It’s FreedomPop For Me Or Nothing At All

I chose to take a break from my phone company because I finally got out of the contract that I had been in for two years, and even though they offered me a contract-free phone service, I still felt like there was a hidden agenda underneath their offer. I read a FreedomPop review that changed my mind about going to another company, so I chose FreedomPop instead. I had my phone unlocked when I was with my previous company, so I just needed to get a sim card from FreedomPop in order to use it on their network.

The first thing I noticed when I started using their services is the clear calls I was getting. Every call went through perfectly fine without the same problems that I was having for years with my other company. Although my previous company did fix the problems with the bad phone calls, it was still bothersome, especially since I couldn’t switch to any other carrier at the time. Another thing I have to notate about FreedomPop is their extremely low prices for cell phone service, which absolutely blows me away. I signed a contract to get low prices with my other company, but the prices were never as low as FreedomPop’s prices.

I’m only paying $20 every month for my service, which is nowhere near what I was paying to the other company. I’m now saving $60 each month, which is absolutely crazy because it gives me extra spending money. I also like that I have unlimited data, which was a problem with my previous company. Although my plan cost me $80 each month with my previous wireless company, the data was limited, and I had to pay for extra data once I went over the 2 GB limit. With FreedomPop, I have unlimited data for only $20.

I also came to find out that FreedomPop doesn’t just have cell phone service but portable hotspots, Wi-Fi service, home Internet service, and they also sell all kinds of phones and tablets. Learning more about FreedomPop has turned me on to several of their services, which I will probably end up getting in the future. With such low costs for cell phone service, I can only imagine how low the costs are for their other services, so I’m definitely open to obtaining as many services from FreedomPop as I possibly can.

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White Shark Media Illustrates How Complaints Can Offer Positive Transform

Launched in 2010, White Shark Media is among few companies that have taken the digital marketing industry to a whole different level. The company has achieved a lot in the span it has been operational. Some of the changes made include the introduction of modern tracking systems and allowing customers to monitor and control their campaigns.

The company was also selected by Google as one of the 29 Premier SMB Partners operating within the U.S. These achievements have not been made on a smooth platform since there have been challenges along the way and complaints from customers.

White Shark Media Review team has taken some of the complaints made by customers and transformed them into great ideas that have transformed the company. Below is a highlight of few and how each has been helpful in making the company better.

“I cannot track my campaign”

Before the introduction of tracking software, many customers expressed concerns about the lack of a system that could allow them view the progress of their campaigns. These complaints pushed White Shark Media to come up with a solution that would not only make the work of the clients easy but also allow the company to operate more efficiently. The company introduced the conversion and call tracking systems and in other cases Google Analytics, all available to users free of charge.

“My contact person could not help solve my concerns”

This happens a lot in different companies. During the sign-up process, there is a seamless flow of events but after some time, you are handed over to a contact person who apparently does not have a clue about your earlier engagement with the company. This is no longer a worry since White Shark Media installed a system saves the progress and conversations of an individual.


Additionally, there are professionals in different specialties who will respond to your concern accurately. The senior SEM Consultants also keep in touch with every client in the entire process until proper optimization is effected. They are not the only way one can reach support but they are always open to answer questions and undertake any tasks a customer feels are challenging. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

“I would like the campaign to run in my old account”

From late 2012, White Shark initiated new procedures that would see new clients use a new account created for their AdWords campaigns. However, many thought their previous campaigns should be included in the newly created system. To avoid this loss of progress, any new campaigns would be placed on accounts that managed previous campaigns if there was success in earlier interactions.

Best Ski Resorts to Take Your Family on Vacation

Lake Tahoe is one of the most scenic sites in the United States; termed by locals as a pristine jewel of nature, this 1645 ft deep, 22 miles long, and 12 miles wide beauty with 72 miles of shoreline is located at the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lake Tahoe is actually the most popular ski destination in the United States on Its reputation precedes it making it clinch the top position for the third time consecutively on the Orbit Insider Index in January 2010. Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe also happens to be the home of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Skiing in Lake Tahoe is one of the most exhilarating experiences one could ever get. Not only is the history amazing, the people in Squaw Valley are very friendly and the scenery is just but magnificent. The expansive terrain allows skiers of all abilities to create unforgettable memories as they experience the wide variety of skiable goods at Squaw Valley. The skiing experience is spiced up by a variety of shopping and dining experiences in the village with the likes of Le Chamois or the Mamasake.

Lake Tahoe harbors two spectacular ski resorts which have held a long time connection over the years; one can view either Alpine Meadows from Squaw Valley mountaintop and vice versa. However, to ski each mountain, one had to drive from one parking lot to the other, but this is no longer the case nowadays as Squaw Valley Ski Holdings announced their plans to build a gondola that would link the two. Are you looking forward to visiting Lake Tahoe? Allow me to indulge you in a brief overview of three of the top notch ski resorts for your vacation.

Heavenly Mountain Resort
It is an expansive complex of lifts, terrain, trails and snowmaking that makes up the region’s largest ski area with the highest elevation of 10000 ft and the longest vertical drop of 3500 ft. Heavenly is unmatched at its beauty with about 360 inches of snow cover and vastness of 4800 skiable acres.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort
This is a year-round mountain destination in the El Dorado Forest south of Lake Tahoe. The surrounding contains ski in, ski out accommodations with shopping and food outlets. The resort also offers cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sled tours and backcountry access.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows
This internationally recognized ski destination in North Lake Tahoe spans over 6000 skiable acres. The resort features 42 lifts, 270 trails and nearly 60 restaurants bars, boutiques and galleries collectively. It is known to have the longest ski and snowboard season due to its 450-inch snow cover thereby establishing it as a key skiing destination. In 2014-2015, the resort received the following awards:
– CNN: Best Place to Ski on Earth
– Trekaroo: Best Ski Resort for Families with Preschoolers and Toddlers

White Shark Media Saved My New Business

My husband and I started an antique restoration business. I know that the online community is one of the best ways to maximize sales. However, we were not totally sure of how to handle our advertising. We discovered White Shark Media to help us with our start-up. Wow, we are so glad that we found them when we did.

The video below is shows WSM review:

We were assigned a representative that handled all of our needs. She was always just a phone call away. I felt important and like our business was important, two things that I really appreciated. I needed a company who could be knowledgeable and diligence when it came to handling our account, and they delivered on both counts.

We checked out many firms in the area, but when it came to price and reputation, White Shark Media Review team won our vote.

The first month was uneventful, as they said it would be. However, their campaign management allowed us to start seeing a profit by month two. They give a risk-free evaluation and let you know up front what they can and cannot do for you.

It was good to hear their honesty because I had heard so many unrealistic plans from other competitors. White Shark Media is very transparent. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

They don’t claim to have all the answers and will even admit when they fail. Recently, their owner did an article talking about bumps in the road and what they did to fix them. They really listen to their customers.

Another thing that I really love about this company is their internet blog. I go to their website and read it often. I feel good knowing that they are in control, but I also like the tips and tricks that can help us for the future. AdWords can be very confusing if you do not know how to handle it, so we needed all the professional help we can get.

It’s been more than six months since our business opened and we signed on with White Shark Media. I don’t know much about SEO ranking, AdWords, and all the other famous words that are needed for a successful internet business, but what I do know is that we are seeing a profit.

My sales are more than we estimated and we are seeing a return on our investment. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs help with their internet business.

Securus Technologies Issues Press Releases That Highlight Global Tel Link Wrongdoings

The Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) has just released a report outlining the results of an investigation against inmate telecommunications supplier Global Tel Link (GTL).

The report highlighted a number of serious violations including integrity breaches, poor service and fraud against hundreds, if not thousands of customers.

In response to the report, Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith has issued a statement saying that his company plans on taking the reports and issue them in a series of press releases. Smith says it is his goal to shame GTL into bringing up its standards and providing the services it is getting paid for.

Securus is a Dallas-based firm that also provides prison system technology such as telecommunications and safety.

GTL has exclusively provided service to the Louisiana Department of Corrections for several years. Over time, the LPSC has received thousands of complaints against the company for over-billing and many other infractions.

“We are here to provide a service. Ripping customers off is not part of that plan,” said Smith. Many prison officials say that GTL has broken the public trust and put all parties involved in a very bad light.

GTL has operated unchecked for a number of years, and very little has been done to encourage them to change their ways.

Some of the worst violations include “clock advancing,” which is adding time to the clock to make it seem as though the call is longer that it actually is. It is also alleged that GTL engaged in unlawful double-billing, adding on services that were not asked for, ignoring rate caps and charging customers outrageous fees and other ways to unlawfully overcharge calls.

GTL has failed to respond to the allegations.

Although the report was dated in 1998, Smith says he’s seen enough evidence to believe that the violations are still being practiced to this date.

This is a business. And like any other business, there are rules and regulations,” said Smith. We should all be held accountable when we cross the line.”

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.