acquisition that involves to major corporations. IAP Worldwide is now proud to spearhead Aviation & Logistics and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions to expand their growth strategies. This also helps them meet their demands for an immediate response time. IAP Worldwide Services revolutionizes the way you combine effective leadership and handle natural disaster, program management, and logistics. You have plenty ways to cover your needs in a broad range of services that can remain confidential upon customer request. Leadership and customer service is their top priority for their customers.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs, Careers Profile

IAP has a remarkable track record that includes services for the federal government. They utilize government vehicles and assist in many government contracts. Working for the government has allowed IAP Worldwide to management logistics for the armed forces and other government corporations. They strive hard to meet the demands of global security for all of their clients. IAP maintains a high level of customer service excellency. There are a thousand reasons to maintain your level of confidentiality with IAP the best in leadership for small sized community tasks. You’ll be glad you choose them for the job.

IAP Worldwide Services knows how to meet the demands of diverse and complex challenges. They provide safe, innovative, reliable solutions including logistics. They get out of bed every morning to be ready in a moments notice for your program management solutions. They deliver technology and real program tactical solutions. They meet the needs of flexibility for their customers around the world. Their men and women embody everything that IAP stands for with ingenuity and purpose. IAP believes without a strong team they won’t be effective so they aim to build a strong team. You’re invited to visit the official IAP Worldwide website for more details and programs.

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Importance Of Reputation Management And Search Rankings

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Neil Patel is an influential online marketer who created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. The entrepreneur who helps firms such as GM and Amazon grow their revenue was recognized by President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 in the United Nations. Neil says that people contact him daily with concerns of their dropping search rankings. In this post, he deliberates on how one can keep a constant increase in his or her search rankings. By linking one of your web pages to another, you will slowly boost your search rankings. It is advisable to sign up on the Google page speed in order to increase the loading speed of your website. This will enhance the visibility on Google. Buildings more links to a dropping page does not work. However, the solution is building links to other internal pages without using rich anchor text.

There is the need to update your page since Google prefers ranking pages starting with the most updated. Updating your website’s content will automatically improve your search ranking. Optimizing Meta descriptions and title tags increases click-through rates. A high click-through rate means that your search ranking will be higher. Since the use of mobiles and tablets is increasing, you can maintain a high ranking by ensuring that your website is compatible with these devices. Social media shares have a great impact on the website traffic. This can be done by adding social sharing buttons and requesting blog readers to share the specific web page. The other methods include the utilizing of influential media users to share your page, use of Triberr and paying for a social share on twitter and facebook. By incorporating the above tactics, one will start seeing positive results after few months. This information was originally published on Quick Sprout.

Online reputation management is the most valuable asset for your business. Hiring reliable reputation repair services is a wise way of improving your reputation after poor press, negative articles and bad news, which negatively affects your brand. Reputation Management Fixers, is a reliable company that has a talented team of experts having extensive experience in reputation management and they can suppress negative search results for your company. They will offer you a quote for their reputation management services without any charges.