Organizational and Financial Prosperity in the RBS Group from Brazil, Led by Duda Melzer

 Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, affectionately known as Duda to those who know him, is a man of the people who believes in family, his work and pushing others to overcome and conquer their personal and professional barriers. Duda Melzer graduated from the Pontificial Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) prior to earning his MBA at Harvard.

He is an example of a man who worked his way up from the corporate ladder to solidifying his presence as the Chairman and President of the RBS Group in Brazil. Over its 65-year history, the RBS group has amassed 6,500 employees, becoming one of the largest media companies in Brazil.

Duda Melzer has seen the RBS Group rise to becoming a powerhouse in Brazil communications and the rest of the world. The RBS Group has been recognized in the company of such internet giants such as Google and Globe. The RBS Group is an award winning company that requires focused leadership that only a person such as Duda Melzer can provide. Communication as it relates to business practices and growth cannot be underestimated. Fortunately for the RBS Group, they are in the hands of a proven, experienced and talented leader as people are searching for opportunities to invest with such companies in Brazil.

Duda Melzer Takes Up His Role As The President of RBS Group

Discover How To Relax On Your Next Vacation By Going Skiing At Lake Tahoe

Finding a vacation spot that everyone can agree on can prove to be difficult, but skiing at Lake Tahoe has a mixture of what the entire family is looking for. When you going skiing it provides the calm of nature, the adventure of skiing the slopes, and the entertainment of the nightlife. Real enthusiasts can appreciate shopping for unique attire or enjoying an evening of wine. The cold weather makes the perfect atmosphere for you and that special someone to cuddle. There are several vacation packages for all budgets, but customers still get the experience of a upscale vacation.

Lake Tahoe has many attractions and wonderful views of Lake Tahoe. It is a more exclusive resort, but visitors can find a ton of activities. Main attractions include snowboarding, hiking, camping, and a lot more. Their vacation packages are suitable for both the summer and the winter with more than just the pristine water. However, you can find fun at the nearby beaches or the state park. Nestled in the blush area between Nevada and California you’ll be glad that you vacationed with Lake Tahoe because of the reasonable prices and excellent customer service. Patrons can be assured they’ll have a nice vacation with a Lake Tahoe package.

Nearby Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows Resort

Squaw Valley gives you the excitement of skiing through the same slopes as the 1960 Olympics. It is one of the largest ski, best resorts in the world. Visitors are invited to stay at short or long term at one of their luxury condos. Guests can enjoy snow mobile tours, spa, indoor/outdoor pool, fitness center, and much more. More importantly, after a long day of activities enjoy the local cuisine with some wine. Plan your next vacation through a travel agent or local listings.

Still looking for more Lake Tahoe activities? Alpine Meadows is the answer with over 2,400 acres of terrain to practice or perfect your skiing. It offers scenic views and many activities for the entire family. Experience the picturesque views of Alpine Meadows. It is a vibrant ski culture with a backdrop of the mountains. Alpine Meadows has other attractions that include a playground, ski lifts, ariel views of the resort, Jamaican ski instructors, nightclub, and great food. Whatever the gang decides to do their is something at Lake Tahoe for the entire family, but you’ll love serenity of the snowy slopes.

Kyle Bass Manipulates For Money

It’s a lot easier to gamble for the cheater. That goes the same for investment banking, which has a lot of similarities to gambling. The thing is, its complication and abstractness make it eminently possible to facilitate market engineering which goes unremarked for sometimes decades. This very truth is what brought Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into the market-crashing prominence they held before 2008. Millions were approved for loans they had no way of paying, and then those loans were traded as though they were worthy investments on Wall Street. By 2008, this faulty equivocation practice resulted in a flimsy house of cards which quickly came tumbling down.

One of the first banks to go was Bear-Stearns. Kyle Bass had worked for them, until he didn’t, whereupon he dropped an inside tip to a prominent Wall Street journalist. The end result was a stock drop for Bear-Stearns so severe J.P. Morgan-Chase had to buy them out by the end of the week. Meanwhile, Bass short-sold his sub-prime holdings at the right time before the financial collapse and made a fortune which also garnered him substantial media attention and a permanent media soapbox.

Using this soapbox, Bass has managed to create CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which undercuts pharmaceuticals so hard their stock loses value, again allowing him to short-sell holdings and make millions.

Bass is also involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. This woman is a socialist, and has defaulted Argentina twice. The timeframe? Only thirteen years. Bass never criticizes her.

With such facts in mind, a lens is constructed through which to view Bass’ remarks about China since October, 2015, when he began predicting collapse on an economic basis. Bass points to China’s expanding debt bubble for proof, and says within the next two to three years, a collapse will come. He has predicted such a collapse may happen with a forty to fifty percent likelihood by the end of 2016–which is less than binary, so it’s kind of a worthless prediction. One might as well flip a coin. It seems Bass is trying to scare investors, because in a recent Bloomberg article, it’s reported that he has said a material devaluation of Chinese currency would make the market historically lucrative for investment–which smells like a backpedal if ever their were one.

Wengie Handbag Vlog Recap

In this vlog by YouTube beauty blogger Wengie, she shows fans what is in her handbag, amongst other things. She starts the video by discussing how she is feeling because she is sick with a cold. She then talks about how she was working and then goes out to eat dinner. After she finishes her coffee and spinach quiche, a pigeon comes and steal her crumbs. Wengie then films herself doing some shopping. After returning home she shows off the new wallet she bought. She plans to put her cards and money into the new wallet, so she dumps out her bag.

Wengie then describes the contents of her bag, which is money, coupons, and used tissues. The first thing she shows is a gratitude journal where she writes things that make her grateful each day. Next she describes some microwave meals and soups she bought and shows her stash of rice and oolong tea which she eats and drinks while she is sick. Wengie talks about how she is home alone because she had just been travelling and is about to leave home again; hence, her cat is staying with her parents and she has the house to herself for a few days. She then shows us her healthy dinner of rice and curry. She then says that she will watch Netflix while she eats. She also talks to her boyfriend on the phone and works on editing her videos. Finally she decides to go to sleep around five in the morning.


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Marc Sparks, Businessman and Philantropist

Operating out of Dallas Texas, Marc Sparks is a businessman and venture capitalist. He has been prone to starting and owning several businesses at a time. He has sold businesses, had some problems, and then bounced back.

Sparks headlines Timber Creek Capital. He has been invested in the telecommunications industry. He has been been involved with companies like Splash Media, Cardinal Tele-Com, and Blue Jay Wireless. Other industries Sparks has been a part of is real estate, venture investing, and business solutions.

Marc Sparks has also penned a book titled They Can’t Eat You. In the book Sparks tells his story on how he was but a C+ high school student, but has been able to find success as a serial entrepreneur. He chronicles how success was taken away from him, and how he was able to fight his way back to the top.

In the book Sparks gives “fifty sparks” people can use to find their own way to success.
Marc Sparks is a philantropist in the Dallas area. He does work for a homeless shelter, the Samaritan Inn. He has helped build homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Along with Lynne Sipiors. Marc Sparks created the organization, Spark Tank. It gives social service organizations the chance to pitch ideas that will create a social success. The winner of the competition will receive a 5,000 grant toward making their idea come true.

Here are examples of what the grants can do. For the homeless shelter the Samaritan Inn it lead to a kennel being built so residents did not have to leave their beloved pets behind. Five thousand dollars also went toward children’s camps and lessons for the summer so out of school kids would not have to spend the summer in day care.

For the first round of competition in 2016 the program Dogs Matter emerged the winner. The organization gives temporary shelter and foster care for the pets of addicts and alcoholics that are in recovery programs.
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Innovative Cancer Treatment: Seattle Genetics

Have you heard of innovative ways to treat cancer in cancer patients? There are newer technologies being introduced in the biotechnology industry to ensure that cancer patients get the right treatment and deal with the aftermath of chemotherapy sessions easily than they could before. At Seattle Genetics, one of the biggest biotechnology companies existing today, this innovative approach is a reality for most cancer patients seeking treatment.

Seattle Genetics has been recognised for the efforts and strides it has taken to ensure that cancer patients are treated of their type of cancer and cured. The company has developed a treatment technology known as the ADC technology. ADC basically stands for “anti-body drug conjugates.” The technology works in such a way that cancer killing agents are directed to the cancerous cells only. The other healthy cells in the body are therefore left untouched. This way, the effects of chemotherapy are not as bad as they have been known to be.

As a reputed company in the biotechnology industry, Seattle Genetics attribute sits success to its management. The company is managed by a team of able scientists and other professionals. It also has a board of directors which is chaired by Mr. Clay Siegall. Mr. Siegall is a scientist by professional and his area of specialty is the development of drugs as well as research into innovative treatment options.

Mr. Siegall has gained recognition following his skills both as a scientist and as an entrepreneur. In 2012, he was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. He has also seen to it that Seattle Genetics has received many licences on its ADC technology. All these things have made Mr. Siegall a respected figure both in the United States and beyond.

The strong work ethic ate Seattle Genetics is also to thank for the success of the company. The team of professionals is led by the passion for patients struggling with various ailments in the world over. They also are driven by integrity and honest. Their teamwork can be seen in all they do and they enjoy working together for the good of patients worldwide.

Online Reputation Management: Keeping A Good Name


When you own a business today, you are likely to be involved on social media and/or have your own company website. Whether you offer a service or product, people tend to rely on these sites for information from customers or clients who are either satisfied or unsatisfied with their purchases. Its important for these companies to manage their sites to ensure that only positive feedback is being featured about their business, because a bad comment can make or break a business.

In a recent article, it discussed the reasons why online reputation management is key to success in a business. Most of your sales are truly riding on customer feedback. What people say online tends to spread like wildfire, especially on social media sites like Facebook. If for some reason, a bad comment goes viral about your business you may have little time to bounce back from it. Redeeming yourself can be hard when so many people are relying on those comments as reasons to not use your products or services. A lot of times, competitors will use this opportunity to gain people from your original clientele also which can cause you to lose even more business. At this point, there is nothing you can do to stop people from saying what they wish to about your company. But you can fix bad search results.

Though, believe it or not, there is a website that can help clear any bad feedback about your business. They are called The Search Fixers, and for a reasonable rate, they will give you your reputation back when they fix negative search results about your or your business. This is a great alternative for anyone dealing with that customer who decided to try and give your reputation a run for its money. Thankfully, after using their online reputation management services you can focus on the future and forget about the negativity.

It’s important to keep track of feedback on your company because you want the focus to be on great experiences and happy customers. You have to keep people coming back and new customers intrigued by the positive comments of their peers. Many people rely on the experiences of others before making any decisions on buying products or services, and social media is infamous for promoting or advising against businesses.
If for some reason, you do experience negative feedback, you will have The Search Fixers to help you regain your reputation and move forward. @TheSearchFixers

WEN Cleansing Conditioner Puts The Wow Back Into Blogger’s Hair

Bustle blogger Emily McClure felt a bit foolish, because she was about the only woman left on the planet who hadn’t tried the Wen hair no-lather shampoo system. She had seen the famous WEN TV infomercials showing celebrities with big, bouncy hair and held out hope that maybe the unique sephora endorsed cleansing formula could help boost her fine, frizzy hair.

Like most of us, Emily was used to the big lathers found in drugstore shampoos but unaware of the nasty detergents being added to these shampoos and conditioners. That’s why beloved celebrity stylist Chaz Dean took an holistic approach to his invention of a no-lather shampoo.

Chaz Dean developed WEN with natural botanical ingredients that gave strength and shine back to all types of hair. His special cleansing conditioners are so gentle and effective, that he has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his star clients since 1993.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner and hopped in the shower, agreeing to a 7-day test run of WEN for seven mornings for Bustle. She kept a hair diary and posted hair selfies.

As her hair got used to a thorough washing without lathery suds, WEN delivered in a great way, adding smoothness, high gloss and manageability to Emily’s limp locks. Her selfies displayed a voluminous, total beauty, healthy mane, and right away, close girlfriends gave the thumbs up to Emily’s new tresses.

Everything was proceeding perfectly, until Emily switched up the routine with a nighttime WEN wash. By morning, however, Emily claims her hair was a flop. Another time, Emily got lazy and skipped the hair wash, hoping WEN from the night before could sustain the volume. Again, her hair fell flat, unable to hold a style.

Emily loved what WEN delivered but admits WEN is not for lazy hair girls.

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